Reports Of Damage Received, December 7 1941

1st Report Dated 12 December, 1941

 PEARL HARBOR, T. H., December 12, 1941

From: Commander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Fleet.
To: The Chief of Naval Operations.
Subject: Damage to Ships of the Pacific Fleet resulting from Enemy Attacks at
         Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941.
   (a) Cincpac Secret Desp. 072244 of December 1941.
   (b) Cincpac Secret Desp. 081015 of December 1941.
   (c) Cincpac Secret Desp. 100220 of December 1941.
   (d) Cincpac Secret Desp. 102043 of December 1941.

1. The following report relative to damage sustained by ships of the Pacific 
Fleet resulting from enemy attacks on 7 December 1941 is submitted. This 
amplifies reports submitted by references (a) to (d) inclusive:

(a) Battleships.

ARIZONA sunk at berth as result of aircraft torpedoes and heavy bombs which 
exploded forward magazines. Ship is considered to be a total wreck.

CALIFORNIA sunk at berth as a result of hits by two or more aircraft 
torpedoes; also received one large bomb hit amidships which caused serious 
fire. Recommendations regarding salvage and repairs will be forwarded later.

NEVADA damaged by heavy bombs, possible mine in the channel and aircraft 
torpedoes. Beached across from hospital point to prevent sinking after an 
attempt to sortie. Batteries intact and manned though no power is on the ship. 
Recommendations regarding salvage and repairs will be made later

OKLAHOMA capsized at berth as a result of receiving three or more hits by 
aircraft torpedoes. Recommendations regarding salvage will be made later.

PENNSYLVANIA slightly damaged by bomb hit, starboard side of boat deck while 
in drydock number 1, Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor. Repairs have been completed and 
ship is ready for service.

MARYLAND damaged by bomb hit on forecastle and near miss. Ship was moved 
to the Navy Yard on 11 December and is expected to be fully ready for service 
13 December.

TENNESSEE received one heavy bomb through turret top which did not explode, 
but put 2 rammers out of commission. Also one bomb hit aft which cracked one 
14" gun. Heat from the ARIZONA fire melted and ignited paint in after portion 
of the second deck which was badly burned out. Ship is now heavily wedged to 
mooring by reason of the WEST VIRGINIA leaning against her. Steps are being 
taken to dynamite the mooring to permit the removal of the TENNESSEE. Repairs 
are proceeding and it is estimated that by 14 December ship will be ready for 
service less one 14" gun.

WEST VIRGINIA sunk at berth as result of four aircraft torpedoes and one bomb 
hit. There is considerable damage from fire. Recommendations regarding salvage 
and repairs will be made later.

(b) Cruisers

HELENA damaged by bomb hit from frame 30, starboard side, opening up side 
under armor belt for distance of about 50 feet. Number one and two fire rooms 
and forward engine rooms flooded. Ship is now in drydock #2, Navy Yard, Pearl 
Harbor to effect repairs to make seaworthy. It is estimated that new shell and 
framing will be completed within two weeks and ship will be able to operate 
with two shafts and with all gun batteries in commission. It is recommended 
that ship proceed to Mare Island for completion of repairs to hull and 

HONOLULU damaged by near miss at approximately frame 40 port side. Hole 
approximately 20 feet by 6 feet underwater. Ship being docked in drydock #1 
today and it is estimated that work will be completed to make her fully 
effective by 16 December.

RALEIGH damaged by one aircraft torpedo which flooded forward half of 
machinery plant. Also hit by small bomb forward which penetrated three decks 
and went out ships' side and did not explode. It is proposed to dock the 
RALEIGH following completion of the HONOLULU to effect underwater repairs to 
make seaworthy. Recommendations as to whether all repairs to make the ship 
fully serviceable should be undertaken at Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor or a 
mainland navy yard, will be forwarded later.

(c) Destroyers

CASSIN and DOWNES damaged by bomb in number one drydock, Navy Yard, Pearl 
Harbor ahead of PENNSYLVANIA. Bomb hit DOWNES exploding her torpedoes warheads 
and causing serious oil fire. CASSIN was damaged by fire and was knocked off 
drydock blocking and fell over on DOWNES. DOWNES appears to be total loss 
except for salvageable parts and materials. Recommendations regarding salvage 
and repairs to CASSIN will be forwarded later.

SHAW hit by bomb while docking on floating drydock. Forward part of ship and 
floating drydock badly damaged by fire resulting from oil and powder. After 
part of ship not seriously damaged. Recommendations regarding repairs will be 
forwarded later.

(d) Auxiliary vessels.

OGLALA sunk by aircraft torpedo and near miss by bomb at ten-ten dock at Navy 
Yard, Pearl Harbor. Recommendations regarding salvage and repairs will be 
forwarded at a later date.

UTAH damaged and capsized as a result of hits by aircraft torpedoes. 
Recommendations regarding salvage and repairs will be forwarded later.

CURTISS damaged by enemy plane out of control which flew into crane mast and 
by bomb which exploded damaging hangar space causing fire which destroyed all 
radio equipment. Ship is entirely seaworthy. Repairs are [4] proceeding and 
ship will be ready for operations less one amidships crane by 15 December.

VESTAL damaged by a bomb hit aft while at berth at Pearl Harbor, is 
undertaking repairs with own repair force. It is estimated that the ship will 
be fully ready as a repair ship by 17 December. Docking may not be required.

2. It is believed that the sinking of the OKLAHOMA, NEVADA, CALIFORNIA and 
WEST VIRGINIA is in large part due to the ships having been in condition X-
RAY. Had time been available to set condition ZED before receiving damage, 
progressive flooding might have been avoided. 


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Follow Up Report Dated 21 December, 1941

UNITED STATES PACIFIC FLEET U. S. S. PENNSYLVANIA, Flagship PEARL HARBOR, T. H., December 21, 1941. Summary of damage sustained by ships of Pacific Fleet from enemy attacks at Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941 Ship Damage incurred and cause Repairs proceeding and proposed ARIZONA Sunk at berth. Aircraft torpedoes Propose caisson the ship and make and heavy bombs exploding for- recommendation thereafter. ward magazines. CALIFORNIA Sunk at berth. Two or more air- Propose caisson ships, repair to craft torpedoes and one large make watertight and return to bomb hit amidships causing fire mainland for complete repairs. Part of A. A. Battery still (Tow.) manned and available MARYLAND Bomb hit frame 14, penetrated and NYPH repairing shell to make sea- exploded, holing shell, decks and worthy. Decks, bulkheads to be bulkheads forward of fr. 24. completed at NYPS. NEVADA Heavy bombs, aircraft torpedoes Propose float ship (caisson may not and possibly a mine in channel. be required), repair to make Beached across from Hospital watertight and return to main- Pt. A. A. batteries still manned land yard for complete repairs. and available. (Tow.) OKLAHOMA Capsized at berth. Three or more Propose right and float ship, (cais- aircraft torpedoes. son may not be required) repair to make watertight and return to mainland yard for complete re- pairs. (Tow.) PENNSYLVANIA Bomb hit starboard side boat deck. Repairs completed. TENNESSEE One heavy bomb (dud) through NYPH repairing shell to make sea- turret top. One medium bomb worthy and habitable. NYPS aft cracked 14" gun. Fire aft 2nd complete habilitation, renew 14" deck due to heat from ARI- gum, and watertight integrity. ZONA. Electrical circuits 2nd deck aft damaged by fire. [2] WEST VIRGINIA Sunk at berth. Four aircraft tor- Propose caisson ship. Repair to pedoes and one heavy bomb hit. make watertight and return to Considerable damage by fire mainland for complete repairs. (Tow) HELENA Forward fire and enginerooms NYPH repairing shell to make sea- flooded by aircraft torpedo. worthy. Propose return to Some machinery badly damaged. NYMI for complete repairs. (On two shafts). HONOLULU Bomb. Near miss frame 40, port. NYPH proceeding with complete Flooded five magazines and repairs. handling room II turret. Dam- aged electrical circuits in flooded spaces. RALEIGH One aircraft torpedo, and small NYPH to make repairs to make bomb (dud) which penetrated seaworthy when HONOLULU three decks and ship's side aft. is undocked. Propose return to Forward engineroom and for- NYMI (on 2 shafts) for complete ward firerooms flooded and dam- repairs aged CASSIN and DOWNES Drydock No. 1 ahead of PENN- Propose upright, patch and float SYLVANIA. Bomb hit out CASSIN for possible repairs DOWNES exploding her tor- to return to full or limited service pedo warheads and causing ser- Further recommendations later ious fire. CASSIN knocked off blocks and fell over on DOWNES SHAW Bombed while docked on floating Propose float and reconstruct for- drydock. Forward part of ship ward part return to mainland and floating dock badly damaged yard for complete repairs, possibly under own power. OGLALA Sunk by aircraft torpedo and pos- Salvage doubtful. Recommenda- sibly near miss by bomb. tion later. UTAH Capsized and sunk by aircraft tor- Recommendations re salvage and pedoes. Repairs later. [3] CURTISS. Enemy plane out of control flew NYPH, replace radio and effect into crane mast. One bomb necessary repairs to hangar space. exploded in hangar space. All radio equipment destroyed. Ship entirely seaworthy. VESTAL Bomb hit aft holing shell. Beached. Repairs proceeding by own repair force. May not require docking.

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