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Chronology Of The Attack From The Deck Logs Of The Vessels Moored At Pearl Harbor December 7 1941

Last Revised 10/2003 Compiled For The Pearl Harbor, Court Of Inquiry Hearings

0618 On the morning 7 Dec. Task Force 8 (ENTERPRISE, NORTHAMPTON, 
     NING, BENHAM, GRIDLEY, MAURY, BALCH, (Desron 6) were re-
     turning to Pearl Harbor after completing mission vicinity Wake Island.
     From position approximately 215 miles West of Pearl routing scouting
     flight launched. Flight had orders to search ahead sector through 045-
     135  for distance 150 miles. Thence planes to proceed to Pearl. Three 
     planes also launched to establish inner air patrol. 
0630 ANTARES Arrived off Pearl Harbor, from Canton and Palmyra with 500 
     tons steel barge in tow. Sighted suspicious object 1500 yds. on stbd. 
     quarter. Appeared to be small submarine but could not positively 
     identify it. Accordingly notified inshore patrol ship, WARD to investi-
     gate it. 
0633 ANTARES Observed Navy Patrol plane circle and drop 2 smoke pots 
     near object. 
0645 ANTARES Observed WARD commence firing for 2 minutes. Patrol plane
     appeared to drop bombs or depth charged object which disappeared.
0700 VP Squadron 24 Had four of the six PBY5 planes depart Pearl Harbor for
     scheduled training exercise in operating area C-5. One of the remain-
     ing two planes was out of commission for structural changes; the other
     in standby status for ready duty.
0700 Plane 14P-1 sank enemy sub. 1 mile off P. H. Entrance. FORCES
     as follows:
     Patron 21 Midway: Patron 11, 12, 14, Kaneohoe; Patron 21, 22, 23, 24
     Pearl Harbor. WRIGHT enroute from P. H. For Midway. Condition of
     readiness B-5. (50% aircraft on 4 hours notice). Specific duty assign-
     ments required 6 planes from Patron 14, 24, and 12 to be ready for flight
     on 30 minutes notice. Total number of planes ready for flight or in the
     air in 4 hours or less: 72. At time first bomb dropped 14 patrol aircraft
     were in the air (7 on search from Midway), 58 ready for flight in 4 hours
     or less. Nine undergoing repairs.
0735 PATRON 21 Patwing 2 staff duty officer received and decoded
     message 14P-1 sank enemy submarine one mile off Pearl Harbor.
0740 PATRON 21 Staff duty officer C-C informed by CPW2 of patrol plane
     sinking report. Patwing 2 proceeded to draft a search plan.
0715 KEOSANQUA Began to receive tow from ANTARES.
0726 HELM Underway from berth X-7 for deperming buoys at West Loch. 
     All hands at special sea detail stations. Both boats manned and in the 
     water with instructions to follow the ship to West Loch. All magnetic 
     compasses and chronometers had been left in the BLUE preparatory to 
0743 Local hostilities commenced with air raid on Pearl. Received message 
     from plane #7 of VP14 to CTF 3 that plane had sunk one enemy subma-
     rine one mile off Pearl Harbor entrance.
0745 AVOCET Moored at Berth F-1A, NAS Dock, Pearl Harbor. Bomb explo-
     sion and planes heard and sighted attacking Ford Island hangars.
     TUCKER. Nested alongside WHITNEY. 5" gun #3 could not be fired
     All other guns and .50 cal. machine guns fired at attacking planes during
    all attacks. No loss of personnel or material. It is believed this vessel
    shot down three or four enemy planes.
    PATRON 11 Two planes in hangar 4 planes at south end of hangar
    6 planes on ramp. As soon as raid started three rifles were manned
    immediately. Two machine guns manned in a plane being removed from
    the hangar. Machine gun position in plane abandoned and guns moved
    to a safer position. Set up 2 machine gun nests near south end of
    hangar. Damage received: 7 planes burned; one wrecked; and four
    damaged but can be repaired. All hangar, office equipment, and stores
0745 PATRON 12 TWO planes moored in Kaneohe Bay, two in hangar
     and 8 on parking apron. Upon being attacked manned machine guns
     in planes, mounted machine guns in pits and used rifles. Observed sec-
     ond wave of horizontal bombers did not release bombs. Own losses 
     8 PBY-5's planes completely destroyed, two severely damaged, two
     moderately damaged, all hangar, office equipment and stores destroyed
0750 TRACY Moored port side to Berth 16, Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor, under-
     going overhaul. PREBLE and CUMMINGS moored to starboard in that
     order. Ship totally disabled with main auxiliary machinery boilers
     and gun batteries dismantled.
0750 TAUTOG Observed enemy three plane formation of dive bombers over 
     Aiea fleet landing on southwest course. Enemy character not discovered 
     until bombs were dropped. 
0750 CALIFORNIA Sounded general quarters and set condition Zed. Lieuten-
     ant Commander M. N. Little, First Lieutenant was S. O. P. on board and
     made preparations for getting underway.
0750 CASSIN'S Commanding Officer observed about 100 feet away from star-
     board side of dry dock #1 at altitude of 100 feet and airplane with
     large red disks on bottom of wings. Sounded general quarters and made
     attempts to locate ammunition: part of 5" guns under overhaul. .50
     calibre machine guns were unlimbered.
0750 PATRON 2l Drafting of CPW2 search plan completed.
0750 OKLAHOMA (0750 or 0753) struck by 3 torpedoes on port side frames
     25, 35-40 and 1l5. Ship heeled to port 45  meanwhile A. A. Batteries
     manned and G. Q. executed. Rapid heeling of ship and oil and water
     on decks rendered service to guns ineffective.
0750 CURTIS Moored in berth X-22, condition X-RAY. Number 3 boiler
     steaming. Ship at G. Q. Ship strafed by fighter planes. Observed
     bomb hit on VP hangar at NAS. UTAH, RALEIGH and RICHMOND
     attacked by torpedoes.
0750 PYRO Secured along West Loch dock, stbd. side to. Heard noise
     of low-flying aircraft and explosion in Navy Yard area. Observed two
     low wing monoplanes about 100 feet above water head for PYRO's port
     beam. Planes zoomed clear of ship and was observed to be Japanese.
     Sounded General Quarters and prepared to get underway.
0752 AVOCET Sounded General Quarters and opened fire with 3" A. A. Bat-
     tery. Hit Japanese plane which had just turned away after torpedoing
     CALIFORNIA. Plane burst into flames and crashed near Naval Hospital.
     Fired 144 rounds 3"/50 cal. And 1750 rounds .30 cal.
0753 PRUITT Reports 10 planes flying low, 200 feet, bombed Ford Island and
     blew up hangar.
0753 TERN Notified of attack and made preparation for getting underway. 
0753 TRACY Observed BBs attacked from astern by about 10 dive bombers. 
     Torpedo planes at about 100 feet approached from Easterly direction 
     attacking BBs. O. O. D. saw dive bombers attack BBs (10 planes and 
     Ford Is. from North). Attack followed by horizontal and dive bombers 
     on same objective plus ships in dry dock. 1 dive bomber passed close 
     enough to observe that it was a single engine by-plane probably type 94. 
0754 GAMBLE Heard explosions on Ford Island.
0755 BAGLEY Moored Navy Yard Pearl Harbor, berth B-22, repairs to
     starboard bilge keel. Sighted dive bombers in action over Hickam Field.
     They were believed at that time to be Army bombers. Shortly after this
     time enemy plane approached from the direction of Merry Point at about
     30-40 feet altitude and dropped torpedo on OKLAHOMA and retired.
     Opened up with forward machine guns on attacking plane. Machine
     gun fire bagged 5th plane, it swerved and torpedo dropped and exploded
     in bank 30 feet ahead of BAGLEY. Plane finally downed in channel.
     Concluded machine gunning enemy planes. 3 planes believed to have
     been shot down by BAGLEY.
     BOBOLINK Observed about 12 dive bombers centering their attack south
     hangars of Ford Island.
     BREESE Moored in berth D-3. Middle Loch, in nest with division order
     of ships from starboard U. S. S. RAMSAY, BREESE, MONTGOMERY,
     and GAMBLE.
     Observed bombing of old hangar on Ford Island. Sounded General
     Quarters. Set Condition "A", and made preparations for getting under-
     way. Sent boats to landing to pick up men.
     CACHALOT Moored at Berth # 1, Navy Yard, Pearl HARBOR undergoing 
     scheduled overhaul.
     CASTOR Sounded general quarters. Ship berthed at Merry Point.
     CONYNGHAM Heading north moored starboard side to WHITNEY at 
     berth X-8. REID, TUCKER,. CASE, and SELFRIDGE outboard. Ship 
     undergoing routine tender overhaul, receiving power from tender. Noted 
     large fire on Ford Island and observed horizontal and dive bombing planes 
     attacking. Sounded General Quarters. 
     DEWEY Observed UTAH to be torpedoed and to list rapidly. DEWEY at 
     nest, DesDiv ONE, with PHELPS alongside port side DOBBIN at X-2 
     under overhaul.
0755 DOLPHIN Moored portside to Pier 4, Submarine Base, Pearl
     Harbor. Japanese aircraft delivered dive bomb and torpedo attack on
     Pearl Harbor. Sounded General Quarters.
     HELM Turned into West Loch channel and headed up toward deperming
     HENLEY Through error in gangway watch in calling crew to quarters
     for muster at 0755, General Alarm was sounded instead of gas alarm as
     customary. Observed first torpedo plane attack on UTAH. Crew pro-
     ceeded to Battle Stations while General Alarm sounded the second time.
     Set material condition AFFIRM. Made preparations for getting under-
     way. Opened file on light bomber. Altitude about 17,000 feet apparently
     steady on Northerly course; approaching from seaward and passing over
     Ford Island.
     HONOLULU Moored port side to berth B21 Navy Yard Pearl with U.S.S.
     ST. LOUIS alongside stbd. side. Planes were seen diving on HICKAM
     FIELD. At the same time a wave of torpedo planes were seen approach-
     ing over fleet landing. Sounded general quarters and passed word
     "Enemy Air Raid". Ship prepared to get underway. A.A. batteries
     came into action gun by gun as they were manned. 50 caliber and 30
     caliber M.G.'s fired on enemy torpedo planes attacking the BB's. From
     this time until raid ended 30 caliber, 50 caliber and 5"/25 A.A. guns
     fired at every available target. Service ammunition expended 2,800
     rounds of 30 caliber, 4,500 of 50 caliber, 250 rounds of 5"/25 caliber.
     12 two-seat low wing monoplanes flying low from Southeast dropped
     one torpedo at each battleship. Saw two planes destroyed.
     18 low wing dive bombers from Southeast. All bombed Hickam Field.
     MinDiv ONE Undergoing scheduled overhaul, moored in repair base.
     Guns and ammunition removed. Crews, except the watch on board,
     living in Navy Yard receiving barracks.
0755 MinDiv ONE Japanese planes were seen to attack the BB's.
     Men were sent to adjacent ships, NEW ORLEANS, SAN FRANCISCO,
     and CUMMINGS, to assist in manning A.A. guns and handle ammuni-
     tion. Meanwhile receiving barracks sent men (our) to other ships to
     assist in fighting fires or handling ammunition. These men reported
     Yard. Miner's Mates were sent to West Loch. 50 and 30 caliber MG's
     were reassembled and remounted and ammunition was obtained from
     NEW ORLEANS, SAN FRANCISCO and Marine Barracks. These
     guns were used against the enemy making the later attacks. No ship
     of division suffered damage. 
     PATTERSON Moored at berth X-11, battle stations manned. Opened fire
     with main and 50 caliber batteries. The PATTERSON considered that
     at least one enemy plane was shot down. The plane claimed by PAT-
     TERSON was one observed diving on CURTISS approaching from ahead
     at about 400 ft. Altitude. Plane was seen to fall apart at same time
     shot was fired by #2 gun. 
     PHOENIX First attacking plane sighted from Signal Bridge attacking
     from north of Ford Island. Plane had all guns firing. Passed over
     stern of RALEIGH and proceeded toward Ford Island Control Tower and 
     dropped bomb. 
     PREBLE On 7 December was undergoing Navy Yard overhaul at berth
     Z-15 with no ammunition on board and the engineering plant dismantled.
     First attack on battleships began with about 20 torpedo planes. Planes 
     were in low horizontal flight when observed and attacked from eastward. 
     Enemy planes approached battleships to close range before releasing 
     RALEIGH Commanding Officer felt dull explosion and looking out air-
     port observed water boiling amidships. Received report that Japanese
     were attacking fleet. Sounded general quarters.
     Both planes were successfully hoisted out by hand power. Doctor
     was directed to report to SOLACE. [11] Damage repair party 
     was sent to capsized UTAH to cut men out of hull. Sent Signal to
     send pontoon and a lighter alongside from BALTIMORE to RALEIGH.
     These were delivered and secured to port quarter and acted as an out-
     rigger. Torpedoes, minus war heads were pushed overboard and beached
     at Ford Island. All stanchions, boat skids and life rafts and booms
     were jettisoned. Both anchors let go.
     RAMAPO O. O. D. Observed Japanese dive bomber come in close and
     drop couple of bombs. Sounded General Quarters and opened fire with
     A.A. Guns (3"/). Motor Torpedo Boats on board also opened fire with
     machine guns. Order of attack observed to be dive bombers strafing,
     torpedo planes, dive bombers bombing, horizontal planes bombing.
     Our personnel reported 3" shell hit plane. No losses in personnel and
     no material damage.
     RAMSAY Moored at berth D-3 observed bomb land on western end of
     Ford Island.
     REID Observed unidentified plane attacking Ford Island.
     SOLACE Received report of air raid, closed all watertight doors and
     ports, called away rescue parties; prepared hospital facilities and sent
     2 motor launches with rescue parties to ARIZONA.
     SUMNER Was moored to the new dock at the southern end of the Sub-
     marine Base, port side to, bow to eastward. Armament is four 3"
     23 caliber A.A. guns, four 50 caliber machine guns, and one 5" 51 caliber
     SWAN Sounded General Quarters. In Marine Railway, boiler upkeep.
     Observed bomb dropped on South ramp of Fleet Air Base.
     TAUTOG Observed about 20 planes approaching on line of OAHU rail-
     road tracks, and over Merry's point. Torpedoes were dropped from
     about 50 feet after submarine base pier was passed. Fourth plane in
     line and plane near end of line were shot down by this ship and HUL-
     BERT before torpedoes were dropped.
0755 A Japanese plane flew from North to South over a fish pond
     adjacent to water front resident of Lt. R. B. Black, U. S. N. R. on
     the East shore of Pearl City Peninsula. A long burst of machine gun
     fire was directed at the breakwater enclosing the fish pond, and a single
     fisherman wearing a white shirt was seen to run rapidly along the
     breakwater. This material is forwarded to indicate that enemy pilots
     were directing fire at individuals (civilians) at a considerable distance
     from any military objectives.
0756 VESTAL Sounded General Quarters. Manned A. A. Battery, 3" A. A.
     and .5" broadside and .30 cal. M. G. 
     VIREO Moored inboard at Coal Dock (seaward end) with TURKEY,
     BOBOLINK, and RAIL, outboard..
     WIDGEON No remarks except machine gun and rifle fire used against
     enemy. No losses or damage.
     WEST VIRGINIA Passed word "Away fire and rescue party" followed
     by General Quarters. Two heavy shocks felt on hull of W. VA. Ap-
     parently forward and on port side. Ship began to list rapidly to port.
     Another third heavy shock felt to port. Plane on top of turret 4 caught
     on fire. A heavy explosion occurred with about 20  list on ship to
     port. Central station directed to counterflood. The following last ex-
     plosion flashed a flame about 15 feet high occurred forward on ARI-
     ZONA. A second flash occurred on the ARIZONA higher than the fore-
     top. Burning debris rained on Quarter Deck of W. VA. After the 2
     ARIZONA explosions the W. VA. began to right itself when a large
     fire broke out amidships. Word received from central station to aban-
     don ship. A wall of flame advancing toward the W. VA. and TEN-
     NESSEE from the ARIZONA. W. VA. Personnel began to abandon ship
     as fire had grown out of control. Meanwhile magazines of W. VA. had
     been flooded. W. VA. personnel report to TENNESSEE. Remaining
     survivors ashore and elsewhere sent back to W. VA. to fight fire. Fire
     on W. VA. extinguished Monday afternoon.
0756 BOBOLINK Ready duty status, moored at next end, of coal
     docks with VIREO and TURKEY inboard, RAIL outboard. Informed
     by gangway watch that Japanese Planes were bombing us. Sounded
     General Quarters.
     GAMBLE Wave of about 50 Japanese planes attacked Battleships and
     Naval Air Station, Ford Island, planes flying at low altitudes about
     500 feet over Battleships from direction of Diamond Head, about 700
     feet over Ford Island. Five successive waves of the attack of about 10
     planes each.
     MinDiv TWO Went to General Quarters and set Condition "A".
     THORNTON Reports attack by Japanese Aircraft commenced; General
     Alarm was sounded and all hands went to Air Defense Stations.
     THORNTON moored port side to dock at Berth S-1, Submarine Base
     Pearl Harbor. Stations manned were as follows: Control, Machine
     Gun Battery Control, Repair, and 4 .50 cal. Machine Guns, 3 .30 Cal.
     Lewis Machine Guns, 3 .30 Browning automatic rifles, and 12 .30 cal.
     Springfield rifles.
0757 Ensign Chiles of JARVIS called Lieut. Ford and said "Someone is bomb-
     ing us".
     BREESE Opened fire with .50 cal. Machine guns.
     CONYNGHAM Observed Torpedo planes attacking RALEIGH, UTAH
     and DETROIT from the West.
     DEWEY Sounded General Quarters.
     HELENA Moored at 1010 Dock, Berth 2, portside to Dock. OGLALA
     alongside starboard side. Reported observed planes over Ford Island,
     14,000 ft. altitude. Signalman on bridge with previous duty on Asiatic
     Station identified planes immediately. General Alarm sounded and
     service ammunition broke out.
     HULL GENERAL QUARTERS. Prepared to get underway.
     0757 NEW ORLEANS Moored at Berth 16, Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor
     undergoing Engine Repairs, receiving power and light from Dock.
     Sighted Enemy planes dive bombing Ford Island; sounded General
0757 PENNSYLVANIA In Dry Dock #1. 3 Propeller Shafts removed. De-
     stroyers CASSIN and DOWNES in Dock ahead of PENNSYLVANIA.
     Floating Dock West of new dry dock adjoining PENNSYLVANIA occu-
     pied by SHAW. Cruiser HELENA and OGLALA at Berth B-2 (PENN-
     SYLVANIA normal berth). CALIFORNIA in F-3. MARYLAND in F-4
     inboard. OKLAHOMA outboard: Berth F-6, TENNESSEE inboard WEST
     VIRGINIA outboard, F7 ARIZONA, F8 NEVADA. Machine Guns in
     foremast manned and condition watch of A. A. personnel available.
     Ship receiving steam, water and power from yard. Heard explosions
     on end of Ford Island and realized an Air Raid in progress after 2nd
     explosion. Air defense sounded, followed by General Quarters. Set 
     Condition YOKE. 
0757 SUMNER Signal watch and Quartermaster on Bridge sighted ten dive 
     bombers attacking Navy Yard. Observed two explosions in Navy Yard. 
     Sounded Alarm. 
0757 TREVER Mine Division FOUR moored at Buoys D-7 bows toward Pearl City, in 
     order from North: TREVER, WASMUTH, ZANE, and PERRY. 
     Sounded General Quarters at time when first bomb was dropped by Japan-
     nese on North side of Ford Island.
0757 WASMUTH WASMUTH reports first Japanese planes attacked. Went to
     General Quarters at once with all guns in action within 3 minutes. How-
     ever, as ship was inside nest of four, only two after guns could bear.
     Made all preparations for getting underway.
O757 PATRON 21 First Bomb dropped near VP-22 Hangar. Message
     order broadcast to all ships present "AIR RAID P. H. X THIS IS NOT
     DRILL" (a similar message was sent by CinCPac).
0757 ZANE ZANE moored bow and stern to nest with Mine Division
     FOUR at buoys D-7; order from port to starboard: TREVER, WAS-
     MUTH, ZANE and PERRY. First call to standby colors sounded,
     Signalmen on watch observed single Japanese plane drop bomb from
     about 10000 feet on southern end Ford Island after approach from
     Northward. Sounded General Quarters; manned A. A. battery. Com-
     menced firing with A. A. battery at all planes passing within reasonable
     distances. Made all preparations to get underway.
0758 ANTARES ANTARES heard explosion in Pearl Harbor and observed
     Japanese planes delivering attack.
0758 BAGLEY BAGLEY observed Torpedo Plane come in from direction of
     Merry Point between Navy Yard and Kuahua Island, 30 or 40 feet alti-
     tude, headed for OKLAHOMA. About 2 or 3 hundred yards from
     OKLAHOMA, plane dropped its torpedo and hit OKLAHOMA amidships,
     sounded General Quarters and commenced firing. Hit fourth plane
     coming in which was seen to crash in channel off Officers' Club landing.
     Machine gun fire on 8th plane made it swerve to left causing torpedo to
     drop and explode in bank about 30 feet ahead of BAGLEY. Number one
     machine gun downed plane in Navy Yard channel. Third torpedo plane
     hit by BAGLEY was observed headed for light cruisers HONOLULU
     and ST. LOUIS astern of BAGLEY. Plane went out of control, dropped
     its torpedo and seemed to hit L-head Crane in Navy Yard. This was
     about the eleventh plane to come in. Next plane hit by BAGLEY came
     over dock but was downed with a short burst. Torpedo dropped in
     lumber pile and plane believed to have crashed on dock. Fifth plane
     brought down by BAGLEY came clown on starboard side, nose directly
     up into air and spun into crash loosing its torpedo. Sixth plane brought
     down by BAGLEY was a dive bomber during second phase of attack and
     after torpedo attack. This plane was shot down by 5" gun and those
     from other ships.
0758 CUMMINGS CUMMINGS observed enemy planes making tor-
     pedo attack on Battleships moored to East side of Ford Island. Sounded
     General Quarters.
0758 GAMBLE Went to General Quarters, opened fire with .50 cal. machine
     guns on planes passing over nest at about 800 feet altitude. Set Material
     Condition Affirm except for certain protected Ammunition Passages.
0758 JARVIS General Quarters sounded on JARVIS. 
0758 HULBERT HULBERT sounded General Quarters. Torpedo plane 
     sighted heading West over East Lock preparing to launch torpedo against
     Battleship off Ford Island. HULBERT reports bringing down 1 Jap-
     anese Torpedo Plane by .50 cal. A. A. fire from Berth S-3, Submarine 
0758 HULL Gangway watch opened fire with .45 caliber pistol on two (2)
     planes crossing bow within 50 yards. 
0758 MUGFORD Moored Port side to the U. S. S. SACRAMENTO, Berth No. 6,
     Navy Yard. U. S. S. JARVIS moored Port side to MUGFORD. Attack
     started. Japanese planes dive on Ford Island. Several large bombs
     struck the sea plane landing ramp followed by explosions near hangars.
     Several Japanese planes came in low from Southwest and released tor-
     pedoes which struck OKLAHOMA and WEST VIRGINIA. Enemy tor-
     pedo planes came in continuously from same direction and fired torpedoes
     at the Battleships.
0759 REID REID went to General Quarters.
0758 RIGEL Ford Island attack by 10 dive bombers from North at 10,000 feet.
0758 TENNESSEE TENNESSEE attacked by enemy planes (Japa-
     nese). Oily water around stern burning. Canvas awning on stern on
     fire, Turret III. Smoke pouring into Repair I. Smoke so thick, cannot
     see. Repair I have men standby magazine flood, Turret III. All boats
     on fire. Fire in Maintop, secondary aft. Fire in maintop seems to be
     out. WEST VIRGINIA's quarterdeck and planes on fire. Fire on Tur-
     ret III. Could not get morphine out of doctor's room because it was
     unsafe, men report that room was too hot to go in and cut safe open,
     D-310 excessively hot investigate. Squadron of planes diving on Navy
     Yard. Repair I, unit 3, abandoned station too hot. Fire on topside
     seems to be under control. D-310 A is all right. Set Condition ZED
     in lower handling room of Turret III. OKLAHOMA seems to be cap-
     sizing. CALIFORNIA down by the stern. WEST VIRGINIA has
     pretty bad fire below Signal Bridge. TENNESSEE was hit twice, soon
     after attack began: one hit (bomb) on face of Turret II, and bomb hit
     on top of Turret III, penetrating.
0758 THORNTON THORNTON commenced firing with .50 cal. machine gun
     battery followed immediately by .30 cal. machine guns and .30 cal. 
0759 GAMBLE GAMBLE opened fire with 3"/23 cal. AA guns, firing as planes
     came within range, fuses set 3 to 8 secs. 
0759 HELM First enemy plane sighted in shallow dive over Ford Island,
     headed Northwest. Observed first bomb hit on hangar at southwest end
     of Ford Island. Called crew to General Quarters. Opened magazines
     and got ammunition to guns.
0759 JARVIS Lieut. Ford and Lieut. Johnson of JARVIS reach bridge. Jap
     torpedo planes coming in at 30 to 60 second intervals, approaching from
      Merry Point direction and attacking BBs. 
O759 SUMNER Observed torpedo planes approach over S. E. Loch 
     attacking BBs, circling Ford Island and flying off to south west. 
0759 WHITNEY Observed air raid attack by Japanese air force and explosions
     on Ford Island, WHITNEY moored bow and stern to buoys X-8 and 
     X-8x, 6 fathoms of water, supplying steam, electricity, fresh and flush-
     moored alongside to port. 
0759 PELIAS PELIAS reports 9 dive bombers attacked out of direction of sun
     the Battleships. One broke off and dive bombed PENNSYLVANIA.
0800 Two officers from ship hiking in back of Aiea witnessed attack.
     They stated later that 3 separate flights of planes appeared at 3 levels;
     low, medium and high from the north. 
0800 VIREO C. O. VIREO heard an explosion. Immediately Japanese planes
     were seen, and General Quarters sounded. 
0800 ANTARES ANTARES under machine gun fire. Topside hit by machine
     gun bullets, bomb and shell fragments. Being unarmed no offensive tac-
     tics were possible. In order to avoid placing ship and personnel in
     jeopardy, authority was requested to enter Honolulu Harbor. 
0800 COMINBATFOR Comincraft in OGLALA observed enemy bomb fall sea-
     ward and Ford Island; no damage. The next bomb caused fires near
     waters. Flames flared up from structures south end of island. Next
     bomb fell alongside or on board 7 battleships moored at F-1 east side
     of Ford Island. Jap planes flew between fifty and l00 feet of water,
     dropping 3 torpedoes or mines in channel on line between OGLALA and
     seaward end of Ford Island. [20] Torpedo hit OGLALA and 
     HELENA simultaneously. These ships were moored abreast of B-2 of
     ten ten dock OGLALA outboard. Both ships opened fire with A. A.
     battery. OGLALA signaled C-C possibility that mines had been
     dropped. Two contract tugs were hailed to haul OGLALA aft of
     HELENA. Submersible pumps for OGLALA were obtained from
     HELENA, but could not be used as no power was available. Observed
     one Jap plane shot down. Planes were strafing as well as bombing. 
     Observed 4 battleships hit with bombs, fires broke out, and one battle-
     ship turned over. Enemy planes appeared to fly in groups of 6 to l0. 
     NEVADA underway to clear channel, but apparently was struck by 
     torpedo or mine. A minute later 2 bombs fell only one hit in the 
     NEVADA. On 2nd attack observed bomb dropped on fwd part of 
     PENNSYLVANIA in dry-dock. Flames appeared from two destroyers
     in the same dock. Observed another Jap plane fall in water. Observed
     bomb fall close to destroyers in floating dry-dock. Destroyer later
     caught on fire.
0800 VP-21 CPW2 search plan transmitted by radio and telephone. Experi-
     enced difficulty in communicating with Kanehoe.
0800 CASSIN CASSIN saw another plane come down to about 75 feet
     on parallel course drydock #1. Plane dropped torpedo aimed at CALI-
     FORNIA at range 200 yards.
0800 CASTOR CASTOR 3" A. A. and 30 cal. machine guns commenced firing
     against enemy torpedo planes, low and close aboard, and against dive
     bombers. Observed one enemy torpedo plane at about 500 to 700 yards
     range and 500 ft. altitude due aft of ship and heading across to Ford
     Island with parts of fuselage shot away. Plane grounded either on
     Ford Island or beyond. Removed covered lighter alongside with 450
     serial depth charges.
0800 DOLPHIN Machine guns and rifles manned and fired at enemy aircraft
     which were flying very low. Ready identification could be made by the
     large red balls on each wing. Report received plane had been shot down
     and dove into channel off pier 5. 
O800 BLUE UTAH torpedoed. General alarm was sounded, and word passed 
     throughout the ship to man battle stations and prepare to get underway 
0800 RIGEL RIGEL vicinity #1 dry dock and ten ten dock strafed and bombed
     by 13 dive bombers from South. Altitude 600 to 100 feet. 
0800 WHITNEY WHITNEY sounded general quarters. First plane passed over 
     ship low altitude, strafing with machine guns. 
0800 HELM Torpedo planes sighted approaching from direction of Barber's
     Point. They passed over West Loch channel and dropped torpedoes
     either in North Channel or across the Island. Targets for these planes
     appeared to he ships in berths F-9 to F-13. The planes came in low
     and several strafed the ship. All bullets missed the ship by a few feet.
     No fire was opened, since the forward machine guns, which could bear
     were covered with preservative grease and had to be cleaned before they
     could fire.
0800 HELM Backed engines and commenced maneuvering ship out of
     West Loch channel to head for entrance.
0800 JARVIS Ensign Greene OOD of JARVIS reported on bridge. Prior to 
     this he had been directing activities around the quarterdeck. He was 
     told to go to the after firing battery. Ensign Chiles was actively
     organizing the forward battery without orders. Ensign Fleece already 
     on the director. Orders given to open fire 
0800 MUGFORD Commenced assembly of engineering plant which had been 
     placed out of commission for yard overhaul. Connected fuel oil hose 
     to yard line. 8,000 gallons total on board. 
0800 PHOENIX Bombing attack on BBs. Plane markings, varied U. S.
     Swastikas, and rising sun painted on fuselage.
0800 RALEIGH Opened fire with AA battery of 3"/50 cal. 1.1" and .50 cal.
     guns. Ship started to heel to port and received report that torpedo had
     struck #2 fireroom. #1 and 2 firerooms and forward engine-room com-
     pletely flooded. Fire in #3 went out. Directed counter-flooding. As
     it appeared that ship would capsize, orders were given to jettison top-
0800 RALEIGH Both planes successfully hoisted out by hand. Doctor was 
     directed to report to SOLACE. Damage repair party was sent to capsized
     UTAH to cut men out of hull. Sent signal to send pontoons and lighter
     from alongside BALTIMORE to RALEIGH. These were delivered and 
     secured to port quarter and acted as outrigger. Torpedoes minus war-
     heads were beached at Ford Island. All stanchions, boat skids, and life
     rafts and booms were jettisoned. Anchors were let go.
0801 UTAH Attacked by torpedo plane and bombing plane. Sounded
     General Quarters. Received severe underwater hit frame 84, portside.
     followed by another hit which caused ship to list 15 . Passed word 
     "all hands on deck". Not possible to repel attack as all ammunition
     was in magazines and secured. 5" and l.1 guns covered with steel
     housing; .50 and .30 caliber machine guns dismounted and stowed below 
     decks. Ship covered with two layers 6 by 12 timbers. Above condi-
     tions necessitated by UTAH being used by ships as bombing target dur-
     ing current operations. Received bomb explosion in port aircastle.
0801 PRUITT Reported OKLAHOMA and ARIZONA attacked from
     southerly direction. Number of torpedo planes attacked from southeast. 
0801 NEVADA Observed enemy air attack. Sounded general quarters. Two
     machine guns forward and two aft had been already on continuous watch 
     under the alert program. 
0801 MUGFORD Sounded General Quarters. 
0801 SUMNER Saw dense smoke rising behind Kuahuai Peninsula believed 
     from ARIZONA, blazing oil floating down from line of BBs. Opened 
     fire #3 gun manned and commenced firing four minutes after the attack 
     on Navy Yard was observed, and before any other gun in the vicinity had 
     commenced firing. Made direct hit on and destroyed torpedo plane 
     making approach on BBs. 
0S01 HELENA Opened fire. Hit by torpedo, range 500 yds., starboard side, 
     approximately frame 75, 18 feet below water line. Four near misses 
     from bombs received and one strafing attack with little damage. Issued 
     gas masks and protective clothing. Once gun opposition was in full 
     swing, Japanese plans were noted to turn away from gunfire or keep at 
     respectable altitude. 
0802 DEWEY Four .50 caliber machine guns fired at planes attacking battle
     ships and Ford Island.
0802 TREVER Opened fire with .50 caliber machine guns. 
0802 NEVADA Opened fire with machine guns on enemy planes ap-
     proaching on port beam. One plane brought down 100 yards off NE-
     VADA's port quarter; one plane dropped torpedo which struck the
     NEVADA on port bow.
0802 PENNA. Attack by Torpedo planes from west and south, about 12 or 15.
     PENNA. Reported as first ship opening fire on plane. After release of
     torpedoes three planes came in low from port beam strafing PENNA.,
     though not affected. Bearing of torpedo attack and one enemy plane
     observed to burst into flame 2000 yds on stbd. bow. Dive bombing attacks
     and torpedo attacks on Pearl Harbor, and dive bombing attacks on Hickam
0803 CUMMINGS After Machine guns opened fire on Japanese Torpedo planes. 
0803 CALIFORNIA Opened fire with machine guns and ready guns, on torpedo 
0803 SWAN Opened fire with 3" A. A. guns. All sea valves and hatches closed 
     and commenced placing boilers in commission. Observed one direct hit 
     with 3" gun plane crashed beyond drydock area. No material damage 
0803 CACHALOT Enemy planes passed within range and arc of guns. Opened 
     up with .30 and .50 caliber machine guns. 
0803 NEVADA NEVADA opened fire with 5" A. A. Members of crew claim 
     both broadside scored direct hit on torpedo plane which disintegrated 
     in midair. 
0804 JARVIS Machine guns opened fire. 
0804 WHITNEY Commenced firing with .50 cal. AA guns. Received signal to 
     get underway. 
0805 MUGFORD Opened fire with 50 caliber MGs. Shot down Japanese plane, 
     altitude 800 feet on the stbd. quarter, passing aft on stbd. hand. This 
     plane had fired a torpedo at the U.S.S. OGLALA. 
0806 TRACY Observed torpedo planes coming in from easterly direction and 
     launching torpedoes at BBs at Ford Is. At first attack ship closed up 
     as much as possible and broke out fighting equipment. 
0805 NEW ORLEANS Sighted enemy torpedo planes on port quarter, flying 
     low across stern. Rifle fire and pistol fire opened from fantail as first 
     planes flew by to launch torpedoes at battleships. Manned 1.1 battery 
     and machine guns aft in time to fire at three or four enemy planes. 
0806 VESTAL Struck by two bombs. VESTAL moored to port side of ARI-
     ZONA B-F7. One bomb struck stbd side fr. 44. Penetrated 3 decks, 
     exploding in GSK stores, cutting fire main and electric cables in crew 
     space. Hold set on fire and wrecked. Another bomb struck at fr. 110 
     on port side, passed through the ships and fuel oil tank. Bomb explosion 
     forward damaged practically all stores. Heat of explosion necessitated 
     flooding fwd magazines. Material damaged consisted of 3 life rafts, 6
     mooring lines, one gangway, port lenses and windows broken. 
0805 VESTAL Opened fire, and shortly after A. A. breach jammed blast from
     ARIZONA cleared gun station, killing one man. Fired with machine
     guns on enemy planes until they were withdrawn.
      Fired at torpedo plane which was seen to burst into flame and
     disappear over Ford Island. Following personnel damage was done:
     9 dead, 7 missing, 19 in hospital.
0805 RIGEL BBs attacked from altitude 125 feet from southeast by 12 torpedo
     planes, 300 to 500 yard range.
0805 HELM Opened fire with after machine guns at planes over main channel, 
     followed shortly by forward machine guns firing at passing torpedo 
0805 HULL #4 machine gun opened fire. 
0805 CURTISS Firing with 5" local control and .50 caliber machine guns. 
     Lighted off boilers 1, 2 and 4. 
0805 UTAH Listed about 40' to port. Attacking planes straffed crew as ship
     was abandoned.
0805 SUMNER Torpedo plane passed close aboard within 100 yards of
     SUMNER, stern on West course. Altitude 75'. Leveled off for launching
     torpedo at BB. Struck by direct hit from SUMNER's #3 A. A. gun, range
     300 yards. Plane disintegrated in smoke and sank in fragments. Tor-
     pedo believed sunk without exploding.
0805 JARVIS 5" opened fire. #3 gun believed to be the first 5" gun in harbor 
     to open fire.
0805 BREESE Opened fire with 3" A. A. Guns.
0805 RAMSAY Sounded general quarters and opened fire with .50 cal. and
     3" guns. RAMSAY liberty party returning in MONTGOMERY boat was 
     straffed by torpedo planes which were observed to fire 3 torpedoes into 
     UTAH and RALEIGH. 
0805 GAMBLE Mounted and commenced firing with .30 cal. machine guns on 
     galley deck house. 
0805 BLUE Opened fire with .50 caliber machine guns on Japanese planes 
     diving on ships in harbor. 
0805 CASSIN Observed HELENA open fire followed by PENNSYLVANIA.
0805 CALIFORNIA Reported two torpedoes struck port side, frame 100, mak-
     ing 40 ft. long hole extending from first seam below armor belt to bilge
0806 PHOENIX Made radio signal to ships of sector four "prepare to get
0806 PRUITT Observed Jap bomber shot down. ARIZONA listed sharply, 
     smoke and flames.
0806 BOBOLINK and TURKEY commenced firing. Directed other boats in
     nest to tie up to destroyer buoys adjacent to battle rafts in order to
0807 BLUE Opened fire with 5"/38 caliber guns on Japanese planes. The
     engine room was ordered immediately to light off No. 2 boiler (#1
     already steaming) and made all preparations for getting underway.
     Repair party cleared the ship for action, and made all preparations for
     slipping quickly from the mooring.
0807 HELM Opened fire with 5" battery. Not hits observed.
0807 HULL #l 5"/38 cal. opened fire.
0808 CURTISS Sent Engine Room emergency underway signal.
0807 PHOENIX One plane burning in water at end of pipe-line astern
     of berth F-8.
0808 CUMMINGS Opened fire on horizontal bombers approaching over Navy
     Yard from southerly direction.
0808 CONYNGHAM Opened fire with 5" gun and machine guns on attacking planes. 
0808 MUGFORD U. S. S. OKLAHOMA had capsized. W. VA. listed heavily to
     port, ARIZONA blew up.
0809 WHITNEY Making preparations for getting underway. Supplies issued
     to destroyers alongside.
0809 HULL #5 gun, 5"/38 cal. Opened fire, followed by guns #2, #3, and #4.
0810 THORNTON First dive bombing attack ended.
0810 CUMMINGS Commenced preparation for getting underway in accordance 
     general signal. Opened fire main battery on dive bombers over BBs. 
0810 Enemy aircraft bomb struck hangar and aircraft parking space adjacent to 
     VP-24 parking area. Ready plane suffered a severed wing spar. Plane 
     was then machine gunned and caught fire. Fire was extinguished and 
     plane has been repaired and is in service. Plane undergoing structural 
     changes not damaged and is now operating. Personnel present mounted 
     machine guns in available planes and opened fire on attacking planes. 
     One low-winged biplane flying from across hangar 54 on course about 250 
     lost both wings. 
0810 NEW ORLEANS All batteries NEW ORLEANS except 8" battery in
     action. Area around berths 14-19 incl. subjected to dive bombing attack
     by approximately ten enemy planes. Attack turned away by combined
     fire of HONOLULU and NEW ORLEANS. Observed three bombs drop:
     one falling ahead of and another falling astern of the RIGEL. These
     failed to explode. Third bomb landed midway between RIGEL and NEW
     ORLEANS exploding and causing damage from flying fragments. During
     raid yard power failed or was cut off leaving vessel in darkness without
     power except auxiliary battery power. Heavy drain of machinery raising
     steam for getting underway exhausted auxiliary batteries so much that
     lighting was very dim and of practically no use. All work in engineering
     spaces, magazines and ammunition passageways conducted by flashlight.
     Hoists and guns worked by hand with consequent reduction of volume of
     fire. AA directors were off ship.
0810 UTAH Listed 80  to port mooring lines parting and two minutes
     later ship capsized. Ship abandoned.
0810 UTAH Capsized. Salvage operations undertaken immediately in order
     to rescue entrapped personnel. 32 men thus rescued. Estimated num-
     ber of torpedoes to hit ship about 5; no bombs were observed to have
0810 PHOENIX mg battery opened fire on attacking planes.
0810 DEWEY Guns 1-2-3 and 5 5", no power on ship.
0810 HELM Fire from port machine gun hit plane approaching from South. 
     Plane observed to veer sharply, catch on fire and crash behind trees near 
     Hickam Field. Damage to enemy: 1 plane shot down by machine gun fire. 
0810 CASSIN Observed Japanese plane crash over tree near hospital. Five 
     high altitude, 12,000 ft. bombers passed overhead from forward aft and 
     dropped large bombs. 
0810 PRUITT Observed OKLAHOMA roll over. 
0810 GAMBLE Commenced making preparations to get underway. Lighted 
     off four boilers. 
0810 CALIFORNIA Opened fire with 5" guns on dive bombers. 
0810 W. VIRGINIA Commanding Officer, Captain M. S. Bennion mortally wounded. 
0810 WHITNEY Set condition affirm. Commenced firing with 3" A. A. guns. 
0810 JARVIS Counted 6 or 7 torpedoes in OKLAHOMA, NEVADA, WEST 
     VIRGINIA, and ARIZONA also torpedoed. Apparently ARIZONA for-
     warded magazine exploded. Noted OGLALA torpedoed alongside HEL-
     ENA at 10-10 dock. 
0810 REID Opened fire with after machine guns. 
08l0 WHITNEY No material or personnel damage. 
0810 PELIAS Reports formation of high altitude planes came in from S. W. 
     attacking battleships and Ford Island followed by another wave from 
     the same direction. Torpedo planes were small and carried only one 
     bomb. Dive bombers also small and carried but one bomb. 
0810 RAIL At coal docks nested with 4 minesweeps. Opened fire with 3" A. A. 
     15 minutes after first bomb dropped on Pearl. Opened fire with .30 
     machine guns, rifles and pistols 20 minutes after first attack. A string 
     of 20 bombs fell in channel astern. Shrapnel fell throughout ship. No 
     material or personnel damage. 
0812 MUGFORD OGLALA listing to port. Attack started again. Heavy A. A. fire. 
0812 OUTGOING Hostilities with Japan commenced with air raid on Pearl. 
0812 COMSECTOR FOUR: Sector 4 Prepare to get underway. 
0812 HULL All machine guns plus two automatic rifles on the bridge and one 
     on after deck, firing. 
0812 RIGEL Torpedo planes attacked from S. E. at 500 feet and
     attacked BBs from altitude 125 feet, range 300 to 500 yards.
0812 Task Force 8 received message from CinC Air Raid on Pearl Harbor. This 
     is no drill. This time about coincided with expected arrival ENTER-
     PRISE planes at Pearl. Task Force Comdr. first concerned that planes 
     were assumed to be unfriendly by harbor defenses. It was not until 
     subsequent dispatches were received that it was realized hostilities with 
     Japan had begun. TF-8 operated in area South Kaula Rock for air  
     attack should enemy be located North or South of Oahu. No authentic 
     information available regarding location. Maintained combat and inner 
     air patrols.
0812 SICARD Undergoing overhaul in Navy Yard stbd side to PRUITT Berth 
     18. Shp totally disabled as to main and auxiliary machinery and gun 
     battery. Observed Squadron of Japanese planes coming in from South-
     west, diving from 5,000 feet on Ford Island. 
0813 CONYNGHAM Observed attacking plane shot down by fire from nest. 
     Plane crashed near CURTISS. 
O813 HELM Passed gate vessel. 
0815 Aircraft in flight informed hostilities with Japan commenced with air 
     raid on Pearl. VP-21 directed to search sector 240-280 for carriers. Ten 
     miles south of Barbers Point plane 24VP-4 sighted unidentified sub-
     marine near force consisting of INDIANAPOLIS and 4 destroyers. 
     Submarine made crash dive and spot marked by float lights. Completed 
     search through 200 miles and returned to Pearl.
0815 PENNA Reports NEVADA underway and about on PENNA stbd qtr.
     Distance about 600 yards when dive bombing attack observed approach-
     ing PENNA on port bow. 10 or 15 planes coming in succession just
     before reaching PENNA 2/3 planes appeared to swerve to left. Number
     of them dropping bombs at the NEV. 1 dive bomber dropped bomb on
     SHAW in floating dry dock and set it on fire. NEV observed to slowly
     swing around head to port broadside to channel, on fire forward.
0815 VIREO Observed 2nd Group of enemy planes fly toward Hickam Field. 
     VIREO opened fire expending 22 rounds 3" A. A. ammunition. 
0815 RIGEL Undergoing major repairs and conversion at Navy Yard. No 
     motive power available. All power etc. from yard. Air attack began.
     As this vessel had no armament no offensive action could be taken. 
     Accordingly rescue work was commenced on WEST VIRGINIA 
     personnel. About 100 men (in track of burning oil) had been blown 
     into the water. These were rescued first. The torpedo bombing and 
     machine gun. [34] assaults on the WEST VIRGINIA continued 
     while the rescue operations progressed. One rescue boat was struck by 
     bomb and sunk. Crew thrown into water. 
     Moored B-13 Navy Yard undergoing major repairs. Services from Navy Yard. 
0815 SICARD Set condition of readiness "AFFIRM". 2 fire parties were 
     formed fore and aft. 
0815 MUGFORD Shot down one enemy plane bearing astern making approach 
     on battleship at altitude 20 feet off water. Plane crashed on Ford 
     Island aflame, torpedo not launched. 
0815 PHOENIX A. A. Battery opened fire. 
0815 CASSIN Observed another group of 6 high altitude bombers passed over-
     head and let loose bombs. 
0815 PRUITT Observed 12 bombing planes in close "V" formation bombed 
     (horizontal attack) from 10,000 feet from Southwest. 
0815 JARVIS All guns and machine guns of JARVIS in action.
     MUGFORD noted to be delivering high volume of fire. 
0815 SUMNER Checked fire. 
0817 CINCPAC Directed Compatwing TWO locate enemy force.
0817 HELM Sighted conning tower of submarine to right of channel, North-
     ward of buoy #1. Gave orders to open fire, pointer fire, but submarine 
     submerged before guns could get on. 
0818 CONYNGHAM Opened fire with remaining 5" guns at horizontal bombers 
     passing overhead in direction of Schofield Barracks. 
0820 TRACY Sent men to CUMMINGS to assist batteries and approximate 
     15 men to PENNA to fight fires. 
0820 HELM Opened fire on submarine off Tripod Reef, no hits observed.
     Submarine appeared to be touching bottom on ledge of reef, and in line
     of breakers. Steering motor short circuited bridge lost steering
0820 SICARD Was manned. 2 .30 cal. M. G. s. Bombers began to
     attack ships at 1010 dock and battleships in vicinity of Ford Island.
     SICARD hits were observed on planes but no apparent damage was
0820 VESTAL Observed torpedo pass astern and hit ARIZONA. Simulta-
     neously ARIZONA received bomb hit followed by her forward maga-
     zine exploding. Latter started fires aft and amidship of VESTAL. 
     Shortly after that, ARIZ observed to be settling and fuel oil between 
     VESTAL and ARIZ ignited. 
0820 PYRO Opened fire on planes. 
0820 MUGFORD Opened fire with 5"/38 battery. 
0820 SUMNER Ship ready for getting underway. Members of broadside 
     gun crew and available engineers were armed with rifles and BAR's 
     and stationed in upper works to act as snipers. 
0820 CALIFORNIA Torpedo struck port side, frame 47, making an irregular 
     hole 27 x 32 ft., the top of which is 6 ft. below bottom of armor belt. 
0820 SOLACE Reports boat loads of casualties began to arrive. By this time 
     all hospital supplies and facilities had been prepared for maximum 
0820 NEVADA Attack slackened. 
0820 REID Opened fire with after 5"/38 caliber on high altitude and dive 
0820 WHITNEY Observed Japanese plane fall in flames north channel vicin-
     ity X-5. 
0820 CUMMINGS Lull in air attack; ceased firing. Lack of DC power pre-
     vented use of director. Sound powered telephones and local control 
0820 HULBERT Claims share in bringing down a bomber. 
0821 HELM Observed torpedo pass close under stern on a northerly course. 
0825 TRACY Ready to open fire with 3 .30 caliber. 
0825 MUGFORD Signal received that parachutists or wrecked pilots were 
     landing in Hickam Field. 
0825 CALIFORNIA Opened fire on horizontal bombers at 10,000 ft. with 5" 
0825 BREESE Received signal to get underway but being inside nest could 
     not do so. 
0825 Outgoing To COMTASKGR 12 & COMTASKGR 8: Report 
0825 SUMNER Opened fire on ten dive bombers attacking Navy Yard Dry 
     Dock. These planes approached from cloud bank in Southeast. Hear 
     terrific explosion in Navy Yard-vicinity of Dry Dock followed by 
     dense cloud of smoke. Dive bomber passed 300 yards from SUMNER 
     and DD's HULBERT and THORNTON, tail of plane ignited. Plane 
     turned southward and disappeared over Halawa district. Observed 
     six horizontal bombers approaching from southeast at 8,000 feet. 
     Planes circled and approached Ford Island from Southwest and 
     dropped bombs over DD's. Planes then circled to Southeast. One 
     plane left it's formation, turned towards Navy Yard loosing altitude 
     rapidly, passed SUMNER at 400 feet altitude range 600 yards, was 
     fired on by SUMNER. When over center Southeast Loch, plane be-
     gan smoking and was lost in thick smoke over Navy Yard. It was a 
     two-seater monoplane, gunner in rear seat protected by shield, orange 
     disc on side just abaft rear cockpit. 
0825 CURTISS Attacked by bombers. 
0826 Planes crossing low ahead of nest to Northeast were taken under fire by 
     CONYNGHAM and nest. One burst into flames and exploded in clump 
     of trees in Aiea Hights. 
0826 BREESE Received report submarine was in harbor. 
0827 SICARD Cease firing, expended 300 rounds .30 cal. M. G. ammunition. 
0830 PENNSY Lighted fires under #4 boiler. 
0830 CONYNGHAM Reports another plane diving toward Ford Island from 
     Northeast shot down by combined fire of the nest. 
0830 PENNA Reports about 5 high bombing attacks obs. to have passed over 
     PENNA. One from port bow one from ahead one from ahead to stbd 
     2 from astern. Altitude about 2000 feet. 
0830 VIREO Brought down one enemy plane which landed in vicinity of 
     Hickam Field. 400 rounds of .30 cal. M. G. ammunition expended. 
     One personnel casualty to PRICE, Radioman, on telephone watch astern 
     of vessel. PRICE returned to duty 10 December. No damage to vessel. 
     Made ready to get underway. 
0830 VESTAL prepared to get underway. 
0830 MUGFORD Five enemy planes in V formation passed directly over
     head, making horizontal bombing attack. 
0830 SUMNER Checked fire. 
0830 RIGEL 15 Heavy bombers in 3-V formations 8 to 10 thousand feet from 
     S. E. bombed BB's. 
0830 WHITNEY Issued ammunition and ordnance stores to destroyers along
     side. Secured steam to destroyers. 
0820 HELM Fired at enemy plane with forward machine guns. May have hit 
0830 NEVADA Heavy bombing attack received. 
0830 HULL Two Vee's high level bombers (10,000 feet) directly overhead seen 
     intermittently through the clouds. Opened fire with all guns. Forma-
     tions broke up and dropped their bombs in cane field. 
0830 CALIFORNIA Opened fire on Dive bombers with T5" and forward ma-
     chine guns; shot down one enemy dive bomber which crashed in flames. 
0830 BREESE Sighted conning towers of two submarines in North channel
     but could not open fire because of interior berth. Observed MONAGHAN
     proceed down channel at full speed to ram leading submarine which had
     just fired torpedo at U. S. S CURTISS but missed, U. S. S. MONAGHAN
     dropped 2 depth charges and submarine, about 250 ton type arose upside
     down and sank.
0830 ZANE Sighted strange submarine 200 yards astern of MEDUSA moored
     in K-23. Guns would not bear as ZANE was inboard ship.
0830 CASSIN Received signal from PENNSYLVANIA, Senior destroyer officer
     report on board.
0830 HENLEY underway from buoy X-11, Large bomb struck water 150
     yards from port bow. Received signal "submarine in harbor".
     MACDONOUGH directly ahead made depth charge attack and cleared
     at high speed. HENLEY was third ship in sortie. After rounding Hospital 
     Point, subjected to straffing attack by light bomber, coming up from
     astern and showing five distinct sources of machine gun fire from plane
     as plane passed ship. It was seen to crash offshore in a few minutes.
     Another light bomber approached from starboard at 2,000 feet and was
     taken under fire with another destroyer. Close burst forces plane to
     dive and it crashed into sea.
0830 DOWNES Open fire with 5-inch. on blocks. DOWNES struck on after 
     deck house by bombs. 
0830 RIGEL Captain returned on board. Bomb struck astern and midway
     between piers 13 & 14. 150 small holes were blown into port quarter
     RIGEL. Above waterline.
0835 CURTIS Ready to get underway. Sighted submarine periscope
     on starboard quarter, distance 700 yards. Opened fire on submarine.
0830 REID First group of enemy planes taken under fire of REID
     with forward 5" and .50 caliber machine guns,
0830 Outgoing To NPL RDO SAN DIEGO & NPM RDO WAILUPE: 1 must have 
     instantaneous relay for my dispatches. 
0830 COM-14 To NAS Pearl: Hostile Japanese air attack X Hickam Field 
     bombed X stay clear this area as long as gas permits X keep in 
     contact this station. 
0832 CALIFORNIA Reported one enemy plane shot down over Ford Island. 
0832 SICARD Observed 4 flights horizontal bombers attacking battleships, 
     followed by 8 torpedo bombers. OKLAHOMA struck by several tor-
     pedoes, took heavy list to Stbd and capsized. ARIZONA struck by tor-
     pedoes and heavy bomb. 
0832 PYRO Observed enemy planes crash and burst into flame towards Barbers 
     Point. Pilots bailed out. Observed damage to ship which consisted of 
     broken steam line; repaired by ship's force.
0835 SICARD Sent working party 20 men to CUMMINGS to handle ammuni-
     tion, and 4 gunner's mates to NEW ORLEANS to assist her battery. 
     10 men previously detailed to PENNSYLVANIA to assist damage control. 
0835 BOBOLINK Moved out of next and to first buoy. Observed Japanese 
     plane crash near Hickam Field. Believe it result of minesweeper firing. 
D835 PREBLE Reports first phase of attack completed. 
0836 COM-14  To Ships present: Send boats to Ford Island. 
0838 MUGFORD W. V. burning. ARIZONA on fire. Tugs trying to pull 
     overturned OKLA clear. U. S. S. VESTAL clearing NEVADA.
0840 CALIFORNIA Shaken by 4 near bomb hits and splintered considerably 
     by fragments. 
0840 CURTISS Submarine surfaced and fired one torpedo up North 
     Channel toward destroyers. Conning tower hit twice by gun #3. 
0843 CURTIS Ceased firing on submarine and observed MONAGHAN drop 
     2 depth charges. Air bubbles and slick appeared. 
0840 CUMMINGS Opened fire to repel strafing attack. Glide bomber 
     observed to veer away from ship with smoke trailing, passed over new 
     boiler shop and disappeared in smoke. 
0840 JARVIS Noted NEVADA underway and standing out. Dive bombed, hit 
     several times and beached. SHAW hit and caught on fire in drydock. 
     Two destroyers in drydock with PENNSYLVANIA hit. 
0840 TREVER Ready for getting underway. TREVER could not clear be-
     cause other ships astern were clearing buoys D-3 and D-4. Enemy 
     plane brought down vicinity of Pearl City. Second plane brought down 
     200 yards off Beckoning Point. 
0842 MUGFORD U. S. S. VESTAL clear of NEVADA. 
0845 PHOENIX Ship ready to get underway. 
0845 SICARD Observed attack broken off. 
0845 VESTAL Observed ARIZONA quarterdeck awash. With no steering 
     gear VESTAL got underway while tug pulled her bow away from 
     ARIZONA. Starting to list to Stbd VESTAL was maneuvered into 
     position with South end of McGrews Point bearing 30  distance 910 yds. 
0845 MUGFORD Executed signal to get underway to Task Forces One and Two. 
     Tugs pulled OGLALA clear of HELENA. 
0845 CALIFORNIA Commander Stone, executive officer, arrived and assumed 
     command of CALIFORNIA. Combatfor returned on board. 
0845 CACHALOT Dive bomb and straffing attacks made by enemy. 
0845 HULL Second attack. All attacks except one was broken up. One 
     formation of three planes continued on. Two of these were shot down; 
     one by USS DOBBIN and one by the next of ships. Two bombs landed 
     astern of next, close to side of DOBBIN. 
0845 CASTOR Ready to get underway. 
0847 BLUE Underway upon execution of signal to get underway from berth
     X-7. Maintained fire on enemy planes with main battery and machine
     guns while steaming out of harbor. Four planes fired on with main
     battery were later seen to go down in smoke. It is claimed that two
     of these planes were definitely shot down by this vessel. One was seen
     to crash in field on Waipio Pena., and the second crashed into crane
     on stern of USS CURTISS. Two planes that dove over the ship were
     fired on by the .50 caliber machine guns. It is claimed that one of these
     planes, seen to crash near Pan American Dock, was shot down by this
0850 MUGFORD W. VA. listed heavily to port.
0850 ZANE Reports MONAGHAN approached and depth charged submarine. 
     Enemy plane brought down flying over nest, struck deperming station. 
0850 SUMNER Dispatched ship's boats to Ford Island to assist in hauling am-
0850 DOWNES Hit again by bombs and set on fire. Abandoned ship. 
0850 COMDESFLOT 1 To DESPLOT 1: Desdiv TWO establish Offshore 
0851 MUGFORD Executed signal to get underway and sortie according to 
     plan E-S. 
0851 COM-14 To Cincpac. Submarine reported in Pearl Harbor for Sector 
0854 MUGFORD Attack started again from North. 
0855 CONYNGHAM Fired at plane straffing ahead and astern.
0855-1017 Underway from Buoy D-3 Middle Loch RAMSEY, BREESE, GAM-
     BLE, and MONTGOMERY. Opened fire with AA.
0855 MUGFORD NEVADA underway. Dense smoke over Ford Island. A
     tanker was towed clear of Ford Island.
0855 PRUITT Observed about 10 planes made high altitude horizontal bomb-
0855 WHITNEY Observed second air attack by Japanese bombing planes.
0855 USS RALPH TALBOT Was moored bow to southward to buoy X-11 with
     PATTERSON to port and HENLEY to starboard.
0855 RAMSAY Underway proceeding out of harbor. Believe RAMSAY is 
     responsible for shooting down plane with .50 cal. Assumed anti-sub-
     marine patrol on clearing channel.
0857 CTF 9 To all ships: Enemy submarine in North Channel.
0859 UNKNOWN To Cincpac: Ten aircraft approaching Pearl Harbor
     from Southwest.
0900 TRACY Reports high altitude bombers passed overhead in several waves.
     One bomb fell in slip between stern of RIGEL and CUMMINGS at
     Berth 15.
0900 MUGFORD Attack started again from the South. Army planes taking 
     off from HICKAM FIELD. 
0900 RIGEL Executive Officer returned on board. Traffic congestion delayed 
     all hands. The one exception to all hands was Lt. H. E. Morgan who 
     did not return until 0800 next morning. Lt. Morgan's behavior is being 
0900 SICARD Observed dive bombers from S. E. attack ships moored to Navy 
     Yard docks, followed by waves of dive and horizontal bombers on ships 
     at Ford Island and docks. 
0900 OGLALA Approaching 40' list to port. Ordered all hands abandon ship. 
     Only gun crews and Cominbatfor remained.
0900 PHOENIX Formation of 11 planes passed over fleet on heading 070. Ap-
     proximate altitude l0,000 feet. Planes appeared to be painted silver,
     Expended fifty rounds of 5". No apparent damage to planes.
     There were two flights of this nature. Time of second cannot be
     approximated. Expended fifty rounds of 5".
0900 HONOLULU Enemy bomber sighted flying directly towards this ship 
     from direction Merry Point with an altitude of 1,000 feet. Was seen to 
     swerve to its left, pass over the Navy Yard, smoking, losing altitude 
     and appeared to crash near Naval Hospital. This plane was under the 
     fire of several ships. Including the port 5" and machine gun batteries of 
     the HONOLULU. Damage to enemy observed, one torpedo plane shot down be-
     tween berth 21, Submarine Base, one torpedo plane shot down between berth 
     21 BB. (Note: Damage listed above is at unknown times.) 
0900 TAUTOG Observed planes approaching in direction Hickam Field high
     in southwest and mostly obscured by clouds. App. 18 planes turned
     left over Hickam Field and made dive bombing attacks on ships in
     yard. Dive appeared slow and bombs released were very low. One
     plane observed out of control in flames. Scattered enemy planes ob-
     served until 1130. Most dive bombers appeared to drop two bombs
0900 CALIFORNIA One bomb, possibly 15" projectile with tale vanes,
     struck CALIFORNIA abreast casemate one, frame 59, penetrated to
     second deck and exploded rupturing forward and after bulkheads of
     A-611 and overhead into A-705. Armored hatch to machine shop badly
     sprung and couldn't be closed, resulting in serious fire.
0900 BREESE Projectile from BREESE 3" AA battery struck dive bomber
     which had just attacked CURTISS. Forward section of plane with
     motor landed on North side of Waipio Peninsula.
0900 RALPH TALBOT Underway. While enroute to entrance expended 150
     rounds 5"/38 cal. and 1500 rounds .50 cal. Observed two planes crash
     and another start to smoke badly. Two enemy planes dove low over
     bridge and was hit by our .50 cal. machine guns. Plane crashed along
     shore Pearl City abeam of us. Used after 5" guns to fire on plane at-
     tacking CURTISS.
O900 DEWEY Second wave attack started by light bombers lasting 10 minutes 
     under fire by DEWEY throughout attack. 
0900 PATTERSON Underway and stood out of harbor. No damage sustained 
     by PATTERSON.
0900 SOLACE Ship underway and shifted from Berth X4 to Berth X13. No 
     material or personnel damage to ship proper. 
O900 BOBOLINK Observed suspicious sign of Japanese submarine and sig-
     nalled to destroyers, but signal apparently not seen. 
0900 BOBOLINK Observed three flights of high altitude bombers approaching
     from due south to north. 7 planes in each flight, altitude about 17,000 
     feet. One flight dropped bombs on Hickam, second flight passed directly 
     over coal docks and dropped bombs further up in yard; third flight 
     passed over West Loch, one plane dropping bombs near entrance while 
     others maintained course and dropped them beyond Ford Island. 
0900 RALEIGH Dive bomber attack came in which was met with warm re-
     ception. One bomb hit ship a glancing blow going through carpenter
     shop and oil tank, piercing the skin below water line and finally de-
     tonating on bottom of harbor. Plane machine gunned ship also. Steam
     raised in 3 and 4 firerooms and pumps started. Five bombing planes
     under fire were observed to crash close aboard.
0900 HONOLULU 5 high altitude bombers 12 to 15,000 feet appeared. 5 high
     altitude bombers from South, 12 to 15,000 feet. All bombed Pearl Har-
     bor and Ford Island Area.
0900 RIGEL 15 dive bombers 6 to 10 thousand feet from N. attacked DDs and
090O SOLACE Got underway and shifted from berth X-4, near DOB-
     BIN and destroyers to berth X-13 in the clear. Made boat trips to WEST
     VIRGINIA to bring back casualties.
0900 DOBBIN Fired upon enemy plane headed astern of ship. Plane crashed 
     upon trees in Navy Yard. 
0900 OGLALA Capsized alongside 10-10 dock. 
0900-0915 PHOENIX Dive bombing attack on ships berth northern side of 
     Ford Island. Attack was made at about 30  angle, opposed with AA and 
     MG batteries. Expended 20 rounds of 5". One plane disintegrated by 
     DD fire. 
0900-0930 PHOENIX Effected periodic fire on planes delivering low-level 
     bombing attack on navy yard and ships berth there. 
0901 CUMMINGS Observed twelve scattered planes over Ford Island; air raid 
     resumed. Opened fire with main battery on horizontal bombers approach-
     ing over Navy Yard industrial section. 
O902 MUGFORD Formation of planes sighted to South. Decks of ARIZONA 
     and W. VA. level with water. Dense smoke pouring from NEVADA. 
0903 DOLPHIN Reports another attack from higher altitude. 
0903 Outgoing To MIDWAY: Pearl Harbor bombed no indication direction 
     attack take off attempt locate Japanese Forces. 
0903 Outgoing To WAKE: Pearl bombed by Japanese be on alert. 
0905 CURTISS Obs. 1 of 3 planes pulling out of dive was hit by 
     CURTISS and crashed into #1 crane. Tank exploded and plane burned 
     on Boat Deck. 
0905 SUMNER Fired on wave of dive bombers approaching Navy Yard. Dive 
     bombers also attacked HICKAM FIELD and BB. No hits, when firing. 
     On latter planes. Observed light dive bomber with conspicuous red tail 
     zig-zag over Navy Yard as if observing casualties at end of phase. 
0905 TRACY Attack by approximately 10 dive bombers from direction of the 
     sun, which indicated drydock as objective. Group of 6, 3, and 9 planes 
     observed at altitude of 8 to 10,000 feet. Bomb seen to fall between 
     berths 13 and 15 in slip. TRACY gig damaged by fragmentation; no 
0905 PREBLE Observed about 30 dive bombers make second attack in twin-
     motored monoplanes. Observed one bomb fall in slip 25 yards on star-
     board quarter. Observed a bomb fall astern of HONOLULU in berth 
     B-21. Observed numerous bombs fall in vicinity of drydock area. 
0905 WHITNEY Observed one Japanese plane fall down in flames on hilltop, 
     bearing northeast, true. 
0906 PENNSYLVANIA The second attack coming in slightly on port bow 
     dropped bombs on ships in drydock. One heavy bomb hit the destroyer 
     DOWNES in dock ahead of PENNSYLVANIA, and one hit dock approxi-
     mately abreast frame 20 while one hit the boat deck of the PENNSYL
     VANIA a few feet abaft gun #7. This bomb passed through boat deck
     and detonated in #5 gun #9 casemate. Fifth bomb believed to have
     struck water outside of dock. Observed plane crash in hospital grounds
     Observers claim to have destroyed six enemy planes. Consider two hit
0906 MUGFORD Japanese planes diving on Ford Island from south-
     east. NEVADA standing down south channel.
O907 PRUITT Observed straffing and light bombing attack, plus heavy hori-
     zontal bombing attack from about 10,000 feet made on ships and Ford 
     Island. One bomb hit close to stern of RIGEL. 
0907 PENNSYLVANIA Bomb hit on dock and cut yard power, subsequently 
     power on the ship was taken from storage batteries, meanwhile, firemain 
     pressure cut off. 
0907 OUTGOING ALL HANDS: Cease firing on B-17's attempting to land at 
0908 CONYNGHAM Reports one plane attacking on starboard bow shot down 
     by nest and crashed in Pearl City. 
0908 Com 14 to ASP Do not fire on our planes coming in. 
0908 NEVADA Attack slackened. 
0909 MUGFORD Bomb dropped some 400 yards on MUGFORD port bow. 
     Ship in repair basin hit. 
0910 PERRY Mine Division FOUR underway at intervals and stood 
     out to take off shore patrol duty. 
0910 SecNav to Alnav Execute WPL FORTY SIX against Japan. 
0910 Dive bombers attacked ships at Pier 19; bombs fell in water ahead and 
     astern within 2.5 yds. of CUMMINGS. 
0910 DOBBIN Attacked by 3 enemy planes. 3 bombs dropped all near misses. 
     Fragments struck stern of ship injuring #4 3" AA gun crew. 3 killed, 
     2 injured. Damage. Small holes through decks, bulkheads, booms, #1
     MWB hull damaged beyond repair.
0910 BLUE Passed channel entrance buoys, and set course 120 true.: Pro-
     ceeded to sector three to patrol station.
0910 RIGEL 10 to 12 dive bombers from S. attacked ships in Repair Basin
     with bombs and mach. guns.
0910 PHOENIX Second bombing attack on BB. Expended sixty rounds of 5". 
     After planes came out of dive and turned towards berth C-6, planes 
     were brought under fire of MG battery. 
0910 VESTAL Anchored in 35' of water. Soundings and draft readings 
     showed ship settling at and listing to stbd. Draft aft increased to 27'
     list 6 1/2 . C O. VESTAL decided to ground ship.
0912 CURTISS Reports group of planes under heavy fire attacked.
     During attack one bomb hit stern mooring buoy. 1 fell short, one over
     one hit ship starboard side of boat deck, passed through Carpenter Shop
     and Radio Repair Shop, entered Hangar and detonated on Main Deck.
     Explosion destroyed bulk heads, deck. etc., within radius of 30 feet.
     Equipment destroyed in Hangar. Handling Room etc. One plane shot
     down 1000 yards on port bow and l 500 yards on port beam. Another
     plane shot on port beam landing in water off Pan-Air dock. One plane
     reported crashed in cane field astern and one forward of ship.
091O CONYNGHAM Opened fire on horizontal bombers approaching
     from ahead and from direction of Schofield.
0910 THORNTON Second wave dive bombing attack commenced and ended at 
     0917. Throughout the entire period there was horizontal bombing in 
     various Pearl Harbor areas. 
0911 MUGFORD Horizontal Japanese bombers passed overhead. 
0912 PYRO Observed dive bombers approach from port bow, altitude 5,000 
     feet and release bombs. Bombs landed on concrete dock 12' from ship's 
     side amidships. Penetrated dock exploding underneath and jarring ship. 
0912 MUGFORD Heavy black smoke coming from SHAW in floating drydock. 
0913 MUGFORD NEVADA stopped south side of south channel. 
0913 PREBLE Attack completed. No damage. No casualties sustained by
     this ship.
0915 Large explosion on DOWNES. 
0915 HELM Small enemy fighter approached ship from astern in
     medium glide and dropped two bombs, which exploded in water about
     50 yards off port bow and 20 yards of starboard bow. After machine
     guns opened fire but did not hit plane. Shock shorted relay to steering
     (which had just been repaired) and damaged gyro rotor. Choke coils
     tubes and resistors in sound gear burned out, echo ranging inoperative.
     Seams below waterline on starboard side forward sprung. A-15, A-301
     A-401, and A 402 flooded. These compartments closed off and pumped
     out during afternoon. FS smoke generators jumped track, breaking air
     line connection.
0915 Captain Bunkley returned to CALIFORNIA and assumed command. 
0915 NEVADA 5" A. A. battery fired on enemy planes to eastward. NEVADA 
     suffered at least 6 bomb hits and one torpedo hit. 
0915 MUGFORD Thick black smoke coming from drydock. 
0915 TRACY Commanding Officer returned aboard and found 2 .50 cal. mach.
     guns mounted and ready. 2 dive bombers attacked out of the sun. 1
     plane pulling out over sub base and flying low over building 155 crashed
     in flames in vicinity of hospital point after salvo by CUMMINGS. Plane
     appeared to be a type 95 dive bomber, planes appeared to be at about
     3,0O0 feet to seaward of Hickam, were 18 planes in formation type V.
0917 PRUITT Observed low flying pursuit planes strafing with ma-
     chine gun fire on ships moored in the vicinity of Berth 18. Observers on
     this ship believe many high altitude horizontal bombs either failed to
     explode or landed outside the harbor area where they could not be ob-
     served. An indeterminate number of fighters took part in the raid, with
     approximately 30 bombers. Approaches were made on a steady course
     and all horizontal bombing was made in close formation at about 10,000
     feet. The four cruisers and light minelayers in the Navy Yard were
     straffed several times by low flying planes but not a single bomb 
     appeared to have been aimed at those ships. Small caliber fire of 
     minelayers brought down one Japanese plane.
0917 BREESE Cleared nest and proceeded down channel. 
0920 CUMMINGS fired on a light bomber. Plane observed smoking heavily as 
     it flew out of sight to southwestward. 
0920 HONOLULU Observed low winged dive bombers from South to Southeast, 
     400 feet pullout. Two bombers bombed industrial and drydock areas. 
     One bomb, (clearly visible on its descent, 250 lbs.), passed through edge 
     of concrete dock, angle of descent 45 , and exploded underwater between 
     ship and dock. 
0920 Damage to HONOLULU: Oil tanks various, decks bulged in magazines, 
     various leaks sprung and decks slightly buckled, power lease to turret 
     #2 grounded, turret #1 partially grounded, mercury thrown out of 
     gyros, fore and aft, rangefinders, main battery deranged fore and aft. 
0920 More Japanese planes from northwest. 
0920 CONYNGHAM Opened fire on plane diving from port side of nest. No 
     personnel or material damage. 
0920 PENNSYLVANIA Flooding of drydock commenced. Both destroyers 
     heavily on fire. Fire being transmitted to fire on water and dock which 
     set fire to paint on starboard side of PENNSYLVANIA. No hose avail-
     able for fighting fire on DOWNES, Available hose being used on CASSIN. 
0921 Outgoing ALL HANDS: Reported that enemy ships have red dot on bottom 
     of fuselage. 
0921 Outgoing COMBATFOR: To ALL SHIPS PRESENT: Get underway im-
0923 MUGFORD PATTERSON standing out. 
0923 Outgoing COMBATFOR TO COMCRUBATFOR: Cruisers proceed as soon
     as possible.
     Landline Send over boats to capsized battleship.
0924 Received COMSUBSCOFOR TO COMSUBDIV 43: Assume serv-
     ice ammunition readiness condition ONE be prepared to attack on infor-
     mation furnished later.
0924 Received Com 14: All planes approaching from Fox George and Easy. 
0925 CALIFORNIA plane 205 capsized and sunk while being removed to avoid 
     gasoline fire hazard. 
0925 WASMUTH Reports second phase of attack as glide bombers and torpedo
     planes approached from westerly direction. Scored hits on several planes
     and shot down one plane which crashed on Waipio Peninsula near Middle
     Loch. This plane should be credited to James Patrick Hannon, seaman
     first, class, U. S. Navy.
0925 GAMBLE One Japanese plane shot down by AX fire, falling in water on
     port beam about 1,000 yards away from ship. Believed shot down by
     ROBERTS, W. L., BM-2c, USS GAMBLE port machine gunner (#2
     machine gun) .50 cal., and JOOS, H. W., GM-3c., USS GAMBLE (#1
     machine gun) starboard.
0925 MUGFORD White smoke pouring from amidship on ARIZONA.
0926 Outgoing CTF 1: Battleships remain in port until further orders.
     Send all destroyers to sea and destroy enemy submarines. Follow them
     by all cruisers to join Halsey.
Unknown Fire at will
0927 Received COM 14: Aircraft coming from Barbers Point 20 or 30 miles.
     Flash: Enemy planes appear to be massing around Easy. Enemy planes
     coming from Wheeler Field.
0927 CURTISS After engine room out of commission and evacuated.
     distress reports enemy submarine Lat. 33 R 42 N Long 145 R 29 W.
0928 MUGFORD Shot down enemy plane after it pulled out from dive on port
     bow. Altitude 200 feet. With forward 50 caliber M. G. The plane was
     a dive bomber.
0928 Received COMAIRBATFOR TO CINCPAC: 220P planes to arrive Pearl
     about 0820.
0930 MUGFORD OGLALA going over to port. Personnel abandoned ship and
     getting on dock.
     LITCHFIELD: Assume service ammunition readiness condition ONE x
     remain in present position x report position.
0930 Received CURTISS TO CINCPAC: Unable to sortie because of damage.
     After OGLALA sank her crew were pooled out and sent to various units
    of the Fleet to assist ships in maintaining their batteries.
0930 GAMBLE Got underway and cleared mooring buoy. Reports Division
     commenced getting underway. U. S. S. BREESE underway.
0930 Enemy planes strafed CASTOR and NEOSHO. Detailed men to handle
     NEOSHO lines astern of CASTOR.
0930 TREVER Underway, standing out of entrance. Observed PERRY fire
     at submarine and MONAGHAN ramming and dropping depth charge.
0930 TENNESSEE Observed enemy planes coming in on port beam. WEST
     VIRGINIA gangway still burning.
0930 HELM Shifted steering motor power to diesel generator; regained bridge
     control of steering.
0930 CALIFORNIA Fire broke out on main deck, starboard side of
     "F" Division compartment and casemates 3, 5, and 7.
0930 BREESE Lookout reported periscope off Coal Docks but could not be
     observed from bridge, or picked up by supersonics.
0930 DOBBIN Reports attacks appeared to have been discontinued.
0930 WHITNEY Reports second air attack completed.
0930 PENNSYLVANIA Explosions on destroyers commenced, in floating dry-
     dock ahead of PENNSYLVANIA.
0932 WASMUTH Underway following TREVER on orders from Lt. Comdr.
     L M. LeHardy, CO ZANE and S. O. P. Mindiv 4.
0933 Received COM 14: Flash: planes coming in from George.
0935 Received RALEIGH TO CINCPAC: Two fire rooms and engine room and
     stern compt. flooded x damage under control at present x unable to get
0935 Received CHICAGO TO CRUSCOFOR: Japanese submarines re-
     ported inside and outside Pearl.
0935 Received ARMY HDQTRS: Flash: Fishing boat l mile off Manakuli.
0936 Received CPW2 TO CPW 1: We are being attacked by 15 Japanese planes.
0936 CURTISS Fire under control.
0937 WASMUTH Lieut. J. W. Leverton, Jr., USN, Executive Officer, re-
     ported aboard and relieved Lt. (jg) J. R. Grey, USN, who had been in
     command until this time.
0937 Received ARMY HDQTRS REPORTS: Friendly aircraft coming from
     toward Barbers Point 20 or 30 planes.
0937 GAMBLE} Japanese planes attacked near main channel entrance.
0937 MUGFORD Explosion on destroyer ahead of the U. S. S. PENNSYL-
     VANIA in drydock
0938 MUGFORD Japanese subs reported inside and outside of Pearl Harbor.
0940 WASMUTH Lt. Comdr. D. M. Agnew, USN, CO USS TREVER
     reported aboard. Proceeded out of Pearl Harbor and tool up patrol
     off entrance.
0940 BAGLEY Ship underway from dock. Material Damage: Broken win-
     dows and light globes and glasses on reduction gears causing loss of
     lubricating oil. Personnel damage 4 men slightly injured.
0940 TENNESSEE Reports wounded being removed from the WEST VIR-
     GINIA. OKLAHOMA upside down. Bow blown away on ARIZONA.
     Destroyers getting underway on other side of Ford Island. Fire either
     on ARGONNE or dock. Air attack coming in on starboard bow. WEST
     VIRGINIA on fire from turret 1 to bow. Flames up as high as foretop.
     Fire on port quarter (oil on water) .
0940 BAGLEY Underway from dock and proceeded around north side Ford
     Island under belief that other channel was blocked. Because of de-
     fective bilge keel, ship was ordered to patrol off shore area and did
     not accompany Task Force 8. No damage to ship.
0940 NEVADA Grounded off Hospital Point.  -
0941 PENNSYLVANIA Observed warheads on DOWNES explode covering
     area with debris. Section of torpedo tube, weighing about 1,000 lbs.
     Landed on PENNSYLVANIA forecastle. Fire brought under control
     before serious damage resulted. CASSIN rolled over on DOWNES.
     It was noted by everyone participating in action that after an hour
     or more heavy thirst was experienced requiring considerable drinking
     water. This confirms the necessity of having water at all battle
0942 BREESE Cleared channel entrance with degaussing gear cut in
     and took station as offshore patrol in section 3.
0942 Received COM 14 to ASP & NAVSHORE ACTIVITIES: brief concentra-
     tions reported 25 miles south by south east of Barbers Point x not
0942 MUGFORD BAGLEY underway.
0943 TERN Underway from alongside dock to pick up survivors in harbor.
     Received 47 survivors
0945 DEWEY Third wave of attack started by dive bombers. DOBBIN and
     Desdiv One were target with 3 or 4 planes attacking. One bomb hit
     close aboard starboard quarter and one hit water between HULL and
     DEWEY astern. No damage. Guns 1 and 2 firing when not blanked
     by DOBBIN. It is believed that Desdiv ONE destroyed two planes.
     Ammunition expended; 76 rounds 5", 1300 rounds .50 cal.
0945 CACHALOT Joined in fire against enemy bombers. No damage received.
     Nearest enemy bomb dropped 20' off starboard quarter and did not
     explode. Nearest torpedo passed 100 yards astern.
0945 MUGFORD OGLALA capsized to port.
0946 MUGFORD Japanese planes in from SW low.
0947 MUGFORD HONOLULU underway.
0948 TENNESSEE Observed planes coming in on starboard bow; did not
     know whether enemy or friendly. Ship will not get underway until
     further orders Engineering Department, stand by. Destroyer, from
     Navy Yard, getting underway. Unidentified ship in Pearl Harbor down
     by stern.
0950 VESTAL Grounded.
0950 BLUE Good sound contact on submarine. Maneuvered to attack and
     dropped four depth charges. Regained sound contact on same sub-
     marine. Dropped two depth charges. Investigated and observed large
     oil slick and air bubbles rising to surface. It is felt that this
     submarine was definitely sunk. Obtained third contact on a submarine that 
     was apparently headed for ST. LOUIS, which was at the time heading out
     on course approximately 150 true, at high speed. Two depth charges
     dropped, and upon return noticed large oil slick on surface. It is
     claimed that one, and possibly two, submarines were sunk.
0950 Outgoing Two enemy carriers reported 30 miles southwest Barbers Point,
     (Sent to CTF 8).
0951 TENNESSEE Reports lighter alongside starboard beam on fire (am-
     munition lighter, top blown out. Can see no ammunition on it.).
0951 Received COM 14 to ASP: Two planes seen dropping heavy
     charges off harbor entrance which did not explode; think they are mines,
0952 Outgoing Battleships remain in part probable channel mined.
0954 TENNESSEE. Observed bow of MARYLAND on fire.
0954 Received SOPA SAN DIEGO to ASP HAWAIIAN AREA: Los Angeles
     Harbor Air Defense Plan Number One effective.
Unknown SIGNAL TOWER The following ships have left Pearl Harbor: DALE
0955 GAMBLE Temporarily anchored, astern of USS MEDUSA.
0955 TENNESSEE Still playing fire hose on ammunition lighter. Fire seems
     to under control.
0955 MUGFORD Commenced receiving fuel oil from the yard line. PERRY
     AND GAMBLE standing out.
0956 TENNESSEE Observed SOLACE getting underway.
0957 MUGFORD CALIFORNIA listing to port.
0958 MUGFORD BB's order to remain in port,
0958 TENNESSEE Observed the on bow of MARYLAND. Was under control.
     Superstructure on WEST VIRGINIA on fire-4 or 5 men trapped, trying
     to escape by crane. File (oil on water) at stern of TENNESSEE was
     out. Fire very close to D-310 M.
1000 CUMMINGS Opened fire to repel horizontal bombing attack from the
     Southward. One horizontal bomber observed to lose its wing. CUM-
     MINGS gun captain #4 claimed a hit,
1000 WHITNEY WHITNEY reports REID and SELFRIDGE underway.
1002 CALIFORNIA Oil fire on surface of water enveloped ship starting many
     fires, particularly intense one on forecastle. Captain Bunkley, with
     approval of Commander Battle Force ordered ship to be abandoned
     temporarily due to enveloping oil fire on surface of water.
1002 TENNESSEE Flood D-310-M (D-306-M and D-312-M also flooded, not
1003 MUGFORD Japanese planes reported dropping mines in channel.
1005 GAMBLE Underway proceeding out of channel,
1005 FT. SHAFTER Some heavy bombs dropped at entrance of Pearl Harbor
     did not explode. Think they are mines.
1005 SOPA SAN DIEGO To ASP SAN DIEGO: San Diego Harbor Air Defense
     Plan Number ONE effective.
1005 MUGFORD U. S. S. SHAW in floating dry-dock exploded. Main engines
     and two boilers of MUGFORD ready to get underway.
1008 TENNESSEE Observed ARIZONA aflame all over.
1010 UNKNOWN To RDO WAILUPE: This vessel and 4 DM in Southwest
     S2 two enemy carriers in sight. (Rec'd by phone).
1010 REID REID got underway on 4 boilers. No damage or casualties.
1010 PHOENIX Got underway, but returned to Berth C-6 on receiving orders
     not to sortie.
1010 SUMNER Fired two rounds at bomber on port beam, altitude 8,000 no     t
     hits. Also fired .50 caliber machine guns, two and four.
1010 TENNESSEE Observed planes approaching from starboard
     beam; did not come in.
1011 CPW 2 To DEWT: Report CPW 2 for duty. '
1013 MUGFORD U. S. S. SCHLEY and ALLEN ready to get underway.
UNKNOWN VP-24 To CPW 2 Eight men of war Lat. 21.10 Long 160. 16 course
     090 degrees
UNKNOWN USCG 400 To CG RDO STATION: Report immediately to Com-
     mander Honolulu Base.
1014 Com 14 Was Lualualei NAD damaged.
1015 CTF 9 To COMPATRON 21 Search Sector 000 to 300 Japanese Carriers
1015 GAMBLE Shifted .30 cal. A. A. machine guns to top of pilot house on
     fire control platform.
1018 CINCPAC To CTF 8,12, 3 Search from Pearl very limited account maxi-
     umum twelve VP searching X Some indication enemy force northwest
     Oahu X Addressees operate as directed Com Task Force 8 to intercept
     and attack enemy composition enemy force unknown.
1018 CTF 8 Is Ford Island available reservice and rearm carrier
     planes in case necessity.
1020 TENNESSEE TENNESSEE reports ARIZONA looks as if she is on the bottom.
     Word passed for the 5th division to lay aft to relieve fire party.
1020 Cincpac To CTF One: Do not send any more cruisers to Sea.
1020 CTG 1.9 To ALL Air Coms Patwing l & 2. Observe approach Doctrine
     when near Oahu.
1020 MUGFORD U. S. S. JARVIS cleared starboard side.
1020 Attack group of 15 VSB's with 1,000 lb. bombs each dispatched to 
     position 30 miles south Barber's Point where numerous reports had been 
     received of enemy carriers and other forces; no contact. CinC informed 
     Comtaskfor EIGHT depended on Pearl Harbor for scouting information. This
     in order maintain carrier striking group in readiness.
1021 GAMBLE; Cleared channel entrance. Eight depth charges were armed
     and the ship commenced offshore and anti-submarine patrol off Pearl
     Harbor entrance.
1022 MUGFORD Navy MT's standing out
1023 WASMUTH dropped one depth charge on suspicious Water, set-
     ting 200 feet, results negative.
1023 MUGFORD Floating Dry Dock sinking.
1024 TENNESSEE TENNESSEE reports Torpedo boats leaving harbor.
1027 TENNESSEE TENNESSEE reports people coming from WEST VIR-
     GINIA on board TENNESSEE by way of a five inch gun.
1027 MUGFORD A transport and CUMMINGS underway standing out.
1028 NAS PEARL To CTF 8: Your 2023 Affirmative. (Ref: Is Ford Island
     available reservice and rearm carrier planes in ease necessity).
1028 PENNSYLVANIA Power on ship taken on two generators.
1030 CASTOR CASTOR Transferred ammunition to NEOSHO for use of that
1030 ARMY HDQTS Two enemy coming in 30 miles south of Affirm 28.
1030 HENLEY Visual signal from TREVER reported the HENLEY'S
     captain and executive officer on board that vessel.
1030 BLUE Upon completion of attacks, BLUE screened ST. LOUIS.
1030 SICARD SICARD observed attack break off. Mustered crew, no in-
     juries or casualties.
1030 PHOENIX Got underway and started out north of channel. Received
     message from TENNESSEE from CINCPAC "Do not Sortie". Turned
     around in channel and started back to berth C.-6. On receipts of orders
     from Comcrubatfor proceeded via south channel and completed sortie and
     joined Comtaskfor ONE.
1030 MUGFORD Fuel oil barge moored starboard quarter.
1030 PENNSYLVANIA Sent motor launches to West Loch for more ammunition.
1031 UNKNOWN This vessel and 4 DM in southwest S2 *NO* enemy carriers
     in sight.
1032 TENNESSEE TENNESSEE observes ARIZONA abandoning ship.
     Repair II report all C&R soundings normal. Repair IV report all sound-
     ings normal. Pull circuit L28 at aft. Distribution Board. Mr. Teague
     says hatches cannot be opened from inside wardroom country too hot.
1032 SIGNAL TOWER To CINCPAC: These ships underway but have not
1033 COMBATSHIPS Be ready to repel repeated air attacks.
1033 CTF 3, CTF 8 To ASP; Submarines reported 10 miles south Barber's
1033 TENNESSEE TENNESSEE 6  down by stern from flooding of D-306,
     D-312 M.
1036 TENNESSEE Unit 2, Repair I, combating fire in W. R. Country. Dead
     man forward of conning tower, sent stretcher party.
1036 WASMUTH Dropped second depth charge on suspicious water, setting
     200 feet, bearing 217 , distance 3.4 miles from Pearl Harbor entrance
     buoys. Brought up large quantities of oil, but no wreckage.
1040 YUNE 8 bearing (BILATERAL) 357  or 178  T from HEEIA. YUNE 8
     is Comcardivs (AKAGI).
1040 Comdesron 3 Underway accordance signal from tower, and oral
     orders. Joined antisub patrol operating off entrance. Made two Sound
     contacts, dropped' 3 and 2 depth charges. Oil observed on water but
     no conclusive evidence of submarine loss.
1040 COMBASEFOR To Cominron 2: Sweep South channel from East Loch
     to entrance magnetic and moored mines.
1040 MUGFORD Commenced receiving fuel from oil barge in addition to oil
     from yard line.
1040 TRACY TRACY reported CUMMINGS underway after returning all
     TRACY men, 10 men sent to help fight fire in CALIFORNIA.
1042 Combatfor To Cap't NYD: The CALIFORNIA is on fire inside. Probably
     two tugs with fire equipment could save her.
1045 DOWNES Fire on CASSIN brought under control.
1046 COMBATSHIPS To BATSHIPS IN COMPANY: All battleships sent
     pilots and aviation personnel to Ford Island immediately.
1046 CTF 8 DF bearings indicate enemy carrier bearing 178 from Barber's
     FORNIA has been sunk. Doubtful checking.
1050 TERN Proceeded to put out fire on USS ARIZONA. Shifted over to 
     WEST VIRGINIA by orders from MARYLAND.
1051 CPW 1 To Plane 2 VP 14: Search sector 310 to 320. Take due caution.
Unknown CTF 8 To CINCPAC: CINCPAC 2012 Acknowledge.
1055 CTF 8 To CINCPAC: Am depending on Pearl for scouting information.
1055 CTF 8 CTF 8 launched six VOS to search sector O00-045  to 150 miles.
1055 SUMNER Fired two rounds 3" at plane dead ahead, altitude 8,000. No
     hits. Fired all 50 caliber.
1056 MUGFORD Japanese planes attacking from North. (Note:
     These are apparently friendly planes).
1058 MUGFORD Numerous explosions from WEST VIRGINIA and ARIZONA.
1058 TENNESSEE Observed Naval Air Station planes in air.
1058 PATRON 23 To CPW ONE: Investigating suspicious vessel 21 00, 150 50.
1100 TRACY Japanese have definitely withdrawn.
1100 COM 14 TO NAS PEARL. CPW 2: Hawaiian Air Force contemplates
     moving headquarters, MUX lines will be kept in commission.
     nel from East Loch to entrance magnetic and moored mines.
1100 TENNESSEE Repair II told to open drain valve and core valve in GSK,
     Valves to Sick Bay. Enemy plane coming in on bow. All hands not
     engaged in fighting fire seek cover.
1100 HELM Sound listening watch heard screws on starboard quarter.
     Ship circled for attack but lost control. No depth charges dropped.
1100 SICARD Observed horizontal bombing attack.
1100 MUGFORD Fire appeared to be under control on NEVADA.
1103 TENNESSEE Observed destroyer putting to sea (other side of Ford
     Island). Gasoline stowage filled with C02.
1103 VP 23 #11 To CPW2: Ships investigated 2 subs unknown nationality
     course 271 submerged on my approach.
1105 NAS Kaneohe To CINCPAC: Ship nationality unknown 10 miles off
     Kahana Point.
1105 To ASP, Info CTF 8 All ships departing Pearl organize as TASKFORCE
     ONE UNDIVIDED Comdesbatfor assume command report CTF 8.
1105 To ASP this Circuit: Enemy planes coming for Pearl Harbor from South.
1108 BREESE Received reports Motor Torpedo Boat sighted periscope
1108 ST. LOUIS To CINCPAC: Formed attack group ST. LOUIS, LAMSON,
     PHELPS, I am proceeding to locate *ENEMY*.
1108 CPW 2 To PATRON 23 Empty tanker no guns showing identity unknown
     lat. 2100 Long. 259 59.
1110 NYD OPERATIONS To CINCPAC: NYD Operations reports another air
     raid expected within twenty minutes.
1110 SICARD Observed horizontal diving attack completed.
1115 NORTHAMPTON Two NORTHAMPTON planes launched to conduct
     search 150 miles to the north.
1115 BREESE BREESE dropped 2 depth charges on spot indicated with no
     apparent results. Bearings: Barber's Point 297  (t),and Hickam Tower
1118 NAS Kaneohe Bay to CINCPAC: Ship nationality unknown 10 miles off
     Kahana Point.
1121 TENNESSEE 2  list to port.
     GINIA sunk. Note: Correction WEST VIRGINIA for CALIFORNIA.
     Correction 00% instead of 30% for TENNESSEE.
1125 SUMNER Fired four rounds 3" at plane crossing ahead from starboard,
     altitude 6,000 feet, no hits. Fired 50 caliber machine guns No. 1 and z
1125 CPW 2 To VP 14 #1, VP 14 #3: STAY OUT.
1130 WHITNEY Received orders to remained at anchor.
1130 HENLEY Picked up captain and executive officer from TREVER. No
     losses or damage experienced by HENLEY.
1130 PATRON 24, CPW 2 to CPW 2, CTF 3: Eight men of war Lat. 2110, Long.
     160 16, course 090 degrees.
1130 TENNESSEE Bridge steering telegraph out (being repaired). Sending
     planes from Hickam Field.
1132 MUGFORD Horizontal bombers approaching from port (Jap.) t
1133 ST. LOUIS To COMDESRON 1: What is your position?
1133 SICARD Observed another horizontal bombing raid.
1135 SICARD Observed bombers withdrawed. No material damaged and no
     personnel casualties.
1135 SUMNER Fired 11 rounds 3" at formation of five bombers crossing
     ahead from port no hits. Fired all machine guns.
1135 CSD 43 To Comsubscofor: Point 21 54 Point 56 3L2.
1135 TENNESSEE Sighted two planes bearing Z70 .
1135 BREESE Picked up sound of submarine in same vicinity. Dropped 2
     depth charges and oil slick with debris appeared, 2nd attack was made
     with 4 deep-set charges to make certain but no additional results ap-
     peared. Meanwhile destroyers in vicinity dropped additional charges.
1135 NORTHAMPTON Approximately I5 miles west of Kauai. Sec-
     tion attacked by enemy single seat monoplane, engagement lasting about
     20 minutes. Enemy plane made total of seven attacks diving from
    above or to the side of the scouting section. On all diving attacks pre-
    sented and exceptionally good target as he squashed down toward the
    section. Apparent enemy speed 275 miles or better. Enemy plane
    broke out in smoke and departed. Search continued until completed.
1136 MUGFORD U. S. Navy planes taking off from Ford Island.
1136 Tennessee Observed light cruiser putting out to sea. Turning engines
     over to keep fire on water away from ship.
1137 COMBATSHIP 3 To CTF 1: MINNEAPOLIS 2 DMs center southern
     boundary VICTOR ONE Course 105 speed 15/UKX CAB6.
1139 CTF 9 To VP 24 Planes #1, #2, #4, #5, #11, CPW2: Search to 200 miles.
1139 CTF 8 To CINCPAC: TF 8 flying coition?
1133 SICARD Observed another horizontal bombing raid.
1135 SICARD Observed bombers withdrawed. No material damaged and no
     personnel casualties.
1135 SUMNER Fired 11 rounds 3" at formation of five bombers crossing
     ahead from port no hits. Fired all machine guns.
1135 CSD 43 To Comsubscofor: Point 21 54 Point 56 3L2.
1135 TENNESSEE Sighted two planes bearing Z70 .
1135 BREESE Picked up sound of submarine in same vicinity. Dropped 2
     depth charges and oil slick with debris appeared, 2nd attack was made
     with 4 deep-set charges to make certain but no additional results ap-
     peared. Meanwhile destroyers in vicinity dropped additional charges.
1135 NORTHAMPTON Approximately I5 miles west of Kauai. Sec-
     tion attacked by enemy single seat monoplane, engagement lasting about
     20 minutes. Enemy plane made total of seven attacks diving from
    above or to the side of the scouting section. On all diving attacks pre-
    sented and exceptionally good target as he squashed down toward the
    section. Apparent enemy speed 275 miles or better. Enemy plane
    broke out in smoke and departed. Search continued until completed.
1136 MUGFORD U. S. Navy planes taking off from Ford Island.
1136 Tennessee Observed light cruiser putting out to sea. Turning engines
     over to keep fire on water away from ship.
1137 COMBATSHIP 3 To CTF 1: MINNEAPOLIS 2 DMs center southern
     boundary VICTOR ONE Course 105 speed 15/UKX CAB6.
1139 CTF 9 To VP 24 Planes #1, #2, #4, #5, #11, CPW2: Search to 200 miles.
1139 CTF 8 To CINCPAC: TF 8 flying colors bearing 184 distance 99 from
     Kaula Rock at 1115.
1140 MUGFORD Japanese Planes on starboard beam.
1140 RDO Wailupe To all stations this circuit: Guam attacked
1140 DESBATFOR To CTF 8: Int posit desig zero george eight.
1140 NORTHAMPTON NORTHAMPTON plane engaged enemy fighter. This
     was not known to Comtaskfor 8 until 8 December.
1143 COMBATFOR To COMBATSHIPS Prepare available battleship planes
     for search and report to subbase when ready and number. 2 CALI-
     FORNIA planes at Ford Island probably ready.
1142 COM 14 To CINCPAC: Submarine due south Aloha Tower 4 miles has
     been bombed. Surface covered with oil slick.
1144 COMBASEFOR To COMINRON 2: Designate two DMs sweep approaches
     to Pearl magnetic mines.
1145 COMCRUBATFOR To CINCPAC: Have no ships in sector 4.
1146 ANTARES moored to B-5A Honolulu.
1146 PATWING To Unknown: Enemy troops landing on north shore.
     Blue coveralls with red emblems.
1l50 COM 14 To CINCPAC: Parachutists are landing at Barber's Point.
1152 CPW 1 To Cincpac, CPW2: 3 planes security patrol patrol 14 are search-
     ing assigned sector. All planes have depth charges aboard.
1153 COMCARDIV 1 To Cincpac: SARATOGA ready depart San Diego 0900
     tomorrow Monday mx escorting ships so far as known have not been
     designated. Request instructions.
1155 To ASP: All cruisers and destroyers depart Pearl as soon as practicable
     x report CTF 1 in DETROIT.
1166 TENNESSEE Observed Army fortresses in the air. Believe enemy
     planes and submarines lying in channel.
1159 MUGFORD The end of period during which ship maintained 50 caliber
     and 5" fire.
1200 Location of Forces 1200, 7 December 1941: T. F. 8 ENTERPRISE
     21-:30 16s55- T. 1. 12 LEXINGTON. 23 50, 171-l5- Subdiv 43 (3 SS)
     80 Miles East, coming ready; GUDGEON C-5, Ready; T. E. 1 and 2
     less S in Pearl, T. F. 3 less 12, areas: Task F 3 rendezvousing with
     MINNEAPOLIS and 20Ms southern boundary VI Course 1:15.
1200 GWIN To Comdesbatfor Reporting for duty with LAMSON and
     PHELPS I am proceeding to South to locate and attack enemy carrier
1200 BOBOLINK Received Orders from Combasefor to sweep Pearl Harbor
     with TURKEY.
1200 ST. LOUIS To Comcruscofor: Reporting for duty with LAMSON and
     PHELPS. I am proceeding south to locate and attack enemy carrier.
1201 Compatwing To Compatron 24: Have search for assign sector 300 miles
     am returning.
1202 CTF 8 To CINCPAC: Your 2100 refers Task Force 8 with 13 ships X re-
     quest all units be notified.
1204 GAMBLE Established sound contact with submarine and dropped three
     depth charges. Position bearing 16S T from Diamond Head light, dis-
     tance 2.6 miles.
1206 MUGFORD Discontinued fueling. 115000 gallons on board.
1205 Comdesbatfor to Comdesflot ONE: About nine thirty witnessed MANAG-
     HAN sink enemy submarine by ramming and depth charges. Excellent
     piece of work.
1205 SIGNAL TOWER About 0930 witnessed MONAGHAN sink enemy sub.
     by ramming and depth charges. Excellent piece of work. Believe
     RALEIGH accounted for three planes.
1205 Com 11 To KENNISON: Submarine reported twenty miles  bearing 23;
     from Pt. Loma investigate.
1205 Com 14 All lights extinguished except control lights.
1209 MUGFORD. Oil barge cleared starboard side.
1209 COMBATSHIPS To CINCPAC: Design cast desig king baker jib.
1209 COMBATSHIPS To Cruisers and Destroyers: Sortie in accordance until
     plan indicated.
1210 TENNESSEE Draft of ship (internal): Fwd. 34'6, Aft, 35'101/4- Mean
     35'4 l/2". Enemy transport reported 40 miles off Barber's Point. Para-
     chute troops landing on Barber's Point later proved false). After
     Battle Dressing Station send stretcher party to left gun, turret III, and
     remove casualties. Three planes on starboard beam coming this way
     (do not know whether enemy or not) Said planes flying low; appar-
     ently, turning away. Organize a crew of about 30 men to relieve men
     of Turret IV who are fighting fire on water.
1213 SOLACE To Com 14: Expedite your boat all tannic acid, tannic acid
     jelly. pecric acid, tetanus anti-toxin, gas gangrene combined serum
     morphine sulphate, morphine syretts, sutures, needles, hypo needles and
     adhesive tape can be spared.
1214 MUGFORD Underway. Standing out in channel.
1215 HELM Rejoined DETROIT. Ceased patrolling.
1217 CTF 9 To PW 2l,23,19: Search to 300 miles.
1221 RDO WAILUPE To all stations: Nine unidentified aircraft over-Guam.
1226 BOBOLINK Moored alongside coal dock to take wire aboard.
1228 CINCPAC To ASP Hawaiian Area: If NPM fox goes out guard harbor
1228 Combatships To Cincpac: PENNSYLVANIA Dive bomb hit starboard
     side frame 86 drydock now flooded. MARYLAND magazines flooded-
     TENNESSEE fire in wardroom country. OKLAHOMA capsized. WEST
     VIRGINIA sunk but upright. CALIFORNIA down by the head and
     heavy list to port probably on bottom. ARIZONA sunk. NEVADA
     beached off Hospital Point.
Unknown CPW 2 To VP 23: Search to 200 miles any instructions.
1229 SIGNAL TOWER THORNTON is underway and standing up.
1230 CURTISS To Cincpac. Unable to sortie because of damage.
1230 MUGFORD Japanese plane crashed on beach of HICKAM FIELD.
     (Note: It is believed the ship observed this at this time (wreckage), not
     that the crash occurred at this time.
1216 SIGNAL TOWER These ships have cleared Pearl Harbor Chan-
1219 Combatships To Com 14 Serious oil fire alongside W. VA. menaces
     TENNESSEE and MARYLAND send fire boats.
1223 CTF 8 To Cincpac: 21 VSB from ENTERPRISE should have landed
     Ford Island about 0830. Request information.
1223 RDO Wailupe To ASP: Air alarm standby.
1230 TENNESSEE Secure all fresh water, except galley and drinking.
1230 ----- While GAMBLE conducting depth charge attack off Diamond
     Head, received three despatehes from Cinc addressed to ASP. Ships
     ordered to attack transports reported four miles off Barber's Point. All
     vessels having departed Pearl Harbor organized as Task Force ONE
     to report to CTF 8 clearing harbor and to report position, composition,
     and speed. GAMBLE continued with depth charge attack until contact
     was lost then proceeded to Barber's Point where no transports were
     found Continued westward.
1232 CINCPAC To ASP: Enemy transport s reported four miles off Barbers
     Point. Attack.
1235 CTF 12 To CTF 3 & 8: Cancel Midway Marine flight.
1240 MU" HE SARA HAHO On 4780 BRG 186 (Believed Submarine).
1240 MU" HE SARA HAHO on 4580 BRG 181 (Believed Submarine).
1300 KANURE Appears to be O.T.C. on 6581 BRG. 183.
1300 SISO On 7033 BRG 167l/2.
1300 KASO Seems to be Task Force Commander.
1300 KANURE is probably Commander in the Air.
1235 CTF 12 To Cincpac: Is Midway flight canceled.
1235 MUGFORD Passed entrance to channel. Four 50 cal. and four 5"/38
     cal guns during the entire period 0809 to 1159 whenever any planes
     came within range and bearing maintained fire.
1235 COMBATSHIPS To Combatfor: Combatship in Maryland.
1235 RALEIGH To Cincpac: Two fire rooms and engine room and stern compt.
     flooded. Damage under control at present. Unable to get underway.
1244 Plane 12 VP 23 Two CPW2: Approaching 300 able to search more gas
     400 25 I request instructions.
1245 TENNESSEE Planes on port bow (do not know whether enemy or not).
1246  ---- CALIFORNIA sinking fast, stern underwater. Close all topside
     hatches, as turrets will be fired. (Did not). Gun four port reported
     Hoist #22, 5"/51, in B-510 was damaged. Power can be sent up, but
     is slowed. Draft of ship, FWD: 34'9". Magazine temperature of
     Turret I-84 .
1246 WP OFF. 14ND High altitude bombing attack coming in over Diamond
Unknown Cincpac To Rdo San Diego: Receive me on 26.1, transmit on 30.6
     (cable to Navy radio San Diego) Via Globe.
1247 CURTISS To CPW2: All of our transmitters are out.
1247 Combatships To COLORADO: If vessels are not longer in service will
     furnish men and officers to ships in service to man complete anti-air-
     craft batteries for continuous watch.
1248 Combasefor To Cominron TWO: Designate two DMs sweep
     approach to Pearl magnetic mines.
L255 GAMBLE Proceeded on course 270T at 20 knots to join friendly forces
     upon receipt of orders from Cincpac.
     posit Lat 20.51 Long 158, course 275, speed 25K.
Unknown Cincpac To CTF 8: Your 2208 Only nine arrived.
1256 MTB SQUAD Out guarding 3445 voice sqdn. Comdrs. PT 20
     PT 22, PT 23, PT 24 At dock guarding 3445 voice PT 21. On dock at crane
     no power PT 26, PT 28. Aboard RAMAPO underway PT 27, PT 29, PT 30,
     PT 42.
1258 Com 14 Four Japanese transports off Barbers Point.
1300 RALEIGH Reports tugs SUNNADIN and AVOCET came alongside and
     furnished light and power. One torpedo ran between bow of RALEIGH
     and stern of DETROIT, and apparently sank in shoal water at Ford
     Island without exploding. The following planes were destroyed, in which
     it is considered the RALEIGH contributed:
     1. Bomber flying over stern stbd to port crashed on deck or
     2. Plane new over bow from stbd to port and crashed near Pear
     3. Plane flying north on our stbd beam crashed in water between
     4. Plane off our stern flying over Air Station was hit by 3" she
        and blown to pieces in air.
     5. Plane flying across our stern had tail blown off and fell Over
        Pearl City.
1300 Comdesbatfor Own DD reports no enemy vessels off Barbers Point.
1300 CTF 1 At 1300 join DETROIT course 210 n speed 18 from point 51. (Action
     to ST. LOUIS)
1300 RAMSAY Jap ship four miles from Barbers Point Two sampans fur-
     ther out. Parachute troops landing on North Shore. (Reported by VJ
1301 CPW 2 Search sector 220 to 230. Return (Action to 12-VP-23)
Unknown Comtrainron 8 ANTARES docked pier five afirm, Honolulu. Struck
     by several machine gun bullets but no damage to material or personnel.
1302 Cincpac To CTF 8: Radio bearings indicate AKAGI bearing 183
     from Pearl another unit bearing 167 .
1303 CPW 2 To comscoron 6: Reported Jap rendezvous 223  9O miles from
     Ford Island. Search to 200 miles sector 235 to 215.
1305 NAS Kaneohe Captured enemy chart has marked positions bearing 223
     distant 9O miles from Pearl Harbor.
1309 Signal Tower DETROIT and PHOENIX are near Barbers Point. Signal
     Tower sees no transports.
1310 Combasefor To comtrainron 6; Com 14, Cominron 2: Sweep channel from
     East Loch to entrance magnetic and Moored mines.
1312 HULBERT Army reports that four enemy transports off Barbers Point.
1312 ST LOUIS Am proceeding with three destroyers to attack Barbers Point
     Speed two five position lat. 21-57 long 150-03.
1313 Combatships To NAS Pearl: for Capt. Bode CALIFORNIA urgently needs
     AA ammunition.
1317 Rdo Wailupe Signals intercepted and bearing true north believed to be
     enemy carrier by character of transmission.
1319 FRANK By phone: Enemy sampan about to land at Naval ammunition Depot.
---  FRANK Enemy landing party off shore Nanakul. Friendly planes firing
     at them.
---- FRANK Op-1 Southeast enemy and friendly planes in dogfight.
1322 ------ Enemy naval attack coming in towards Barbers Point. Present
     position nine miles.
1322 Opnav To Mardet Tientsin. Com 15, Mardet AM Emb, Peiping Astnavatt
     Shanghai, Rdo Wake, Navatt Chungking, Johnston Is, Rdo Guam,
     Palmyra, Com 16, Rdo Tutuila, HOPKINS: This confirms air raid by
     Japan on Oahu at 1800 today followed by declaration of war by Japan
     against US and Great Britain.
1323 HELENA To Comcrubatfor: Due contamination feed water cannot main-
     tain underway status longer than 8 hours. During this time speed
     limited to 10 kts. Ready this condition on one hour notice F power for
     fire control limited to two diesel generators. View condition and to
     effect repairs recommend letting fires under all boilers die out.
1324 CTF 8: UPSN Junction Task Force One and Eight. Propose send Crudiv
     FIVE to Pearl for fuel.
1328 MINNEAPOLIS Your 072234 (CincPacs) complying. Ref. # 12-299 Use
     plane to search sector 135 to 180 distance 154 miles from Pearl.
     destroyers and four minelayers have sortied and are
     proceeding to join you. Also MINNEAPOLIS and four minelayers or-
     dered join from operating areas send ships to Pearl for fuel.
1330 BOBOLINK's orders to sweep channel changed to sweep-
     ing approaches to Pearl Harbor and Honolulu Harbor. Arriving off
     Pearl it appeared all ships there were engaged in sweeping.
1331 CTF 1 To Cincpac: Task Force ONE: proceeding off Barbers Point Notify
1333 CPW 1 To CPW 2: Request instructions for dawn patrol upon their re-
     proceeding from JOHNSTON Island course 054 speed 25. Dog Mike
     Sail directed proceed Pearl for fuel and rejoin later.
1340 TENNESSEE Plane coming in on starboard beam. (Proved to be
1345 CTF 8 launched 9 VSB's to cover sector 110-200T to 175 miles. One
     of latter reported contact with surface forces believed enemy including a
     carrier in position Lat 20-32 Long 158-16 and cruiser Lat 20-32 Long
     158-40. Scout reported being attacked by VF's. No further radio con-
     tact established with scout. Scout landed later at Kaneohe, reports be-
     lieved to have been in error.
1348 VIREO Received orders to report to Combasefor thence to West Loch
     to bring up 5", 3" and .50 M. G. ammunition for CALIFORNIA.
1330 Reports 7632 kcs (M) following calls: SIME; SISC: DASCHO:
     SUREMO, SAMORE, Sends following type of ... 095.45 086.42
1337 Bearing OD SISC 170 85
1341 Bearing on SAMORE 165
1344 Reports following mag ... KISC to SIME Nr. 1 SIME 354. 56
1345 Reports SOSC Good bearing 7632 (M) 337.
1351 Reports SISC calling SAMORE. S5 bearing 337. Very loud
1353 Reports bearing SAMEMU bearing 337.
        Following bearings: 7632 kcs (M) 0036-SUSU S5 340-7632 (M)
     0040 SIME 336
        Following bearings: 7632 (M) 005-bearing SISC 338 S.5 7050 (M)
     0055 bearing SISC 33S.5 S.5
1410 KANURE KANURE sez at 1235 (local Time) "I HAVE FUEL FOR 10
        Someone on 7033 at 1247 said "HAVE NOT BE OPPOSED"
        RUS18 and YUNE8 believed to be Commander Carrier
        SUT12 believed to be a Carrier.
        SISORE is either another Comdr in the Air or Comdr Transport
     Group 1.
        SISO is Boss of SISORE.
        No further bearings of radio intelligence of the Striking Force until
     following day 8 December 1941.
1450 SIME 010.01 I HA NKIARIYA
           2 HA NKIARI
        BEARINGS SAREMU 338 S.4 on 7632 kcs (M)
1410 WASMUTH rigs twin ship moored minesweep with USS ZANE,
     400 fathoms of wire between ships, depressors at 5 fathoms, no floats
     At 1547 entered Pearl Harbor entrance channel and sweep up channel
     to gate vessel, where wire parted. At 1620 anchored off Coal Dock and
     retrieved sweep gear. At l628 underway. At 1635 the Captain returned
     aboard, Lieutenant Commander Agnew, USN, left and joined TREVER.
     Returned off harbor entrance and resumed patrol in company with
     Mindiv 4.
1412 GAMBLE Sighted sampan bearing 32  T.
1415 TENNESSEE Set condition ZED from Turret III, second deck, aft. Re-
     pair I, Unit 2, leading out fire hose to play water on WEST VIRGINIA.
     Received report that one of our destroyers sank jap submarine.
1426 BOBOLINK Passed sweep wire to TURKEY and commenced sweeping off
     Honolulu Harbor.
1435 GAMBLE Slowed to investigate but did not search, sampan position,
     approximately 4 miles south of Barbers Point.
1455 VIREO While waiting for arrival of ammunition, towed ammunition
     lighter with 14" powder away from dock to decrease menace to explosion.
     Delivered ammunition to ARGONNE.
1500 TENNESSEE Report states that Wake Island had been bombed by 30 
     bombers. Ens. Kable still alive, Hudgell dead: also Miller and Adams.
[96] MIDWAY 1600 Via commercial Cable ......."on 7073 _ _ _ _ _
     SISO 2-16 ...... Fair ____ SIME 245 Poor NAS Midway."
        Plane language : SASO V SAREMI #3 ............... A
     FU"KUMA YORI 150 to "30 MAIRU NEN 200 1115
1505 DEWEY Underway and standing out of harbor.
1550 BOBOLINK Received orders from Commander Base Force to report 1010
     dock immediately.
1551 TENNESSEE Repair 4 All outboard voids normal. All soundings nor-
     mal. Received report that PENNSYLVANIA had been hit while in
     drydock. No. 2 machine gun repaired and in commission again.
1552 ------ CTF 12 given orders by CTF 8 to intercept and destroy possible
     enemy carriers operating south coast of Oahu. It was assumed after
     attacks enemy carriers would withdraw via Jaluit.
1628 GAMBLE Sighted smoke bomb off port bow.
1628 TENNESSEE Open up wardroom country and sleepy hollow. Fire on
     WEST VIRGINIA seems to be under control. Repair I cut off # 32
     vent system; smoke coming down.
1630 ------ Task Force ONE just ordered by CTF 8 proceed and attack.
1631 GAMBLE Reports submarine surfaced.
1632 GAMBLE Fired one shot 4" gun and missed, short and to the left. Sub-
     marine displayed U. S. colors, and ceased firing. Submarine submerged
     and fired recognition red smoke bomb.
1640 BOBOLINK While off dock 1010 received orders to assist
     NEVADA. Orders changed to go alongside CALIFORNIA.
1642 Attack group of 16 VF, 18 VTB's and 4 VSB smokers launched by
     Comtaskforce EIGHT with no results. (VTB planes armed with tor-
     pedoes recovered after dark.) Six VF planes proceeded Pearl mistaken
     for unfriendly and four shot down.
1647 GAMBLE Proceeded West.
1647 TENNESSEE Told forward battle dressing station to send doctor and
     stretcher party to WEST VIRGINIA bridge to get Captain. Ship astern
     (ARIZONA) blew up. Two planes bearing 350 .
1655 WHITNEY Reports CASE left from alongside.
1659 TENNESSEE Engines ahead 1/3. Repairs 2 and 4; send 2 rescue breath-
     ers each, and spare oxygen bottles to starboard side of WEST VIRGINIA
1703 TENNESSEE Word received to stop main engines. Delivered 6 gas
     masks to WEST VIRGINIA.
1705 WHITNEY Reports TUCKER left from alongside.
1730 BOBOLINK Moored alongside WIDGEON next to CALIFORNIA for sal-
     vage purposes.
1732 GAMBLE Sighted ENTERPRISE and exchanged calls. In-
     structed by Commander Aircraft. Battle Force to join ENTERPRISE.
1736 ------ Comairbatfor ordered GAMBLE to join that vessel as part of
     AS Screen.
1740 BOBOLINK Commenced pumping to continue through the night.
1741 GAMBLE Joined ENTERPRISE and took station as third ship with two
     other plane guard destroyers.
1755 PELIAS Moored at Berths S-11 and 12, Submarine Base, reports first
     attack was indicated by sound of machine gun fire directed at single
     engine Jap torpedo plane flying low over ship's bow. The plane
     launched a torpedo at ARIZONA which soon later burst into flames.
1755 TENNESSEE Plane bearing 345. Plane signaled with red light; did not
     understand meaning of signal.
1800 PENNSYLVANIA Reports complete replacement of ammunition effected.
1823 TENNESSEE Observed plane bearing about 300.
1833 TENNESSEE Plane bearing about 345 (Running lights on; believed
183O TENNESSEE Plane on port beam; running lights on.
1837 TENNESSEE Plane coming in from dead ahead; bright lights on it.
1838 TENNESSEE Plane bearing about 245.
1855 TENNESSEE ENTERPRISE planes approaching Oahu.
1953 TENNESSEE Plane bearing from dead ahead; running lights burning.
2100 TENNESSEE Word passed over loudspeaker "All men having hammocks
     in port hammock nettings remove them, and stow same inboard "
2100 TRACY Reports friendly planes with running lights were by AA bat-
     teries, but TRACY did not fire.
2100 TRACY Moored alongside CALIFORNIA and commenced salvage work.
2100 SICARD Observed 3 lighted planes, altitude 5000 approaching FORD
     ISLAND from South NEW ORLEANS Challenged without success and
     opened. Other ships followed too. SICARD checked fire considering
     planes were friendly. Other ships continued firing.
2110 VIREO Observed AA fire opened and planes shot down. Aviator fell
     astern of VIREO, was rescued and identified from ENTERPRISE. Dis-
     patch was sent to inform control that ENTERPRISE planes were in air

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