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Locations Of The
United States Army Air Force
December 7 1941

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38th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy)

88th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy)




Birmingham Army Air Base (Birmingham Municipal Airport)

  71st Observation Group

  106th Observation Squadron, Ala NG (O-47, O-49)

Brookley Field, Mobile

  63d Transport Group

  9th Transport Squadron (C-39)

Maxwell Field, Montgomery

  3d  Photographic Squadron (unknown aircraft)

Reilly Field, Fort McClellan, Anniston

  102d  Observation Squadron, NY NG (C-45, O-46, O-47, O-49, O-57)




Davis-Monthan Field (Tucson Municipal Airport)

  41st Bombardment Group (Medium)

   6th Reconnaissance Squadron (Medium) (A-29, B-18, LB-30)

  46th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-18)

  47th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (A-29)

  48th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (A-29, B-18)


  HQ IV Bomber Command, Tucson

  HQ 1st Bombardment Wing, Tucson


ARKANSAS, Adams Field, Little Rock


 72d  Observation Group

110th Observation Squadron, Mo NG (O-47, O-49)


BRITISH GUINEA, Atkinson Field


44th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)




Antigua, Coolidge Field

  35th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)

St. Lucia, Beane Field

  5th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)

Trinidad, Waller Field

  9th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

  1st Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)




Fresno Army Air Base, Fresno

  47th Bombardment Group (Light)

  84th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (B-18)

  85th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20, B-18)

  86th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (B-18)

  97th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (LB-30)

Hamilton Field, San Rafael

  HQ 4th Air Force

  HQ IV Air Support Command

   7th Bombardment Group (Heavy) air echelon only

  20th Pursuit Group (Interceptor), Hamilton Fld, Calif

   9th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), air echelon only (B-17)

  11th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), air echelon only (B-17)

  17th Transport Squadron (C-47)

  22nd  Bombardment Squadron (Heavy), air echelon only (B-17)

  55th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

  70th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-36)

  77th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

  79th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

March Field, Riverside

  14th Pursuit Group (Fighter)

  51st Pursuit Group (Fighter)

  64th Transport Group

  16th Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-40)

  18th Transport Squadron (C-47)

  25th Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-40)

  26th Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-40)

  48th Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-38)

  49th Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-38)

  50th Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-40)

McClellan Field, Sacramento

  62d Transport Group

  4th Transport Squadron (C-39)

  7th Transport Squadron (C-39)

Moffett Field, Mountain View

  4th Photographic Squadron (F-2)

Riverside (US Post Office)

  HQ IV Interceptor Command

Salinas Army Air Base (Salinas Airport), Salinas

  69th Observation Group

  31st Observation Squadron (O-49, O-52)

  82d  Observation Squadron (O-46, O-47, O-49, O-52)

Sherwood Field, Paso Robles

  115th Observation Squadron, Calif NG (BC-1, O-38, O-47, O-49)




Albrook Field

  HQ Caribbean Air Force

  HQ VI Bomber Command

  HQ 12th Pursuit Wing

  37th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

  16th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

  24th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-36)

  28th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

  29th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

  31st Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-26, P-40)

  43d  Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

France Field

   6th Bombardment Group (Heavy), France Fld, CZ

   3d  Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)

  20th Transport Squadron (C-39, C-47, C-49)

  25th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)

  39th Observation Squadron (O-47, O-49)

Howard Field

   7th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (B-17, B-18)

  59th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)

  Detachment, 20th Transport Squadron (C-39, C-47, C-49)




Bradley Field, Windsor Locks

   1st Photographic Squadron (A-29)

  57th Pursuit Group (Interceptor), 

  64th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

Brainard Field, Hartford

  65th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

  66th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)




HQ Air Force Combat Command

HQ Office Chief of Air Corps

1st Photographic Group




Dale Mabry Field, Tallahassee

  53d  Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

  13th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39)

  14th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39)

  15th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39)

Drew Field, Tampa

  HQ III Interceptor Command

  13th Transport Squadron (C-47)

Eglin Field, Valpariso

  Air Corps Proving Ground

   1st Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (various acft)

  24th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (various acft)

  54th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (various acft)

Jacksonville Army Air Base (Municipal Airport), Jacksonville

   66th Observation Group

  118th Observation Squadron, Conn NG (C-45, O-46, O-47, O-49, O-57, O-58, O-59)

MacDill Field, Tampa

  HQ III Bomber Command

  29th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

  44th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

   6th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

  14th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (B-24)

  21st Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (A-29, B-17)

  43d  Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

  52d  Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

  66th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)

  67th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (unknown aircraft)

  68th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (unknown aircraft)

Morrison Field, Palm Beach

  49th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

   7th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-35)

   8th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-35)

   9th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

Orlando Army Air Base (Municipal Airport), Orlando

  13th Bombardment Group (Medium)

   3d  Reconnaissance Squadron (Medium) (B-18, B-25)

  39th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-18, B-25)

  40th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-18)

  41st Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-25)

Tampa (National Guard Armory)

  HQ 3d Air Force




Atlanta Army Air Base (Atlanta Airport), Atlanta

  30th Observation Squadron (O-38, O-49)

Daniel Field, Augusta

  61st Transport Group

  14th Transport Squadron (C-39)

  15th Transport Squadron (C-39)

Lawson Field, Fort Benning, Columbus

   15th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)

   16th Observation Squadron (O-47, O-49)

   97th Observation Squadron (O-47, O-49, O-52, O-57)

  128th Observation Squadron, Ga NG (BC-1, O-38, O-46)

Savannah Air Base, Savannah

  HQ III Air Support Command

   3d  Bombardment Group (Light)

   8th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20, A-24)

  13th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)

  89th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)

  90th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)




Enroute to Newfoundland

  49th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)

Enroute to Philippine Islands

   7th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

  35th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

  22d  Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)

  38th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy)

  88th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy)


ICELAND, Reykjavik Airport, Reykjavik


33d Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)


IDAHO, Gowen Field, Boise


42d  Bombardment Group (Medium)

16th Reconnaissance Squadron (Medium) (B-18, B-26)

75th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-18)

76th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-26)

77th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-26)


ILLINOIS, Chicago Municipal Airport, Chicago


108th Observation Squadron, Ill NG (O-31, O-47, O-49, O-52)


INDIANA, Baer Field, Fort Wayne


31st Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

39th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39)

40th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39)

41st Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39)




Marshall Field, Fort Riley, Junction City

  1st Observation Squadron (O-47, O-49)

Sherman Field, Fort Leavenworth, Leavenworth

  124th Observation Squadron, Iowa NG (BC-1, O-38, O-47)

  127th Observation Squadron, Kans NG (BC-1, O-38, O-46)




Bowman Field, Louisville

  HQ V Air Support Command

  46th Bombardment Group (Light)

  50th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)

  51st Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)

  53d  Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)

  87th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)

Godman Field, Fort Knox, Louisville

  73d  Observation Group

  12th Observation Squadron (O-38, O-47, O-49, O-52, YO-54, O-57, O-59)




Esler Field, Camp Beauregard, Alexandria

   67th Observation Group

  107th Observation Squadron, Mich NG (C-45, O-47, O-49)

  109th Observation Squadron, Minn NG (O-47, O-49, O-58)

  122d  Observation Squadron, La NG (BC-1, O-38, O-46, O-47)

Harding Field, Baton Rouge

  58th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

  67th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-36)

  68th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

  69th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-35, P-36, P-39)

New Orleans Army Air Base (New Orleans Airport), New Orleans

  30th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

   2nd  Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

  21st Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (A-29)

  27th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (A-29)

  38th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)


MAINE, Dow Field, Bangor


  43d  Bombardment Group (Heavy)

  13th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)

  63d  Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (LB-30)

  64th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)

  65th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)


MARYLAND, Detrick Field, Frederick


  104th Observation Squadron, Md NG (O-46, O-47, O-49, O-59)




Fort Devens Army Airfield, Fort Devens, Ayer

  152d  Observation Squadron, RI NG (BC-1, O-47, O-49, O-52, O-58)

Otis Field, Camp Edwards, Falmouth

  101st Observation Squadron, Mass NG (O-46, O-47, O-49, O-59)

Westover Field, Chicopee Falls

  34th Bombardment Group, (Heavy)

  60th Transport Group

   1st Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

   4th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

   7th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

  10th Transport Squadron (unknown aircraft)

  18th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)


MICHIGAN, Selfridge Field, Mount Clemens


 1st Pursuit Group (Fighter)

52d  Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

 2d  Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

 4th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

 5th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

11th Transport Squadron (unknown aircraft)

27th Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-38)

71st Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-38)

94th Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-38)




Jackson Army Air Base (Municipal Airport), Jackson

  38th Bombardment Group (Medium)

  15th Reconnaissance Squadron (Medium) (B-26)

  69th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-26)

  70th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-26)

  71st Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-26)

Key Field, Meridian

   50th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

   10th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (BT-13, P-35)

   11th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-36, P-40)

   12th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (unknown aircraft)

  113th Observation Squadron, Ind NG (O-47, O-49, O-52)

  153d  Observation Squadron, Miss NG (O-47, O-49, O-52, O-58)


NEW HAMPSHIRE, Grenier Field (Manchester Airport), Manchester


45th Bombardment Group (Light)

78th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20, DB-7)

79th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20, DB-7)

80th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20, DB-7)

92d  Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)




Fort Dix Army Airfield, Fort Dix, Wrightstown

  126th Observation Squadron, Wisc NG (BC-1, O-46, O-49, O-59)

Newark Municipal Airport, Newark

  119th Observation Squadron, NJ NG (O-47, O-49, O-52)




Mitchel Field, Hemstead, Long Island

  HQ 1st Air Force

  HQ I Air Support Command

  HQ I Interceptor Command

   8th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

  33d  Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

  12th Transport Squadron (unknown aircraft)

  35th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39)

  36th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39)

  49th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) air echelon only (B-17)

  58th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

  59th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

  60th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

Wheeler-Sack Field, Pine Camp, Great Bend

  91st Observation Squadron (O-46, O-47, O-49, O-52)


NEWFOUNDLAND, Newfoundland Airport, Gander Lake


41st Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (B-17B)




Camp Davis, Wilmington

  3d Barrage Balloon Squadron (various balloons)

Douglas Field, Charlotte

  56th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

  61st Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39, P-40)

  62d  Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39, P-40)

  63d  Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39, P-40)

Pope Field, Fort Bragg, Fayetteville

    2d  Balloon Squadronn (various balloons)

   59th Observation Group

  112th Observation Squadron, Ohio NG (O-47, O-49, O-57)




Patterson Field, Dayton

  10th Transport Group

   1st Transport Squadron (C-39, C-47)

Wright Field, Dayton

  HQ 50th Transport Wing

  5th Transport Squadron (C-39, C-47)




Post Field, Fort Sill, Lawton

   15th Observation Squadron (O-43, O-47, O-49, O-52)

  125th Observation Squadron, Okla NG (BC-1, O-38, O-47)

  154th Observation Squadron, Ark NG (O-38, O-47, O-49, O-57)

Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma City

  HQ II Air Support Command

  48th Bombardment Group (Light)

  55th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)

  56th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)

  57th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)

  88th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)




Pendleton Army Air Base (Municipal Airport), Pendleton

  17th Bombardment Group (Medium)

  34th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-25)

  37th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-25)

  89th Reconnaissance Squadron (Medium) (B-25)

  95th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-25)

Portland Army Air Base (Portland-Columbia Airport), Portland

  55th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

  16th Transport Squadron (C-47)

  37th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-43)

  38th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-43)

  54th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-36, P-40, P-43)





  74th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)


  30th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40)

Rio Hato

  32d Pursuit Group (Fighter)

  51st Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-36)

  52d  Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-36)

  53d  Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-36)




Harrisburg Municipal Airport, Harrisburg

  103d  Observation Squadron, Pa NG (O-46, O-47, O-49, O-57)

Olmsted Field, Middletown

  2d  Transport Squadron (C-39, C-47)

  6th Transport Squadron (C-39, C-53)




Clark Field, Fort Stotsenberg, Luzon

  HQ V Bomber Command

  19th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

  24th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

  14th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

  20th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40B)

  28th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

  30th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

  93d  Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

Del Carmen Field, Luzon

  34th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-35)

Fort William McKinley, Luzon

  27th Bombardment Group (Light)

  16th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (none)

  17th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (none)

  91st Bombardment Squadron (Light) (none)

Iba Airfield, Luzon

  3d  Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40E)

Nichols Field, Luzon

  HQ Far East Air Force

   2d  Observation Squadron (O-46, O-52)

  17th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40E)

  21st Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40E)

Nielson Field, Luzon

  HQ 5th Interceptor Command (Provisional)




Borinquen Field, Punta Borinquen

  HQ VI Interceptor Command

  25th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

  40th Bombardment Group (Medium)

  10th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)

   5th Reconnaissance Squadron (Medium) (B-18)

  27th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)

  29th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-18)

  44th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-18)

  45th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-18)

Losey Field, Ponce

  36th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

   4th Observation Squadron (O-47, O-52)

  22d Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-36)

  23d Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-36)

  32d Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-36)


RHODE ISLAND, Providence


26th Observation Group


SOUTH CAROLINA, Owens Field, Columbia


 65th Observation Group

105th Observation Squadron, Tenn NG (O-38, O-47, O-49, O-52)

121st Observation Squadron, DC NG (AT-6, O-38, O-46, O-47, O-58)


SURINAM, Zandery Field


99th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)


TERRITORY OF ALASKA, Elmendorf Field, Fort Richardson, Anchorage


28th Composite Group

18th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (20 P-36s)

36th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (6 B-18As)

73rd  Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (6 B-18As)




Bellows Field, Waimanlo Military Reservation, Oahu

  44th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40B, P-40C)  

  86th Observation Squadron (B-12, O-47, O-49)

Hickam Field, Honolulu

  HQ Hawaiian Air Force

  18th Bombardment Wg

   5th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

  11th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

   4th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (B-17, B-18)

  19th Transport Squadron (C-33)

  23rd  Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17, B-18)

  26th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17, B-18)

  31st Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17, B-18)

  42nd  Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17, B-18)

  50th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (B-17, B-18)

  58th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (A-20)

  72nd  Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17, B-18))

Wheeler Field, Schofield Barracks, Oahu

  14th Pursuit Wg

  15th Pursuit Group (Fighter)

  18th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

   6th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40B)

  19th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40B, P-40C)

  45th Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-36A)

  46th Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-36A, P-40B)

  47th Pursuit Squadron (Fighter) (P-40B, P-36A)

  72nd  Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (none)

  73rd  Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40B)

  78th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-40B)




Biggs Field, Fort Bliss, El Paso

  120th Observation Squadron, Colo NG (O-47, O-49)

Brooks Field, San Antonio

  22nd  Observation Squadron (O-46, O-49, O-52)

Brownwood Airfield, Brownwood

   68th Observation Group

  111th Observation Squadron, Tex NG (O-43, O-47, O-49, O-52, O-59)

Duncan Field, San Antonio

  3rd Transport Squadron (C-39)


U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS, Benedict Field, St Croix


12th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-18)


UTAH, Hill Field, Ogden


8th Transport Squadron (C-39)


VIRGINIA, Langley Field, Hampton


 HQ I Bomber Command

 2nd  Bombardment Group (Heavy)

22nd  Bombardment Group (Medium)

 2nd  Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-26)

 3rd  Observation Squadronn (O-43, O-47, O-49, O-52)

18th Reconnaissance Squadron (Medium) (B-26)

19th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-26)

20th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

33rd  Bombardment Squadron (Medium) (B-26)

41st Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

96th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)




Fort George Wright, Spokane

  HQ 2nd Air Force

  HQ II Bomber Command

Fort Lawton, Seattle

  HQ II Interceptor Command

Geiger Field, Spokane

  39th Bombardment Group (Heavy)

  12th Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

  60th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

  61st Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

  62nd  Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) (B-17)

Gray Field, Fort Lewis, Tacoma

    2nd  Photographic Squadron (F-2)

   70th Observation Group

  116th Observation Squadron, Wash NG (O-47, O-49)

  123d  Observation Squadron, Ore NG (BC-1, O-46)

McChord Field, Tacoma

  12th Bombardment Group (Light)

  81st Bombardment Squadron (Light) (B-18)

  82nd  Bombardment Squadron (Light) (B-18, PT-17)

  83rd  Bombardment Squadron (Light) (B-18, B-23)

  94th Bombardment Squadron (Light) (B-18, B-23)

Paine Field, Everett

  54th Pursuit Group (Interceptor)

  42nd  Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39)

  56th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39)

  57th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) (P-39)


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