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United States Asiatic Fleet Locations December 7 1941*

(* December 8 1941, Local Time Located on the other side of the International Date Line)

Forces in Manila Bay And Cavite Navy Yard

Destroyer Division 59 (DESRON 29)
DD-225 Pope
DD-226 Peary (Undergoing Repair at Cavite)
DD-227 Pillsbury (Undergoing Repair at Cavite)
DD-228 John D. Ford

SS-142 S-37
SS-143 S-38
SS-145 S-40
SS-146 S-41
SS-172 Porpoise
SS-173 Pike
SS-174 Shark (Undergoing Overhaul at Cavite)
SS-175 Tarpon
SS-176 Perch
SS-177 Pickerel
SS-178 Permit
SS-182 Salmon
SS-183 Seal
SS-184 Skipjack
SS-185 Snapper
SS-186 Stingray
SS-187 Sturgeon
SS-188 Sargo
SS-189 Saury
SS-190 Spearfish
SS-191 Sculpin
SS-192 Sailfish
SS-193 Swordfish
SS-194 Seadragon (Undergoing Overhaul at Cavite)
SS-195 Sealion (Undergoing Overhaul at Cavite)
SS-196 Searaven
SS-197 Seawolf

Submarine Tenders and Repair Ships
AS-9 Canopus
AS-3 Holland
AS-20 Otus

PG-21 Asheville
PG-22 Tulsa

River Gunboats
PR-6 Oahu
PR-7 Luzon
PY-10 Isabel

Seaplane Tenders
AV-3 Langley
AVD-1 Childs

AM-21 Lark
AM-35 Whippoorwill
AM-5 Tanager
AM-15 Quail
AM-36 Bittern

AO-6 Pecos
AO-13 Trinity

Salvage Vessels and Tugs
ASR-6 Pigeon
AT-32 Napa

Floating Dry Dock Dewey

Motor Torpedo Boats
MTB Squadron 3

Forces At Other Locations In The Philippine Islands

Heavy Cruiser
CA-30 Houston, Iloilo PI

Light Cruiser
CL-47 Boise, Cebu, PI
Note Boise Belonged to the Pacific Fleet,
She had recently escorted a reinforcement convoy to the Philippines and was "Drafted" into the Asiatic Fleet.

SS-141, S-36, on patrol off Lingayen, PI
SS-144, S-39, on patrol off Sarosogon Bay, Luzon PI

Seaplane Tenders
AVD-7 William B. Preston, Davao, PI
AVP-2 Huron, Palawan, PI

Forces In Other Locations Assigned To The Asiatic Fleet

PR-8 Mindanao, Enroute Cavite from Hong Kong.

AM -5 Finch, at sea in the Taiwan Strait.

At Tarakan Borneo

Light Cruiser
CL-12 Marblehead

Destroyers (DesDiv 58, DESRON 29)
DD-230 Paul Jones (Flagship DesRon 29)
DD-224 Stewart
DD-222 Bulmer
DD-213 Barker
DD-218 Parrott

At Balikpapan Borneo

Destroyers (DesDiv 57, DESRON 29)
DD-217 Whipple
DD-211 Alden
DD-216 John D. Edwards
DD-219 Edsall
Destroyer Tender
AD-9 Black Hawk
This force had been ordered (December 7 Local Time, December 6th US Time)
to sail to Singapore Malaysia, via Batavia, Java, (Dutch East Indies) to join the screen of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse
Both ships were sunk before they could join and were ordered back to the Philippines.

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