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1945 - 1956
Post War - Decommissioning

Radio Call Sign: November - Echo - Kilo - Tango

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1915 - 1930
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1944 - 1945

New Mexico Class Battleship: Displacement 32,000 Tons, Dimensions, 624' (oa) x 97' 5" x 31' 1" (Max). Armament 12 x 14"/50 22 x 5"/51, 8 x 3"/50 2 x 21" tt. Armor, 13 1/2" Belt, 18" Turrets, 3 1/2" +2" Decks, 16" Conning Tower. Machinery, 32,000 SHP; Geared Turbines, 4 screws. Speed, 21 Knots, Crew 1084.

Operational and Building Data: Laid down by Newport News, Shipbuilding, Newport News, VA., April 5, 1915. Launched January 25 1917. Commissioned December 18 1917. Reclassified Gunnery Training Ship, AG-128, February 15, 1946. Decommissioned September 17, 1956. Stricken July 30, 1956.
Fate: Sold November 28, 1956 and broken up for scrap.
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BB-41 Mississippi 136k Canal operators watching Mississippi (BB-41) making passage through section of Panama Canal as most of crew stand above decks 12 October 1945. Photographer: Thomas D. Mcavoy, courtesy of via / & Life. Photo i.d. courtesy of David Buell. Photo added 11/24/08.
BB-41 Mississippi 137k US soldier standing guard over section of Panama Canal,Mississippi (BB-41) with full crew on deck entering canal in bkgrd followed by a tender ship. Photographer: Thomas D. Mcavoy, courtesy of via / & Life. Photo i.d. courtesy of David Buell. Photo added 11/24/08.
BB-41 Mississippi 78k Mississippi (BB-41) in the Mississippi River, en route to take part in Navy Day celebrations at New Orleans, Louisiana, 16 October 1945. Note her anchors suspended below their normal stowed position at the bow. Photograph # SC 215864, from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U.S. National Archives.
BB-41 Mississippi 84k Mississippi (AG-128) photographed in 1947-48. She retains only her after 14" gun turret, but carries numerous smaller weapons and a special radar suite. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph # NH 86646, from the collection of Rear Admiral Frederic S. Withington, 1975.
BB-41 Mississippi 77k Mississippi (AG-128) as seen in 1948 shortly after the conversion was completed. She still retains #4 14" turret and her quarterdeck catapult. As in the other picture, the various caliber twin 5" turrets are clearly seen along the superstructure. USN photo.
BB-41 Mississippi 473k Mississippi (AG-128) arrives in NYC 28 Oct 1949. USN photo courtesy of Robert M. Cieri.
BB-41 Mississippi 99k Photo of the Mississippi (AG-128) taken February 1, 1950 from the bridge of the Missouri (BB-63) as the Missouri was being towed to dry-dock at Norfolk Navy Yard, after grounding in Chesapeake Bay. USN photo.
BB-41 Mississippi 167k Mid 1950's image of Mississippi (AG-128) test firing a Terrier missile. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, USNHC 80-G-K-17878, now in the collections of the National Archives.
BB-41 Mississippi 473k Commemorative postal cover of the Mississippi (AG-128) with a photo inset prior to her re-conversion, 9, November 1953. USN photo courtesy of Robert M. Cieri.
BB-62 New Jersey63k Photo taken from the radar platform on the foremast of Chewaucan (AOG-50), very early on a Sunday morning. New Jersey (BB-62) and Iowa (BB-61)), sitting side by side in reserve at the NOBNorfolk, Va, summer of 1954. The New Jersey, not Iowa) is tied to pier 7 and the Chewaucan was tied up to pier 5. (There was no pier 6). You can see how small we were when you check the height of the horizon behind the New Jersey's mast. The ship on the horizon above the New Jersey is the Mississippi (AG-128) (ex-BB-41). Photo and text courtesy of Larry Bohn.
BB-41 Mississippi 108k February 1955 photo showing the Mississippi (AG-128) carrying the Terrier missile battery. A twin 6"/47 turret is installed atthe #1 14" turret location and the various caliber 5" turrets are visible along the superstructure. USN photo.
BB-41 Mississippi 268k Test an evaluation of Terrier guided missiles by Mississippi (AG-128) at sea on 28 March 1955. Official U.S. Navy Photograph # USN 659366, courtesy of David Buell.
BB-41 Mississippi 76k May 1955 photo showing the Mississippi (AG-128) underway in New York harbor. Photographed & contributed by Bill Fuzak.
(NISMF)376kA guest studies a painting depicting the history of battleships. The artwork was painted by George Skybeck and presented to the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association during their annual banquet at Honolulu, Hawaii, on 8 Dec 1991. USN photo # DN-SC-92-05391, by PHC Carolyn Harris, from the Department of Defense Still Media Collection, courtesy of
World War II Memorial371k A quote made by Fleet Adm. Chester W. Nimitz is inscribed on a granite wall at the National World War II Memorial located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Fleet Adm. Nimitz was the United States signatory to the surrender terms aboard the battleship Missouri (BB-63) in Tokyo Bay, Japan on 2 Sept. 1945, thus ending World War II. Established by the American Battle Monuments Commission, the memorial honors all military veterans of World War II, the citizens on the home front, the nation at large, and the high moral purpose and idealism that motivated the nation’s call to arms. On 29 May 2004, the memorial will be formally dedicated with an estimated 200,000 people expected to attend, and includes 100,000 visiting veterans of all wars. U.S. Navy photo # N-0295M-011 by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Daniel J. McLain, courtesy of
BB-41 Mississippi 123k Mississippi's (BB-41) bell still rings! It is located within the garden of the Rosalie Mansion and Museum in Natchez, Ms. The marker on the right side states " In honor of Mississippi men who served in the Mississippi," and gives a list of some 79 personnel who served onboard the ship between 1917 til 1956. The rope is provided so you can sound the bell. It was 12 noon so I sounded 8 bells in accordance with Naval tradition Courtesy of Larry Lee.

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Crew Contact And Reunion Information
USS Mississippi BB-41

Contact Name: Mr. Stanley Airington
Address: 1030 E Louisiana St Norman, OK, 73071-4421
Phone: 405-329-8387
E-mail: None
Crew Contact And Reunion Information
USS Mississippi ARG-128

Contact Name: Mr. Jack Hefferman
Address: 163 Shawn's Hideaway, Millsboro, DE, 19966
Phone: 302-947-1896
E-mail: None

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