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Postwar - 1961

Radio Call Sign: November - India - Bravo - Kilo

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Keel Laying - Commissioning; 1937 - March 1941
Shakedown Cruise & Fitting Out; April 1941 - May 1942
June 1942 - 1943
1944 - 1945
1962 - Present

North Carolina Class Battleship: Displacement 35,000 Tons, Dimensions, 728' 9" (oa) x 108' 4" x 35' 6" (Max). Armament 9 x 16"/45 20 x 5"/38AA, 16 x 1.1" 12 x 0.5", 3 AC. Armor, 12" Belt, 16" Turrets, 1 1/2" Main Deck, +5 1/2" Armored (2nd) deck, +3/4" Third Deck, 16" Conning Tower. Machinery, 115,000 SHP; G.E. Geared Turbines, 4 screws. Speed, 27 Knots, Crew 1880.

Operational and Building Data: Laid down by New York Navy Yard, October 27, 1937. Launched June 13, 1940. Commissioned April 9, 1941. Decommissioned June 27, 1947. Stricken June 1, 1960.
Fate: Perserved as Memorial in Wilmington North Carolina, September 6, 1961.

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BB-56 Washington 77k Enterprise (CV-6) (foreground), Washington (BB-56) (behind Big E) and North Carolina (BB-55) (only stack tops visible), docked in Balboa Inner Harbor, prior to transiting the Panama Canal, October 1945. Photo & text courtesy of Arnold W. Olson via Joel Shepherd &, submitted by Mike Green.
BB-55 North Carolina602k11 October 1945 of the "North Carolina (BB-55) Task Force 11 transiting the Panama Canal on return from Pacific combat operations."
The tight fit of the Canal's locks are evident here and this width limited the beam of United States battleships on 'all' classes, except the proposed, but never built, Montana class of 1940.
Note the shadow of the PBY that probably took this photo.
USN photo # CS 16899 courtesy of David Buell.
BB-55 North Carolina50kStarboard view, circa 1946, after a refit where most of her light AA battery has been removed. USN photo.
BB-55 North Carolina80kAnchored in New York Harbor, circa late 1945 or early 1946. USNHC photo # NH 105560, from the collection of Warren Beltramini, donated by Beryl Beltamini, 2007.
BB-55 North Carolina149kPhoto shows her in her postwar scheme, resembling that of the Washington (BB-56). Two 40mm quadruple mounts, abreast #2 turret, on the maindeck, have been landed due to their wetness at sea, taken on 3 June 1946. USN photo.
BB-55 North Carolina687kThe photo caption notes that the North Carolina (BB-55) is picturered here from an altitude of 300 feet, and was developed by the NAS NYNY Photographic Laboratory. USN photo courtesy of David Buell. Caption is NYNY # 11306-6-46. Photo courtesy of David Buell.
Bayonne 210k Bow view of the North Carolina (BB-55) & Washington (BB-56) in reserve at Bayonne, New Jersey on 2 February 1950. Photographer: Herbert Gehr, courtesy of via / & Life. Photo added 11/24/08.
BB-56 Washington 37k North Carolina (BB-55) & Washington (BB-56) in reserve at Bayonne, New Jersey on 25 February 1951. Note the weathered and peeling paint work as well as the light metal "igloos" covering the ships light AA weapons (Treasure Island Museum-SFCB). Photo courtesy of Warship Boneyards, by Kit and Carolyn Bonner & submitted by Robert Hurst.
Bayonne Naval Supply Depot, New Jersey.112kBayonne Naval Supply Depot, New Jersey. Photographed on 15 April 1953 with ships in reserve. The two large ships at right on the near side of the peninsula are Alaska (CB-1) and Guam (CB-2). The next two ships astern are North Carolina (BB-55) and Washington(BB-56). Further astern are (from outboard to inboard) Fargo (CL-106), Albemarle(AV-5) and Wakefield (AP-21). The carriers Enterprise(CV-6) and Franklin (CV-13) are at the far left. Also present are the escort carriers Card (CVE-11), Croatan (CVE-25),Mission Bay (CVE-59), and Guadalcanal (CVE-60) along with the cruisers Providence (CL-82), Little Rock (CL-92), Spokane (CLAA-120) and Fresno (CLAA-121). One of the two CLAAs is tied up outboard of the Alaskas.Official U.S. Navy Photograph, USNHC # 80-G-480262, now in the collections of the National Archives.
Mothball Fleet, Bayonne N.J.80kMothball Fleet, Bayonne N.J., August 1961. The stern of the New Jersey (BB-62) or Wisconsin (BB-64) is visible off the North Carolina's (BB-55) bow. The aircraft carrier ahead of her is the Franklin(CV-13). Richard Leonhardt
BB-55 North Carolina68k"Heading Home", the ship is towed from the inactive reserve storage facility at Bayonne, New Jersey to her present and final home at Wilmington, North Carolina.Authors Collection.
BB-55 North Carolina295k The ship is being towed up the Cape Fear River to her final and present day berthing. The actual date of the photo is October, 1961, but it is not listed on the photo. As you can see on the photo, two 40mm quadruple mounts were removed before decomminsioning, her catapults are gone. When she was decommissioned, she only carried her port catapult, the starboard one having been landed at her post-war refit at New York Navy Yard. Her aircraft crane at the stern was stored in its lowered position. The two original boat cranes, next to the aft stack, have been removed too. February, 1962 National Geographic Magazine.

USS North Carolina History
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Crew Contact And Reunion Information

Contact Name: Mr. Gordon Knapp
Address: None
Phone: None

Ship mailing address information
Battleship North Carolina (BB-55) PO Box 480 Wilmington, NC 28402-0480

Note About Contacts.

The contact listed, Was the contact at the time for this ship when located. If another person now is the contact, E-mail me and I will update this entry. These contacts are compiled from various sources over a long period of time and may or may not be correct. Every effort has been made to list the newest contact if more than one contact was found.

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