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Patch contributed by Robert M. Cieri

1992 - Present

Radio Call Sign: November - Echo - Papa - Mike

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June 1940 - February 1943 / Construction & Commissioning
March - December 1943 / Shakedown Cruise & Getting Ready for War
1944 - 1945
Post World War II - Korean War
1954 - 1982
1983 - 1986
1987 - 1991

Iowa Class Battleship: Displacement 45,000 Tons, Dimensions, 887' 3" (oa) x 108' 2" x 37' 9" (Max)Armament 9 x 16"/50 20 x 5"/38AA, 80 x 40mm 49 x 20mm, 3 AC. Armor, 12 1/8" Belt, 17" Turrets, 1 1/2" +6" +5/8" Decks, 17 1/4" Conning Tower. Machinery, 212,000 SHP; G.E. Geared Turbines, 4 screws. Speed, 33 Knots, Crew 1921.

Operational and Building Data: Laid down by New York Naval Ship Yard, June 27, 1940. Launched August 27, 1942. Commissioned February 22, 1943. Decommissioned March 24, 1949. Recommissioned August 25, 1951. Decommissioned February 2, 1958. Recommissioned April 28, 1984. Decommissioned October 26, 1990. Stricken for disposal 12 January 1995 but retained as a parts source. Reinstated on the Naval Vessels Register and returned to reserve status 4 January 1999.
Fate: Preserved as Memorial at 250 S Harbor Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90731
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BB-64 Wisconsin125k Bow views of Iowa (BB-61) and Wisconsin (BB-64) in Philadelphia Navy Yard, September, 1993. Courtesy of Joe Osciak.
(NISMF)618kA starboard quarter view of the stern sections of the decommissioned Iowa (BB-61) and Wisconsin (BB-64) moored together at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, 9 September 1993. The ships are in a mothball status. USN photo # DN-SC-93-06272, by Don S. Montgomery, courtesy of
(NISMF)561k An aerial view of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard looking west/northwest on 30 October 1995. The shipyard closed on 30 September 1995. Vessels visible, left to right: the Iowa (BB-61) and Wisconsin (BB-64) at the DD wharf; Sylvania (AFS-2), Milwaukee (AOR-2) and Savannah (AOR-4) at pier 5; the aircraft carriers Forestall (CV-59) and Saratoga (CV-60); at pier 4; the amphibious assault ships Iwo Jima (LPH-2) and Guadalcanal (LPH-7) at pier 2. In the back pool is the heavy cruiser Des Moines (CA-134) and numerous destroyers and frigates. USN photo # DN-SC-97-00422, by Robert J. Sitar, courtesy of
(NISMF)630k An aerial view of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard looking west. Visible are the Iowa (BB-61) and Wisconsin (BB-64); the aircraft carriers Forestall (CV-59) and Saratoga (CV-60); amphibious assault ships Iwo Jima (LPH-2) and Guadalcanal (LPH-7). In the back pool are several supply ships and numerous destroyers and frigates. USN photo # DN-SC-97-00423, by Robert J. Sitar, courtesy of
(NISMF)919k An aerial view of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard looking southeast. Visible are the Iowa (BB-61) and Wisconsin (BB-64); the aircraft carriers Forestall (CV-59) and Saratoga (CV-60); three supply ships; the amphibious assault ships Iwo Jima (LPH-2) and Okinawa (LPH-3) along the Delaware River. In the back pool are the heavy cruiser Des Moines (CA-134) and numerous frigates. USN photo # DN-SC-97-00425, by Robert J. Sitar, courtesy of
(NISMF)767kAn overall high oblique aerial view of the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard looking east/southeast. Presently in storage at the shipyard are Iowa (BB-61) and Wisconsin (BB-64), one heavy cruiser, two aircraft carriers, two amphibious assault ships, two AEs, two AOs, two AORs, one AFS, four CGs, nine DDGs and seven FFs plus numerous small auxiliaries. USN photo # DN-SC-97-00427, by Robert J. Sitar, courtesy of
(NISMF)376kA guest studies a painting depicting the history of battleships. The artwork was painted by George Skybeck and presented to the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association during their annual banquet at Honolulu, Hawaii, on 8 December 1991. USN photo # DN-SC-92-05391, by PHC Carolyn Harris, courtesy of
Fire Control Towers153kThe Main Battery Fire Control Unit Director Mk.40 installed in the Fire Control Towers of the North- Carolina / Iowa Class battleships. Photo taken 1991.
There was one of this type director onboard, located in the Fire Control Tower and served as a controlling station in both the Primary and Auxiliary method of fire. It was designated as Main battery Director Three.
The director was initially equipped with MK.3 & later replaced with Mk.27 radar for ranging and training purposes. The director had built into it a system for target designation between between various Main battery stations. It also had a Mk.3 computer and a Mk.5 Trunnion Tilt Corrector as a portion of the director, in order that the Fire Control tower may become a controlling and transmitting station for Auxiliary control of the Battery.
It shows the Target Bearing Transmitter and,on the other side the Target Designator and training Gear Drive and Trainer's Handwheels, a Spotter's telephone Selector Switch mounted on the Rotating Head and telephone Jack Boxes fitted to the Cable tube.
Photograph courtesy of Pieter Bakels.
BB-61 Iowa249kThe Mk.3 computer and above it, the train input rod that connects the computer with the training pinnions of the level transmitters suspended from the roof. Photograph courtesy of Pieter Bakels.
BB-61 Iowa53kThe modified elliptical form of the antenna of Radar Equipment Mk.27 seen atop the fire control tower has an open grate construction to reduce wind resistance and gun blast. Photograph courtesy of Pieter Bakels.
BB-61 Iowa66k Periscope Mk.32 Mod.0 atop the fire control tower of Iowa (BB-61) in 1985. Photograph courtesy of Pieter Bakels.
BB-61 Iowa110k The transmitter receiver unit of radar equipment Mk.27 at the left w. a master control switch and high voltage rectifier,1 of 2 level transmitters. Photograph courtesy of Pieter Bakels.
BB-61 Iowa47k Gun director Mk.51 Mod. Photograph courtesy of Pieter Bakels.
BB-61 Iowa53k Gun director Mk.51 Mod.3Photograph courtesy of Pieter Bakels.
BB-61 Iowa60k Fire Control Tower hatch.Photograph courtesy of Pieter Bakels.
Iowa211kThe decommissioned battleship Iowa (BB-61) passes under the Newport Bridge on its way to join the decommissioned aircraft carriers Forrestal (CVA-59) and Saratoga (CVA-60) at the Naval Education and Training Center, Rhode Island on 24 September 1998. The three deep draft ships were moved by the US Navy from Philadelphia as a result of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) decision to close the former Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Official USN photo # DN-SD-03-08895, by PH1 David Stoeher, from the Department of Defense Still Media Collection, courtesy of
BB-61 Iowa70kCommemorative post mark regarding Iowa's (BB-61) 50 plus years in service. Courtesy of Jack Treutle.
BB-61 Iowa70kIowa (BB-61) at Newport R.I in January 1999. She is moored at Pier one with Saratoga (CVA-60) on the opposite side of the pier. In the background is Coodington Point, where Officer Candidate school is located. Beyond that is The Newport Bay Bridge. Courtesy of Steve Singlar ETCS, USNR-ret.
BB-61 Iowa280kIowa (BB-61) going to her final resting place in the Susian Bay, Benicia California.Courtesy of Kevin Denton.
BB-61 Iowa174k"Running a tight ship" is the caption the Washington Times gave this Associated Press photograph of the battleship Iowa (BB-61) being towed from Rhode Island to Suisan, California via the Panama Canal. Pictured at Miraflores Lock 4 April 2001, the 108.2-foot wide ship squeezes through the 110-foot wide lock. Joe Radigan/WT/AP.
World War II Memorial371kA quote made by Fleet Adm. Chester W. Nimitz is inscribed on a granite wall at the National World War II Memorial located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Fleet Adm. Nimitz was the United States signatory to the surrender terms aboard the battleship Missouri (BB-63) in Tokyo Bay, Japan on 2 September 1945, thus ending World War II. Established by the American Battle Monuments Commission, the memorial honors all military veterans of World War II, the citizens on the home front, the nation at large, and the high moral purpose and idealism that motivated the nationís call to arms. On 29 May 2004, the memorial was formally dedicated with an estimated 200,000 people expected to attend, and includes 100,000 visiting veterans of all wars. USN photo # N-0295M-011 by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Daniel J. McLain, courtesy of
BB-61 Iowa175kAt Suisun Bay, on the far right is the Iowa (BB-61). Photograph courtesy of Pieter Bakels.
(NISMF)176kThe Iowa (BB-61), laid up in the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet. Photograph courtesy of Pieter Bakels.
BB-61 Iowa160kHoping to have the ship open for visitors by the Fourth of July celebration in 2011, organizers are stepping up pressure on the Port of Los Angeles to bring the historic Iowa (BB-61) to San Pedro.
"The site not only has high visibility, but it has a new roadway designed to handle traffic for the (future) cruise ship terminal," the revised proposal states. "The site also is in close proximity to electrical, water and sanitary utilities and has enough space for a parking lot and the land-based battleship museum. The land museum would be a world class museum which not only would highlight all of the U.S. battleships, but major battleships of the world."
Photograph & text courtesy of via Ron Reeves.
BB-61 Iowa712kFlying from the stern of a forty foot long photo of the ship, Iowa's (BB-61) flag bears the motto: "Our liberty we prize and our rights we will maintain." Photo by John Orr courtesy of via Ron Reeves.
BB-61 Iowa117kOn 27 October 2011, the Iowa (BB-61) was towed from the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet to Benicia on the first stage of a tow to journey to San Pedro. During the tow, she went under three bridges, the railroad bridge was raised to allow her to go through.Photo courtesy of Michael McCullough.
BB-61 Iowa50kTour manager Dave Way, a tour manager with the Pacific Battleship Center, which raised $8 million to rescue the 68-year-old ship from the Ghost Fleet in Suisun Bay, looks up at the huge battleship from the main deck. The battleship Iowa (BB-61) is in Richmond, Calif. getting ready for a journey down south where it will become a floating museum in Los Angeles waits at Richmond CA.Photo courtesy of Brant Ward / The Chronicle via Capt. Jack C. Goldthorpe, USCG (ret.)
BB-61 Iowa175kThe Iowa (BB-61) had its mast re-installed as part of ongoing renovations to the WWII battleship docked at Pier 3 in Richmond, Calif., Tuesday 24 April 2012. The 37,000 lb. mast was taken off 10 years ago to give the mothballed ship a lower profile. It will now stand at 174 feet tall as it is prepared for tow next month to its permanent berth as a museum ship in Los Angeles. Photo by Karl Mondon courtesy of Ron Reeves.
BB-61 Iowa427kThe Iowa (BB-61) has a little more paint added to her hull since her build in 1940. Photo by Karl Mondon courtesy of Ron Reeves.
BB-61 Iowa887kIowa (BB-61) meets the Golden Gate.Photos courtesy of Molly Rossman via Tom Helvig, CTRCM, USN/Retired (1953-1975), Command Master Chief (1974-1975), Volunteer Writer/Editor The Iowan History Letter, & Ron Reeves.
BB-61 Iowa168kPart of the state of the Iowa's (BB-61) deck in late January 2012 before she received lots of T.L.C. and several $ for upkeep in May 2012.Photos courtesy of Mike McCullough.
BB-61 Iowa1.00kFinal Voyage of Iowa (BB-61) under tow. Our special thanks to Sherry Wiggins, Pleasanton Military Families,Warriors Watch Riders
Photo by Tom Helvig, CTRCM, USN/Retired (1953-1975),Command Master Chief (1974-1975), Volunteer Writer/Editor The Iowan History Letter, courtesy of Ron Reeves.
BB-61 Iowa61kDressed in full regalia, Chet watches the Iowa (BB-61) leave Pier 3 in Richmond, Calif., Saturday morning 26 May 2012 where it has been undergoing renovations. The local dog has been playing the part of an Iowa pet mascot that according to lore, once served aboard the ship. Photo by Karl Mondon & text courtesy of San Jose Mercury News
BB-61 Iowa5.08kEight page PDF on Iowa's (BB-61) move to San Pedro.All photos in PDF copyright by David Buell.
BB-61 Iowa320kNews on the march in June.
Iowa (BB-61) moves to berth 87.
Photo by Brittany Murray & text courtesy of San Jose Mercury News courtesy of Ron Reeves.
BB-Iowa class511kTwo photos showing the forecastle area stripped of wood decking, and one can see the visible weld mark remains of the 20MM shield which is visible in the 1943 photo above as well as the weld marks for the 40MM tubs which were added in late 1943, replacing the 20MM positions.Photos copyright by David Buell.
Photo added 03/14/14.

USS IOWA BB-61 History
View This Vessels DANFS History Entry
(Located On The Hazegray & Underway Web Site, This Is The Main Archive For The DANFS Online Project.)

Crew Contact And Reunion Information

Contact Name: Veterans Association of the U.S.S. Iowa, Bill Kelly, Treasurer
Address: 2916 NW Bucklin Hill Rd #169
Silverdale Wa 98383
Phone: voice mail 1-877-909-6999
E-mail: John Bee
or E-mail:President John Lapotasky
Note About Contacts.

The contact listed, Was the contact at the time for this ship when located. If another person now is the contact, E-mail me and I will update this entry. These contacts are compiled from various sources over a long period of time and may or may not be correct. Every effort has been made to list the newest contact if more than one contact was found.

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