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Patches contributed by Robert M. Cieri

1945 - 1949

Radio Call Sign: November - Echo - Papa - Papa

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1942 - 1943 (Building / Shakedown Cruise)
1950 - 1953 / Korean War
1954 - 1967
Recommissioning & off to Vietnam, 1968
Vietnam Service / 1968 - Decommissioning 1969
1970 - 1982
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Iowa Class Battleship: Displacement 45,000 Tons, Dimensions, 887' 3" (oa) x 108' 2" x 37' 9" (Max). Armament 9 x 16"/50 20 x 5"/38AA, 80 x 40mm 49 x 20mm, 3 AC. Armor, 12 1/8" Belt, 17" Turrets, 1 1/2" +6" +5/8" Decks, 17 1/4" Conning Tower. Machinery, 212,000 SHP; Westinghouse Geared Turbines, 4 screws. Speed, 33 Knots, Crew 1921.

Operational and Building Data: Laid down by Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard, September 16, 1940. Launched December 7, 1942. Commissioned May 23, 1943. Decommissioned June 30, 1948. Recommissioned November 21, 1950. Decommissioned August 21, 1957. Recommissioned April 6, 1968. Decommissioned December 17, 1969. Recommissioned December 28, 1982. Decommissioned September 9, 1991. Stricken for disposal 12, January 1995. Retained in reserve; reinstated on the Naval Vessels Register, in reserve, 12, February 1998. Stricken for preservation in New Jersey, 4 January, 1999. Towed to Philadelphia, 12 Sept 1999 - 11 Nov 1999.
Fate: Moved to Camden, NJ for preservation as a museum.
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BB-62 New Jersey711kHere is a classic photo of New Jersey (BB-62), probably late 1944-early 1945. Classic World War II Pacific Fleet Iowa Class, silhouette shot. Someone with an artistic eye took this photo. BuAer photo # 317056 & text courtesy of David Buell.
BB-62 New Jersey173k 8 February 1945 photo taken at the Ulithi Atoll anchorage. The ship is in need of a refit as her appearance shows. She looks pretty forlorn with paint peeling in splotches along her hull.USN photo.
BB-62 New Jersey119kRefueling a destroyer. Note the 'bloomers' on the 5in/38cal barrels, 16 March 1945.USN photo.
BB-62 New Jersey420kBB closest is New Jersey (BB-62). The distant Iowa class battleship is probably Wisconsin (BB-64), since this photo is dated 9 April 1945, and Iowa (BB-61) did not arrive back from overhaul until 15 April, when she relieved New Jersey, who went back for her first major wartime overhaul. Caption states it was taken from CV 11. The oilers and the distant Essex-class CV were not identified.
It is quite possible that this is Task Group 58.4, as on this date is was composed of Intrepid (CV-11), Independence (CVL-22), Langley (CVL-27), Yorktown (CV-10), Wisconsin, New Jersey and Missouri (BB-63), plus Alaska (CB-1), Guam (CB-2), St. Louis (CL-49) and San Diego (CL-53), and the usual destroyers. What a collection that was! This is during the Okinawa operation.
Also, note the Omaha-class cruiser in the middle distance. It is probably Detroit (CL-8), flagship of Logistisics Support Group Fifth Fleet, Task Group 50.8, Rear Admiral D. B. Beary.
BuAer photo #31639 & text courtesy of David Buell.
BB-62 New Jersey115kClose up of an OS2U Kingfisher seaplane being rocovered by the Battleship New Jersey (BB-62). The plane was hoisted aboard by the crane on the rear deck. These aircraft were used from the time of commissioning until the spring of 1945. USNHC # 80-G-469922.
BB-62 New Jersey40kA watercolor by the artist Richard C. Moore entitled "USS New Jersey."
The New Jersey (BB-62) is shown firing her main battery to starboard in this WW II era painting.
Photo courtesy of Courtesy of the artist Richard C. Moore.
BB-62 New Jersey275k The New Jersey (BB-62) was refitted in 1945 with the now standard square faced bridge. She is shown being inclined at Puget Sound on 24 June 1945. Her conning tower carries one large periscope (for her captian) and two smaller ones, with a Mark 27 radar abaft them. She has also been fitted with Mark 57 radar directors for her 40mm guns. Note the floater nets on No.3 turret, and the folded down splinter shield for the Mark 51 director controlling the 40mm guns atop it. The rails carried inclining weights. By measuring the changing list of the ship as the weights were moved, naval architects could calculate the ship's percise displacement & stability. U.S. Navy Photograph submitted by Pieter Bakels.
Text courtesy of U.S. Battleships: An Illustrated Design History by Norman Friedman.
BB-62 New Jersey431k The New Jersey (BB-62) is shown being inclined at Puget Sound on 24 June 1945. Looking somewhat like the late actor Jimmy Durante's nose, the bow view emphasizes the unusual hull form of this class, with a long, narrow entry and then a sudden widening to a parallel midbody. It was not altogether successful, and it has been argued that a more conventional form might not have rquired as much power. However, the combination of displacement and the Panama Canal limit made the long parallel (constant-beam) section inevitable, and the unusal hull form was the result. U.S. Navy Photograph submitted by Pieter Bakels.
Text courtesy of U.S. Battleships: An Illustrated Design History by Norman Friedman.
BB-62 New Jersey331kView of the New Jersey's (BB-62) # 1 turret and amidships area at Puget Sound on 24 June 1945.U.S. Navy Photograph # 3093-45, submitted by Pieter Bakels.
BB-62 New Jersey257kMid stern view of the New Jersey (BB-62) at Puget Sound on 24 June 1945. U.S. Navy Photograph submitted by Pieter Bakels.
BB-62 New Jersey331kStern view of the New Jersey (BB-62) at Puget Sound on 24 June 1945.U.S. Navy Photograph # 3093-45, submitted by Pieter Bakels.
BB-62 New Jersey208kFantail area photo showing New Jersey's (BB-62) AC crane at Puget Sound on 24 June 1945.U.S. Navy Photograph submitted by Pieter Bakels.
BB-62 New Jersey84kUnderway on post-refit trials. She finally has a sqaure enclosed bridge like the rest of the Iowa class in 1945 and now also wears measure 22 camouflage, 30 June 1945.USN photo.
BB-62 New Jersey 175k Stern view port side of the New Jersey (BB-62) in Puget Sound dated 2 July 1945 as she was rearming in preparation for her last wartime deployment. USN BuShips photo # 85558 courtesy of David Buell.
BB-62 New Jersey542kAnother of the series, this one looks great in closeup, with the 16" rifles pointed in oppsite directions as she is rearmed, taking aboard ammo on 2 July 1945. BuShips photo # 85560, courtesy of David Buell. Photo added 09/19/08.
BB-62 New Jersey461kStern view, port side view. Part of a "round the ship" series taken at the same time. She had just completed her final wartime overhaul, receiving SK-2 and SP radars, and a new mainmast on the after stack. She is now operating SC-1 Seahawk aircraft, and has been repainted in Measure 22, after having served since commissioning in Measure 21.BuShips photo # 85562, courtesy of David Buell. Photo added 09/19/08.
BB-62 New Jersey488kPost-war view while anchored in Tokyo Bay. The Japanese battleship Nagato can be seen in the right background in this image, 30 December 1945.USN photo courtesy of David Buell.
BB-62 New Jersey258kNew Jersey (BB-62) taken in the 1946-48 time period. Most probably in the Atlantic, before going into reserve. Note that she is still carrying SC-1 floatplanes on her catapults.USN photo courtesy of David Buell.
BB-62 New Jersey252kNew Jersey (BB-62) and Iowa (BB-61) together in about mid-1946 at Bremerton when they were idle with reduced crews. Note that Iowa has received SK-2 radar postwar. USN photo courtesy of David Buell.
BB-62 New Jersey241kWorkers inspect the New Jersey (BB-62) at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in September 1946. USN photo courtesy of David Buell. Photo i.d. courtesy of Robert M. Cieri.
BB-62 New Jersey55k The New Jersey (BB-62) is seen in New York Harbor, circa 1946-48. Note ice on water. USN photo courtesy of USNI.
BB-62 New Jersey108k The New Jersey (BB-62) is seen in early 1948 being moved from the New York Navy Yard to the New York Group, Atlantic Reserve Fleet based at Bayonne, New Jersey. The ship was inactivated at New York Navy Yard, beginning on 18 October 1947 and was formally decommissioned at Bayonne on 30 June 1948. USN photo courtesy of Mike Green. Photo released from the Public Information Office, 3rd Naval District at New York.

NEW JERSEY BB-62 History
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Crew Contact And Reunion Information

Contact Name: Mr. Richard Gandolf
Address: 1917 Summernight Terrace, Colorado Spring, CO, 80909
Phone: 719-597-2722.

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