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Pictures from the Detroit Publishing Company Collection at the Library of Congress.
Massachusetts (Overall Views - short funnel)
Massachusetts (in Drydock)
Massachusetts (Overall Views - raised funnels)
Massachusetts (Interior Views and Details)
Massachusetts (Crew)

At Guy Derdall's Battleships Carriers And All Ather Warships a lot of Information could be found:
Indiana class

The Department of the Navy has a huge Picture Collection at their Naval Historical Center and is making a growing part of it available online:
Online Library of selected Images: USS Massachusetts
Ships of the spanish-american war:USS Massachusetts

At a Site about The Spanish American War Centennial Website a good history of Massachusetts's involvement in the 1898 war:
USS Massachusetts

At Warship, the ship modeling Site in the Model gallery among a lot of pictures of other fine finished shipmodels
there are two pictures of a 1/96 scratchbuilt Massachusetts by Bob Santos (#1, #2)

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