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USS Maine (salvage of Wreck)

Pictures from the Detroit Publishing Company Collection
and the Panoramic photographs Collection of the Library of Congress.
The Panoramic Views were taken during the salvage of the wreck.

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29 k Wreck of the Maine, Havana.
probably taken 1898, c1900
det 4a05190
30 k Restos del U.S.S. Maine, Habana.
by William Henry Jackson
this is the colored version of above picture
LOT 12007, p. 15
det 4a31863
44 k The Wreck of the Maine, Havana, Cuba.
between 1898 and 1901
det 4a05441
41 k U.S.S. Maine
Board of Inquiry into destruction of Maine.
Photograph of photo from unidentified source.
between 1898 and 1901
det 4a14387

13 anniversary, destruction of the U.S.S. Maine, Havana Harbor,
1911 February 15

261 KB
pan 6a22663

1911 June 7

300 KB
pan 6a22671

1911 June 16

311 KB
pan 6a23425

1911 June 16

318 KB
pan 6a22679

1911 June 16

259 KB
pan 6a22687

1911 June 21

306 KB
pan 6a23443

"This is the latest picture of the wreck and show how the forward part of the boat is folded back.
That is the mass of wreckage in the centre of the picture belongs and connect with the
little pile of wreckage which is seen in right of picture." (Inscription on back)
1911 June 21

328 KB
pan 6a23434

1911 July 18

327 KB
pan 6a22694

1911 July 21

354 KB
pan 6a22702

1911 November 18

329 KB
pan 6a22711

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Maine (Battleship)

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