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NavSource Online: Escort Carrier Photo Archive


Photographs from the collection of William T. Sallows, RN

Submitted by his son-in-law, Bill Ashby

Forward Bofors gun

Hockey final, 27 January 1946

Farewell to Sydney, 26 March 1946

Loading Japanese torpedo (kaiten),
19 April 1946

Leaving Hong Kong for the U.K.,
20 April 1946

Leaving Hong Kong for the U.K.,
20 April 1946

PJX 326575 Torpedoman (& Ships film projectionist) William T. Sallows RN.
His Journey to Sydney and while onboard
HMS SPEAKER, 1945-1946
LEFT Liverpool on S.S. Orion8th August 1945
ARRIVED Ganama19th August 1945
LEFT Ganama20th August 1945
ARRIVED Wellington N.Z.4th September 1945
LEFT Wellington N.Z.5th September 1945
ARRIVED Sydney (Australia NS.W)9th September 1945
JOINED H.M.S. Golden Hind10th September 1945
JOINED H.M.S. Speaker20th October 1945
LEFT Sydney26th December 1945
ARRIVED Brisbane (Australia Queensland) 28th December 1945
LEFT Brisbane (Australia Queensland)29th December 1945
ARRIVED Manila7th January 1946
LEFT Manila8th January 1946
ARRIVED Hong Kong11th January 1946
LEFT Hong Kong17th January 1946
ARRIVED Manus (Stopped for 3 hours)24th January 1946
ARRIVED Sydney30th January 1946
LEFT Sydney12th February 1946
ARRIVED Manus (Stopped for 3 hours)18th February 1946
ARRIVED Hong Kong25th February 1946
LEFT Hong Kong4th March 1946
DITCHED planes overboard9th March 1946
ARRIVED Sydney16th March 1946
LEFT Sydney26th March 1946
ARRIVED Brisbane(Stopped for 9 hours)28th March 1946
ARRIVED Moratai (Stopped for 4 hours)4th April 1946
AT SEA Lost Filipino's without food & water for 5 days resupplied.6th April 1946
ARRIVED Hong Kong9th April 1946
Loaded Japanese one man suicide torpedoes19th April 1946
LEFT Hong Kong for UK20th April 1946
PASSED Anamba Islands24th April 1946
PASSED Singapore25th April 1946
ENTERED Malacca Straits (Malaya)25th April 1946
ARRIVED Colombo30th April 1946
LEFT Colombo1st May 1946
ARRIVED Aden (Stopped for 9 hours)8th May 1946
ARRIVED Suez (Anchored Ismailia)13th May 1946
ARRIVED Portsaid (Stopped for 4 hours)14th May 1946
ARRIVED Gibraltar (Stopped for 1 hour)20th May 1946
ARRIVED Greenoch (Scotland)24th May 1946
PAID OFF SHIP24th May 1946

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