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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NCG

Displacement 420 Tons, Dimensions, 250' (oa) x 23' 7" x 9' 3" (Max)
Armament 2 x 3"/50, 5 x 6pdr RF, 2 x 18" tt..
Machinery, 8,000 IHP; 2 Vertical, Inverted, Triple Expansion Engines, 2 screws
Speed, 29 Knots, Crew 75.

Operational and Building Data
Builder, Neafie & Levy, Philadelphia.
Laid down on August 15 1899.
Launched August 27 1901.
Commissioned November 24 1902.
Decommissioned January 17 1907 and recommissioned April 2 1908.
Decommissioned April 24 1912 and recommissioned April 1913.
Decommissioned July 3 1919.
Stricken September 15 1919.
Fate Sold January 3 1920 to Joseph G. Hitner, Philadelphia for $10,855 and broken up for scrap.

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Bainbridge 72kBorn in Princeton,New Jersey, 7 May 1774. Appointed Lieutenant, 3 August 1798: Master Commandant (Commander), 29 March 1799: Captain, 20 May 1800. Died 27 July 1833. At the age of 15 he entered the merchant service where he made an unusual and distinguished record. Upon his appointment as lieutenant in the Navy he was ordered to command the schooner or galley Retaliation, cruising in the West Indies. November 1798 - after a brave resistance, she was captured by the French frigates Volunteer and Insurgente and carried into Guadeloupe. While here Bainbridge secured the release of a number of American prisoners and the Retaliation was restored to him by order of the Governor, that he might take them to the United States. Upon his return he was given command of Norfolk and during the years 1799-1800 made a number of captures of French privateers. May 1800 - he was ordered to the frigate George Washington to carry “tribute” from the United States to the Dey of Algiers. He was employed by the Dey of Algiers to carry his ambassador and gifts to the Sultan of Turkey and was instrumental in securing an order from the Sultan to the Dey obliging him to release 400 prisoners. He returned to the United States and on 2 May 1801 was ordered to Essex, one of the vessels of the squadron of Commodore Richard Dale fitted out to cruise against the Barbary Powers. March 1803 he was superintending the building of vessels for the US Navy at Philadelphia and Baltimore. 21 May 1803 ordered to command the Philadelphia, 44-gun frigate, of Commodore Edward Preble’s Squadron, to cruise against Tripolitan cruisers in the Mediterranean. 13 July 1803 ordered by the Department to sail in advance of the squadron. 26 August 1803 off Cape de Gatt, captured the Moorish ship Meshboha and recaptured from the Moors the American brig Cecelia. 31 October 1803 while in chase of a Tripolitan cruiser, the Philadelphia struck on a rock in the harbor of Tripoli, struck fast in the sands, was surrounded by Tripolitan gunboats and captured. Captain Bainbridge, his officers and men were taken on shore and imprisoned in the castle overlooking the harbor for 19 months. Upon the establishment of a treaty of peace with Tripoli, 3 June 1805, Captain Bainbridge returned to the United States in the frigate President. He was granted furlough during the years 1806-1807 and made a voyage in a merchant vessel. 1809-1810 again on duty in the Navy commanding the President. 1810-1811 on furlough and made voyages in merchant vessels to India and Russia, where hearing rumors of trouble with England he gave up his ship and returned home. 28 July 1812 he was ordered to command the Constitution and sailed on a cruise 28 October 1812. 9 November 1812 captured the brig South Carolina. 29 Dec 1812 after an engagement of 1 hour and 45 minutes captured the British frigate, Java, of 49 guns and 400 men. During this fight Bainbridge was twice wounded. His next duty was in command of the Navy Yard, Charlestown, Massachusetts. July-December 1815 commanded the Independence, Mediterranean Squadron.1816-1819 on shore duty at various stations.1819-1821 commanding the Columbus, flagship Mediterranean Squadron.1821-1823 commanding first the Philadelphia, then the Boston Stations.December 24, 1824 - June 1827 Naval Commissioner. 1829-1831 commanding Philadelphia Station. He was again in command of the Charlestown Navy Yard until 19 November 1832, when he was granted leave. His health failed and his death occurred at Philadelphia in 1833. He was buried in the churchyard of Christ Church that city. Photo #: KN-1365. Commodore William Bainbridge, USN (1774-1833), oil on wood, 30" by 21", by John Wesley Jarvis (1780-1840). Painted circa 1814. Painting in the U.S. Naval Academy Museum Collection. Transferred from the U.S. Naval Lyceum, 1892. Official U.S. Navy Photograph.Bill Gonyo
Bainbridge 22kUndated, location unknown.USN
Bainbridge 104kUndated, Bainbridge leading the older, smaller torpedo boats. The first destroyers dwarfed their predecessors.Robert Hurst
Bainbridge 150kUndated, photo of the Bainbridge shortly after commissioning.USN
Bainbridge 65kUndated, location unknown. Showing some collision damage.Paul Rebold
Bainbridge 122kPostcard, undated, location unknown.Frank Hoak III, Captain US Navy retired
Bainbridge 102kStarboard side line drawing by A. D. Baker III of USS Bainbridge (Destroyer # 1) as she appeared in 1901. Image scanned from U.S. Destroyers: An Illustrated Design History by Norman Friedman.Robert Hurst
Bainbridge 102kUSS Bainbridge (Destroyer # 1) fitting out at the Neafie & Levy Ship & Engine Building Company shipyard, circa June-November 1902. USS Denver (Cruiser # 14) is at right, also fitting out. Photograph from the Bureau of Ships Collection in the U.S. National Archives.Ric Hedman
Bainbridge 122kThe First Torpedo Flotilla steaming in close formation off Chefoo, China, in 1905, while under the command of Lieutenant Dudley W. Knox. Ships present are (as numbered): 1 USS Decatur (DD-5); 2 USS Dale (DD-4); 3 USS Barry (DD-2); 4 USS Chauncey (DD-3) and 5 USS Bainbridge (DD-1). Donation of Mrs J.R.Kean. 1938. Courtesy of Captain Dudley W.Knox, USN (Retired) (Photo No 52102).Robert Hurst
Bainbridge 120kView of the USS Bainbridge (DD-01) in dry dock at Kowloon, Hong Kong circa 1907-1910. The photo shows Lieutenant Metcalf on the gangway. The Bainbridge served with the United States Asiatic Fleet between these dates, except when decommissioned for 14 months (January, 1907 through April, 1908) for boiler and machinery repairs.
State Library Victoria, Photo No. H91.48/1/19b
Mike Green
Bainbridge 120kPostcard cancelled Olongapo 1910.Frank Hoak III, Captain US Navy retired
Bainbridge 61kUSS Bainbridge (DD-1) off Chefoo, China circa 1914-1916. Ships present are (from left to right): Cruiser USS Galveston (C-7); destroyer USS Bainbridge (DD-1) and armoured cruiser USS Saratoga (ACR-2).Robert Hurst
Bainbridge 92kUSS Bainbridge (Destroyer # 1) A crewman poses with the ship's forward 3"/50 gun, on her bridge, circa 1914-1916. Bainbridge was then serving in Asiatic waters. Collection of C.A. Shively, 1978. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Bainbridge 239kUSS Bainbridge (Destroyer # 1) Ship's officers and men pose on a pier, alongside Bainbridge, circa 1914-1916, while she was serving in Asiatic waters. Note life rings and neatly arranged line. Collection of C.A. Shively, 1978. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss/Ed Zajkowski
Bainbridge 93kWaterfront at Olongapo Naval Station, Philippine Islands, c1914-16. Ships present (from left to right) are: USS Monadnock (BM-3), USS Monterey (BM-6), USS Bainbridge (DD-1), USS Decatur (DD-5), USS Pampanga (PG-39) and the tug USS Piscataqua (later AT-49, (USN).Robert Hurst
Bainbridge 84kAsiatic waters, 1915-16. Naval Historical Center Shively Collection, photo # 88545.Ed Zajkowski
Bainbridge 116kUSS Bainbridge (Destroyer # 1) underway in Subic Bay, Philippines, about sixty miles up the coast from Manila, 1915. She was returning from outside Subic Bay, where she had been participating in target practice. Photographed by Seaman Arthur B. Furnas, who was stationed on board USS Yorktown (Gunboat # 1), Flagship of the Asiatic Fleet. Courtesy of Arthur B. Furnas, 1969. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Bainbridge 62kUSS Bainbridge (Destroyer # 1) steaming in Subic Bay, Philippines, about sixty miles up the coast from Manila, 1915. She was returning from outside Subic Bay, where she had been participating in target practice. Photographed by Seaman Arthur B. Furnas, who was stationed on board USS Yorktown (Gunboat # 1), Flagship of the Asiatic Fleet. Courtesy of Donald M. McPherson, 1969. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Paul Rebold
Bainbridge 73kUSS Bainbridge (Destroyer # 1) In an Asiatic port, circa 1915-1916. Collection of C.A. Shively, 1978. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Bainbridge 63kUSS Bainbridge (Destroyer # 1) moored in Asiatic waters, circa 1915-1916. Collection of C.A. Shively, 1978. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Bainbridge 106kA Bainbridge Class destroyer coaling from the beach in the Philippine Islands. This destroyer is either USS Bainbridge (DD-1), USS Barry (DD-2) or USS Chauncey (DD-3). The donor's original caption, which incorrectly indentifies the ship as USS Decatur (DD-5), reads "coaling from the beach near Zamboanga, P.I. 1916. Mooring Lines are tied to old stock anchors on the beach. The coal was carried aboard in baskets on a pole by two natives. This was Pocahontas coal from West Va. The rest of the Asiatic fleet used Japanese coal". Courtesy Naval Historical Foundation, Fred Iverson Collection (Photo No NH 54426). Robert Hurst
Bainbridge 118kUSS Bainbridge (Destroyer # 1) at sea, bound from Gibraltar to Charleston, South Carolina, in July 1918. Courtesy of the Naval Historical Foundation. Collection of Fred C. Iverson, 1957. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Bainbridge 168kPhiladelphia Navy Yard, Pennsylvania, Old destroyers in the Reserve Basin, 13 June 1919, while awaiting decommissioning. Note the truck and liferafts on the pier. These ships are (from left to right): USS Worden (Destroyer # 16); USS Barry (Destroyer # 2); USS Hull (Destroyer # 7); USS Hopkins (Destroyer # 6) -- probably; USS Bainbridge (Destroyer # 1); USS Stewart (Destroyer # 13); USS Paul Jones (Destroyer # 10); and USS Decatur (Destroyer # 5). Ships further to the right can not be identified. Courtesy of Frank Jankowski, 1981. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Bainbridge 81kPhoto #: NH 43036, Philadelphia Navy Yard, destroyers awaiting decommissioning in the Navy Yard's Reserve Basin, during the Spring of 1919. Photographed by La Tour.dShips present are (from left to right): USS Isabel; four unidentified "750-ton" type destroyers; USS Preble (Destroyer # 12); USS Decatur (Destroyer # 5); USS Paul Jones (Destroyer # 10); USS Stewart (Destroyer # 13); USS Bainbridge (Destroyer # 1); USS Hopkins (Destroyer # 6); USS Hull (Destroyer # 7); USS Barry (Destroyer # 2); USS Worden (Destroyer # 16); USS Truxtun (Destroyer # 14); USS Whipple (Destroyer # 15); USS Perry (Destroyer # 11); USS Lawrence (Destroyer # 8); and USS Dale (Destroyer # 4). U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart

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Commanding Officers
Thanks to David Wright

LT George Washington Williams    Nov 24 1902 - Aug 10 1904 (Later RADM)

LT Walton Roswell Sexton    Aug 10 1904 - Mar 10 1905 (Later RADM)

LT Clark Howell Woodward    Mar 10 1905 -  Jan 17 1907 (Later RADM)

(Decommissioned Jan 17 1907 - Apr 2 1908)

ENS Joseph Vance Ogan    Apr 2 1908 - Nov 29 1908

ENS Chandler Kendall Jones    Nov 29 1908 - May 6 1909

ENS Lloyd Woolsey Townsend    May 6 1909 - Apr 4 1910

ENS Edmund Spence Root    Apr 4 1910 - Dec 23 1911

LT Burton Hepburn Green    Dec 23 1911 - Apr 4 1912

LT Carroll Stephen Graves    Apr 4 1912 - May 18 1912

ENS Herbert Aloysius Jones    May 18 1912 - Oct 13 1912

ENS Mark Leslie Hersey Jr.    Oct 13 1912 - Mar 3 1913

LTJG Ralph Glover Haxton    Mar 10 1913 - Apr 1 1913

LT Raymond Ames Spruance    Apr 1 1913 - Jun 8 1914 (Later ADM)

LT Cleveland McCauley    Jun 8 1914 - Feb 4 1915 

LTJG Arthur Alton Garcelon, Jr.    Feb 4 1915 - Aug 15 1916

LT Thaddeus Austin Thomson Jr.    Aug 15 1916 - Jan 31 1918

LT Harold Asa Waddington    Jan 31 1918 - Aug 6 1918

LT David McLernon Collins    Aug 6 1918 - Jul 3 1919

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