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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NFIT

Tactical Voice Radio Call Sign (circa 1968) - SHIPBUILDER

Displacement 4526 Tons (Full), Dimensions, 437' (oa) x 47' x 15' (Max)
Armament 2 x 5"/54 RF (2x1), Tartar SAM (1x1 Mk 13) ASROC ASW (1x8), 6 x 12.75" Mk 32 ASW TT (2x3).
Machinery, 70,000 SHP; Geared Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 33 Knots, Range 4500 NM@ 20 Knots, Crew 333-350.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Puget Sound Bridge and Drydock, Seattle on July 31 1961.
Launched July 18 1962 and commissioned March 21 1963.
Decommissioned October 1 1990.
Stricken November 20 1992.
Fate Nov 14 2000 sold to International Shipbreakers, Brownsville, TX for 2.9 million. Renegotiated and sold on
Jan 17 2001 for $2,268,025. Arrived for scrapping Mar 26 2001 and completed Sep 28 2001.

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Size Image Description Contributed
Cochrane 88kVice Admiral Edward Lull Cochrane (March 18, 1892 - November 14, 1959) was a United States Navy officer and noted naval architect who served as Chief of the Bureau of Ships during World War II. In this capacity, he was directly responsible for the Navy's massive shipbuilding and maintenance program from November 1942 until November 1946.NHC
Cochrane 37kUndated, location unknown.-
Cochrane 151kUndated, off Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.Bill Cantrell
Cochrane 51kUndated, off the coast of Vietnam.Richard Miller, BMCS, USNR (Ret.)
Cochrane 72kUndated, location unknown.Tommy Trampp
Cochrane 101kUndated, location unknown.-
Cochrane 100kUndated, location unknown.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Cochrane 114kUndated, location unknown.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Cochrane 174kUndated, location unknown.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Cochrane 238kUndated, USS Waddell (DDG-24) and USS Cochrane (DDG-21) at Pearl Harbor.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Cochrane 41kUndated, USS Cochrane (DDG-21) and USS Preble (DLG-15) at Midway Island.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Cochrane 170kGulf of Tonkin, November 1966, USS Regulus (AF 57) center, during underway replenishment with USS Cochrane (DDG 21) and the Antisubmarine Warfare Support aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge (CVS 33) operating on "Yankee Station".Robert M. Cieri
Cochrane   Cochrane   Cochrane   Cochrane
Cochrane   Cochrane   Cochrane
Welcome Aboard pamphlet - Undated
Darryl Baker
Cochrane 115kAludra (AF-55) center, is approached by Cochrane (DDG-21), at left, and Midway (CVA-41) for underway replenishment, during operations in the South China Sea. Photographed by Midway, 15 May 1965. US Navy photo # NH 104027 from the collections of the US Naval Historical CenterNaval Historical Center
Cochrane 134kUSS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG-22), USS Cochrane (DDG-21) and USS Goldsborough (DDG-20)at Pearl Harbor in 1966.ssharpbt2/Art Burciaga
Cochrane 101kTaken from the USS Boston (CAG-1) at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in early 1968. USS Sproston (DD-577), USS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG-22) and USS Cochrane (DDG-21).John Jazdzewski
Cochrane 110k2 April 1968, USS Cochrane coming alongside the USS Sacramento (AOE-1) to port in heavy seas in WestPac.Reinhard Lindner
Cochrane 156kUSS Benjamin Stoddert (DDG-22), USS Goldsborough (DDG-20) and USS Cochrane (DDG-21) in Pearl Harbor, November 1968.© Richard Leonhardt
Cochrane 116kSydney Harbor, 1979.Barry A. Seward
Cochrane 105kAs above.Barry A. Seward
Cochrane 60kSydney, Australia 1979.Marc Piché
Cochrane 69kSydney, Australia 1979.Marc Piché
508kCochrane refueling from Niagara Falls (AFS-3) in 1981.Steve Martin HS1, USCG (ret)
Cochrane 140kDN-SC-86-08828. A port quarter view of the guided missile destroyer USS COCHRANE (DDG-21) underway. Photo by PH3 Estep, May 29 1981.Bill Gonyo
Cochrane 72kFebruary 1 1984, location unknown, a port bow view of the guided missile destroyer USS Cochrane (DDG-21) underway.Fred Weiss
Cochrane 194k1988, location unknown.Wolfgang Hechler
Cochrane   Cochrane   Cochrane   Cochrane   Cochrane
Cochrane   Cochrane   Cochrane   Cochrane   Cochrane
Welcome Aboard pamphlet - circa 1988
Wolfgang Hechler
Cochrane 58kHong Kong, April 1, 1989© Richard Leonhardt
Cochrane 57kCochrane and USS Reeves (CG-24) in Hong Kong Apr 1 1989.William Chiu
Cochrane 145kDecember 1989, USS Towers (DDG-9), USS Cochrane (DDG-21) and the Japanese submarine tender Chiyoda AS-405.Gerd Matthes
Cochrane 307kDN-SC-92-02885. Pearl Harbor, June 1 1991, four decommissioned Charles F. Adams-class guided-missile destroyers lie tied up in the Middle Loch. The ships are, from front to back: the Cochrane (DDG 21), the Henry B. Wilson (DDG 7), the Joseph Strauss (DDG 16) and the Hoel (DDG 13). U.S. Navy photo by OS2 John Bouvia.Robert M. Cieri
Cochrane 216kDN-SC-92-02897. Pearl Harbor, June 1 1991, four decommissioned Charles F. Adams class guided missile destroyers lie at anchor in the Middle Loch. The ships are, from left to right: the Hoel (DDG 13), the Joseph Strauss (DDG 16), the Henry B. Wilson (DDG 7) and the Cochrane (DDG 21). U.S. Navy photo by OS2 John Bouvia.Robert M. Cieri
Cochrane 53kShip's patch.Mike Smolinski
Cochrane 100k-120kUniform Ship's name shoulder patch.Al Grazevich
Cochrane 131kShip's plaque presented to Port during visit in 1979.Chris Howell
Cochrane 42kShip's Zippo circa 1968.John A. Altfeltis

Note: History is unavailable at this time
This ship was built too late to be covered by the DANFS project

Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

CDR Francis Wyse Benson Jr.    Mar 21 1964 - Jul 25 1965

CDR James Joseph Shanahan Jr.    Jul 25 1965 - Jan 19 1967 (Later VADM)

CDR Thomas Irby Kolstad    Jan 19 1967 - Jun 8 1968

CDR John Franklin Addams    Jun 8 1968 - Feb 17 1970 (Later RADM)

CDR Stephen John Hostettler    Feb 17 1970 - Sep 25 1971 (Later RADM)

CDR William Charles Neel    Sep 25 1971 - Jan 30 1972 (Later RADM)

CDR Robert Kalani Uichi Kihune    Jan 30 1972 - Jun 12 1973 (Later RADM)

CDR Joseph Eugene Boland Jr.    Jun 12 1973 - Sep 19 1975

CDR Michael Gerard Clarity    Sep 19 1975 - Oct 18 1977

CDR Mack Charles Gaston    Oct 18 1977 - Oct 22 1979 (Later RADM)

CDR Ronald Dewey Tucker    Oct 22 1979 - Nov 15 1981 (Later RADM)

CDR James Francis Shanahan Jr.    Nov 15 1981 - Jan 9 1984 (Later RADM)

CDR Dennis Cutler Blair Jr.    Jan 9 1984 - May 22 1986 (Later ADM)

CDR William Joseph McCarthy IV    May 22 1986 - Apr 23 1988

CDR James William Stratton    Apr 23 1988 - Oct 1 1990

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