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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NQN

Displacement 420 Tons, Dimensions, 250' (oa) x 23' 7" x 9' 3" (Max)
Armament 2 x 3"/50, 5 x 6pdr, 2 x 18" tt..
Machinery, 8,000 IHP; 2 Vertical, Inverted, Triple Expansion Engines, 2 screws
Speed, 29 Knots, Crew 75.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Union Iron, San Francisco on April 21 1899.
Launched March 2 1901 and commissioned December 14 1903.
Decommissioned at New York July 11 1919.
Stricken September 15 1919.
Fate Sold to Joseph G. Hitner, Philadelphia for $10,877 on January 3 1920 and broken up for scrap.

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Preble 104kIn the American Revolution Edward Preble ran away from home to serve on a privateer, entered (1779) the Massachusetts state marine as a midshipman, and saw service aboard the Protector, which was captured in 1781. After his release he joined the Winthrop and, when the Revolution was over, was engaged in the merchant service. Commissioned lieutenant in the U.S. navy in 1798, he was promoted (1799) to captain and given command of the Essex, which sailed to China and convoyed 14 merchant vessels to New York. In 1803, Preble was transferred to the Constitution and set out in command of a squadron for the Mediterranean, where he took a leading part in the Tripolitan War. After the Philadelphia of his squadron had been captured and held in the harbor of Tripoli, Preble blockaded that port and made a number of attacks, but he failed to capture the strongly fortified town. He was relieved of his command on the arrival of Commodore Samuel Barron. Many of those who served under Preble, such as David Porter and Stephen Decatur, rendered distinguished service in the War of 1812.Bill Gonyo/Robert Hurst
Preble 167kUndated, location unknown.Darryl L. Baker
Preble 101kUndated postcard photo of the USS Preble (DD-12) off Mare Island Navy Yard. Post card published for A. A. Knott & Son, Vallejo, Calif. by Cardinell-Vincent Co.Darryl L. Baker
Preble 279kUndated colored post card of the Destroyer USS Preble (DD-12). Note the forward 6pdrs are sided, firing ahead along the faceted sides of the forecastle. Source unknown.Robert Hurst/Tommy Trampp
Preble 73kPhoto #: NH 92185, The Pacific Fleet's "Big Five" torpedo craft at San Diego, California, prior to World War I. These destroyers include (from left to right): USS Preble (Destroyer # 12); USS Perry (Destroyer # 11); USS Hull (Destroyer # 7); USS Whipple (Destroyer # 15); and USS Stewart (Destroyer # 13). Collection of Thomas P. Naughton, 1973. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart
Preble 262kPhoto from a collection of photos called "California Reception to the Fleet 1908". The photo shows USS Perry (DD-11), USS Preble (DD-12) and USS Farragut (TB-11).Darryl Baker
Preble 163kDestroyers USS Stewart (DD-13), USS Whipple (DD-15), USS Preble (DD-12), USS Paul Jones (DD-10) and one unidentifiable sister moored together at Vancouver BC circa 1908-1910. Source: City of Vancouver Archives, Photo No. AM640-S1-: CVA 260-75, by James Crookall.Mike Green
Preble 98kPacific Fleet destroyers moored together at San Diego, California, circa 1909-1911. Photographed by the Arcade View Company, San Diego. These ships are (from left to right): USS Paul Jones or Perry (DD No 10 or 11); USS Preble (DD No 12); USS Hopkins (DD No 6); USS Truxtun (DD No 14); USS Stewart (DD No 13); USS Lawrence (DD No 8); USS Hull (DD No 7); and USS Whipple (DD-No 15). The numeral "2" painted on some of these destroyers indicates they are members of the Second Torpedo Division. Courtesy of Jack Howland, 1982 (Photo No NH 93693).Robert Hurst
Preble 214kPhoto MINSY 223-12-1911. USS Cleveland (C 19) is to the left of the dry dock and in dry dock are USS Preble (DD 12) (left) USS Farragut (TB 11) (right), next is USS Hopkins (DD 6) and USS Perry (DD 11) and the Tug Unadilla (YT 4) in the rear of the dock in the middle position at Mare Island on December 14, 1911.Darryl Baker
Preble 229kPhoto MINSY 224-12-1911. USS Hopkins (DD 6) and USS Perry (DD 11) followed by USS Preble (DD 12) and USS Farragut (TB 11) are seen in dry dock #2 at Mare Island on December 14, 1911.Darryl Baker
Preble 260kA series of 3 images of the USS Paul Jones (DD 10), USS Preble (DD 12), USS Whipple (DD 15), USS Truxton (DD 14) and USS Stewart (DD 13) in dry dock #2 at Mare Island on December 26, 1912.Darryl Baker
Preble 241kAs above, viewed from dock caisson.Darryl Baker
Preble 198kAs above, viewed from head of dock. The submarine F-1 (SS 20) can be seen to the left of the dry dock.Darryl Baker
Preble 76kU.S. destroyers of the First Division, Torpedo Flotilla, Pacific Fleet, at Long Beach, California, circa 1913-1916. USS Whipple (Destroyer # 15) is in the middle. The others are two of the following: USS Paul Jones (Destroyer # 10), USS Perry (Destroyer # 11) or USS Preble (Destroyer # 12). Courtesy of Jack Howland, 1983. U.S. Naval Historical Centre Photo # NH 94954.Robert Hurst
Preble 76kUSS Preble (Destroyer # 12), anchored off Guaymas, Mexico, 26 December 1915. Photographed by Hopkins. Collection of Thomas P. Naughton, 1973. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph. Photo #: NH 92182.Robert Hurst
Preble 147kUSS Paul Jones (DD-10), USS Stewart (DD-13), USS Perry (DD-11) and USS Preble (DD-12) Destroyers at Seward, Alaska circa 1918-1920. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division photo # LC-DIG-npcc-00258.Tom Kermen
Preble 35kPhoto #: NH 103771, USS Preble (Destroyer # 12) taking on coal from a barge, 1918. Collection of Arthur J. Rozette. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Paul Rebold
Preble 136kUSS Preble (Destroyer # 12) at sea in 1918, while painted in pattern camouflage. Possibly photographed from USS Minneapolis (Cruiser # 13), in which James J. Clerkin served during World War I. Collection of James J. Clerkin Sr. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph. Photo #: NH 107282.Robert Hurst
Preble 120kPhiladelphia Navy Yard, Pennsylvania. Destroyers in the Reserve Basin awaiting decommissioning, circa March-April 1919. Ships present include (from left to right). USS Preble (Destroyer # 12); USS Decatur (Destroyer # 5); USS Paul Jones (Destroyer # 10); unidentified "750-ton" destroyer; USS Flusser (Destroyer # 20); and unidentified "750-ton" destroyer. Note the bent bow on the third ship from right. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Preble 81kPhoto #: NH 43036, Philadelphia Navy Yard, destroyers awaiting decommissioning in the Navy Yard's Reserve Basin, during the Spring of 1919. Photographed by La Tour.dShips present are (from left to right): USS Isabel; four unidentified "750-ton" type destroyers; USS Preble (Destroyer # 12); USS Decatur (Destroyer # 5); USS Paul Jones (Destroyer # 10); USS Stewart (Destroyer # 13); USS Bainbridge (Destroyer # 1); USS Hopkins (Destroyer # 6); USS Hull (Destroyer # 7); USS Barry (Destroyer # 2); USS Worden (Destroyer # 16); USS Truxtun (Destroyer # 14); USS Whipple (Destroyer # 15); USS Perry (Destroyer # 11); USS Lawrence (Destroyer # 8); and USS Dale (Destroyer # 4). U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart

USS PREBLE DD-12 History
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Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler, Ron Reeves & David Wright

LT Theodore Cornell Fenton    Dec 14 1903 - Jul 9 1904
LCDR Robert Files Lopez    Jul 9 1904 - May 24 1906
LT Frederick Newton Freeman    May 24 1906 - Dec 9 1908
LT Charles Edgar Brillhart    Dec 9 1908 - Dec 15 1909
ENS Charles Armijo Woodruff    Dec 15 1909 - Dec 31 1909
LT Ernest Arthur Swanson    Dec 31 1909 - Jul 23 1910
LTJG Ross Sherman Culp    Jul 23 1910 - Feb 9 1912
LTJG Charles Felton Pousland    Feb 9 1912 - Jul 20 1913
LT John Enoch Pond    Jul 20 1913 - Mar 23 1914
LTJG Jacob Henry Klein Jr.    Mar 23 1914 - Jul 23 1915
LTJG Vance Duncan Chapline    Jul 23 1915 - May 3 1916
LT Harry Adrian McClure    May 3 1916 - Aug 25 1916 (Later COMO)
LTJG Harry Jefferson Abbett    Aug 25 1916 - Aug 18 1918
LT Albert Roscoe Mack    Aug 18 1918 - Jun 1 1919
LT Ralph Martin    Jun 1 1919 - Jul 11 1919

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