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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NIH

CLASS - AYLWIN (Classified As A New Class, They Were Repeat CASSIN's) As Built.
Displacement 1,072 Tons, Dimensions, 305' 3" (oa) x 31' 2" x 10' 6" (Max)
Armament 4 x 4"/50, 8 x 18" tt..
Machinery, 16,000 SHP; Direct Drive Turbines With Triple Expansion Cruising Engines, 2 screws
Speed, 29.5 Knots, Crew 98.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Cramp, Philadelphia on March 7 1912.
Launched November 23 1912 and commissioned January 17 1914.
Aylwin was placed in reserve in May 1914.
Recommissioned on May 25 1915.
Placed in reserve at Philadelphia and decommissioned there on
February 23 1921 and remained berthed at Philadelphia until her
sale. Aylwin lost her name to new construction on July 1 1933.
Stricken March 8 1935.
Fate Sold and broken up for scrap in 1935

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Aylwin 187kJohn Cushing Aylwin was born in Quebec, Canada, on 14 June 1778. He worked on board British naval vessels at an early age. Though never formally enrolled in the Royal Navy, he received increasing responsibilities eventually performing the duties of a mate by 1795. He refused the offer of a midshipman's warrant but continued service at sea, apparently against his will, for another six years. Ill health, however, finally brought about his return home. Then, for several years, he commanded merchant ships out of Boston. When war between the United States and Great Britain broke out in 1812, Aylwin received an appointment as a lieutenant in the Navy and became sailing master in Constitution. He received commendations for his gallantry during that frigate's engagement with HMS Guerriere on 19 August 1812. Severely wounded during that encounter, Aylwin later died at sea. The image is an original painting of the engagement published by Colourpicture Publications, Boston.Robert M. Cieri
Aylwin 110kPhoto #: NH 103480, USS Aylwin steaming at 29.78 knots on trial run # 24, south, circa 1913. Note that the ship's guns have not yet been installed. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart
Aylwin 71kPhoto #: NH 57469, USS Aylwin running builder's trials in 1913, prior to the installation of her armament. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart
Aylwin 79kPhoto #: 19-N-13867, USS Aylwin running builder's trials in 1913, prior to installation of her armament. Tony Cowart
Aylwin 3217kA very large newspaper clipping of the USS Barry (DD-2), USS Tripp (DD-33), USS Aylwin (DD-47) and the USS McDougal (DD-54) from the Baltimore Sun dated September 12 1915.Mike Mohl
Aylwin 56kPhoto #: NH 77908, USS Aylwin underway, circa 1916-1917. The original image was printed on postal card ("AZO") stock. Collection of Admiral Montgomery M. Taylor, USN, 1962. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart
Aylwin 75kU.S. Atlantic Fleet at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, circa 1916-1917. Second section from left (of six) of a panoramic photograph taken from the Naval Station radio tower. Among the ships present are: battleships South Carolina and Michigan (toward the left, in no particular order); destroyers Drayton (left center) and Aylwin (center, middle distance); and a battleship that is either Wyoming or Arkansas (right foreground).Robert Hurst
Aylwin 87kPhoto #: NH 103482, USS Aylwin firing depth charges from her "Y-Guns", during World War I operations. Three charges are in the air, attached to their arbors. Note Aylwin's number ("47") painted on the bow of the boat at right. Courtesy of the Naval Historical Foundation, Washington, D.C. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Paul Rebold/Tony Cowart
Aylwin 129kUSS Wickes (Destroyer # 75), at left an USS Aylwin (Destroyer # 47), right foreground At anchor in German waters during the first part of 1919. Courtesy of W.E.J. Thompson. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Aylwin 75kPhoto #: NH 57470, USS Aylwin standing by as a German pilot boat picks up a pilot who has just left USS Chester (Scout Cruiser # 1) off Swinemünde, Germany, 1919. The two U.S. Navy ships were then conducting an inspection of Germany's ports on the Baltic Sea. Courtesy of W.E.J. Thompson. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart
Aylwin 190kPhoto #: NH 93214, USS Aylwin panoramic photograph in port, circa 1919. Donation of Robert L. Strickland, 1981. The original print belonged to the donor's father, Louis G. Strickland, who served in Aylwin During World War I. It was made circa 1947-1951 by copying an original print that had become brittle. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart/Michael Thompson
Aylwin 80kPhoto #: NH 102995, USS Aylwin in port with collision damage, circa 1918-1919. Location may be in the British Isles, as an old ship of the line is visible in the center distance. The original photograph is printed on postal card ("AZO") stock. Donation of Dr. Mark Kulikowski, 2005. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Tony Cowart

USS AYLWIN DD-47 History
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Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

LCDR Leigh Carlyle Palmer    Jan 17 1914 - Apr 20 1914 (Later RADM)
(Boiler explosion)
LCDR John Charles Fremont Jr.    May 19 1915 - Apr 9 1917
LCDR David McDougal LeBreton    Apr 9 1917 - An 21 1919 (Later RADM)
LCDR Frederick George Reinicke    Jan 21 1919 - Dec 19 1920
LCDR Robert Melville Griffin    Dec 19 1920 - Feb 23 1921 (Later VADM)

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