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USS MAHAN (DD-102 / DM-7)

Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NEQK

Built to a different set of plans (Bethlehem) than the Wickes (Bath) the Little versions were
considered less successful than the Bath designed ships, with few remaining in service past 1936.
Displacement 1,154 Tons, Dimensions, 314' 5" (oa) x 31' 8" x 9' 10" (Max)
Armament 4 x 4"/50, 2 x 1pdr AA (1 x 3"/23AA In Some Ships), 12 x 21" tt..
Machinery, 24,200 SHP; Geared Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 35 Knots, Crew 103.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Fore River, Quincy on May 4 1918.
Launched August 18 1918 and commissioned October 24 1918.
Reclassified light minelayer DM-7 July 17 1920 at Boston Navy Yard.
Decommissioned at Philadelphia May 1 1930 and berthed there until her sale.
Stricken October 22 1930.
Fate Sold January 17 1931 to Boston Iron & Metal, Baltimore and broken up for scrap.

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Mahan 135kRear Adm. Alfred Thayer Mahan, born 27 September 1840 at West Point, N.Y., graduated from the NavalAcademy in 1859 and served with the South Atlantic and western Gulf Blockading Squadrons during the Civil War. Later appointed President of the Naval WarCollege, he served two tours, 1886-89 and 1892-93. His widely admired study, “The Influence of Sea Power Upon History,” and his many other well reasoned and scholarly books and articles have made a major impact upon geopolitical thought and modern theories of world strategy and have established Mahan’s place among history’s great thinkers. Having retired in 1896, he was recalled during the Spanish-American War to serve on the Naval Strategy Board. Among his many activities during the years which followed were service as a delegate to the First Peace Conference at The Hague; as a member of the Board of Visitors, Naval Academy, 1903; with the Senate Commission on Merchant Marine, 1904; as a member of the Commission to Report on the Reorganization of the Navy Department; and as a lecturer at the Naval War College. He died at Washington, D.C. 1 December 1914. Portrait courtesy of the Naval War CollegeMuseum. Donated by the United States Naval Academy.Bill Gonyo
Mahan 67kUndated, location unknown.-
Mahan 50kUndated, location unknown.Paul Rebold
Mahan 183kUndated, location unknown. Photo from collection of the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum.Darryl Baker
Mahan 192kUndated, nest of four destroyers alongside USS Shawmut (CM-4) where USS Maury (DD 100) and USS Mahan (DD 102) are the outboard ships.Darryl Baker
Mahan 194kUSS Mahan (DD-102) and USS Shawmut (CM-4) in Cuba in 1919-1920. Both have Curtiss H-16 flying boats alongside. Photo from collection of the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum.Darryl Baker
Mahan 67kView of the USS Mahan (DD-102) probably at Annapolis for a midshipman cruise, circa 1930. From the collection of Captain Normam J. Sampson and Captain Robert Roy Sampson's sister.Bob Sampson
Mahan 61kAs above.Bob Sampson

USS MAHAN DD-102 / DM-7 History
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Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

LCDR Franklin Paul Conger    Oct 24 1918 - Dec 3 1918
LCDR Jabez Stubbs Lowell    Dec 3 1918 - Jul 15 1921
LCDR Aubrey Wray 'Jake' Fitch    Jul 15 1921 - Nov 20 1922 (Later ADM)
CDR Andrew Samuel Hickey    Nov 20 1922 - Sep 16 1924
LCDR Roscoe Ernest Schuirman    Sep 16 1924 - Oct 17 1924 (Later RADM)
LCDR George Nathan Barker    Oct 17 1927 - May 29 1929
CDR Frank Robert Berg    May 29 1929 - May 1 1930

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