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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NEPV

Built to Bath plans, built by New York SB., these Wickes versions were
slightly heavier but had a much poorer cruising radius.
Displacement 1,211 Tons, Dimensions, 314' 5" (oa) x 31' 8" x 9' 10" (Max)
Armament 4 x 4"/50, 2 x 3"/23AA, 12 x 21" tt..
Machinery, 24,900 SHP; Direct Drive Turbines with Geared Cruising Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 35 Knots, Crew 101.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by New York Shipbuilding on January 23 1918.
Launched September 28 1918 and commissioned July 28 1919.
Decommissioned at San Diego on June 24 1922.
Recommissioning on February 20 1930.
Decommissioning again on April 6 1937.
Commissioned on September 30 1939.
Decommissioned for the last time and transferred to Great Britain October 23 1940.
Renamed HMS Leamington (G19).
Stricken January 8 1941.
Transferred to Soviet Union July 16 1944, renamed Zhguchiy (Rus. "Fiery").
Fate Ship was returned to Great Britain Nov 15 1950 then sold to BISCo of Rosyth, Scotland July 26 1951, and used in movie 'Gift Horse' starring Trevor Howard as HMS Ballantrae (GH-19). Last 'Town' Class DD steaming. Arrived at Newport for breaking up by J. Cashmere & Sons. LTD.

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Twiggs 225kLevi Twiggs was born in Richmond County, Ga., on 23 May 1793 and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps on 10 November 1813. During the War of 1812, he saw action on board President and was captured when that frigate was taken, after a gallant defense, by a squadron of four British warships. After being imprisoned at Bermuda, he was freed when word of the Treaty of Ghent reached that island. Over two decades later, he took part in the Indian Wars in Florida and Georgia in 1836 and 1837. When the war with Mexico opened, Major Twiggs requested an active part in the fighting and was attached to the Marine Battalion which left New York in June 1847. He was felled by enemy fire as he led a storming party in the assault on Chapultepec before Mexico City on 13 September 1847. Digital ID: cph 3g06207, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.Robert M. Cieri
Twiggs 70kUndated, drydock location unknown.Randle Biddle
Twiggs 216kUndated, location unknown.Darryl Baker
Twiggs 159kUndated, location unknown. From the John Dickey collection.Ed Zajkowski
Twiggs 148kUndated, location unknown. From a family scrapbook.Donna Heuer
Twiggs 221Undated, location unknown. From a family scrapbook. Left to right; USS Badger (DD-126), USS Jacob Jones (DD-130), USS Twiggs (DD-127), USS Babbitt (DD-128), USS DeLong (DD-129) and USS Tattnall (Dd-125).Donna Heuer
Twiggs 126kUndated, location unknown. From a family scrapbook.Donna Heuer
Twiggs 150kUndated, location unknown. From a family scrapbook.Donna Heuer
Twiggs 103kUndated, location unknown. From a family scrapbook.Donna Heuer
Twiggs 56kUndated, location unknown.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Twiggs 58kUndated, location unknown.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Twiggs 88kThe launching, Miss Lillie S. Getchell, granddaughter of Levi Twiggs and sponsor, USS Twiggs, May 28, 1918. New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, New Jersey. Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Independence Seaport Museum.Bill Gonyo
Twiggs 102kUSS Birmingham (CL-2) leading destroyers out of a West Coast harbor (probably San Diego), circa 1919-1922. The ships directly behind her are USS Twiggs (DD-127) and USS Chauncey (DD-296). Courtesy of ESKC Joseph L. Aguillard, USNR, 1979. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Twiggs 153kDestroyers laid up at San Diego, California. Some of the eighty reserve destroyers in San Diego harbor, part of some 260 destroyers laid up there and at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photograph dated 29 December 1926. Identifiable ships present include (from left to right): USS Kennison (DD-138); USS Jacob Jones (DD-130); USS Aulick (DD-258); USS Babbitt (DD-128); USS Twiggs (DD-127); and USS Badger (DD-126). Courtesy of the San Francisco Maritime Museum, San Francisco, California, 1969. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Red Lead Row 195kRed Lead Row, San Diego Destroyer Base, California. Photographed at the end of 1922, with at least 65 destroyers tied up there. Ships present are identified as: (left to right, in the right diagonal row): Stansbury (DD-180); MacKenzie (DD-175); Renshaw (DD-176); Howard (DD-179); Gillis (DD-260); Tingey (DD-272); McLanahan (DD-264); Swasey (DD-273); Morris (DD-271); Bailey (DD-269); Tattnall (DD-125); Breese (DD-122); Radford (DD-120); Aaron Ward (DD-132) -- probably; Ramsey (DD-124); Montgomery (DD-121); and Lea (DD-118). (left to right, in the middle diagonal row): Wickes (DD-75); Thornton (DD-270); Meade (DD-274); Crane (DD-109); Evans (DD-78); McCawley (DD-276); Doyen (DD-280); Elliot (DD-146); Henshaw (DD-278); Moody (DD-277); Meyer (DD-279); Sinclair (DD-275); Turner (DD-259); Philip (DD-76); Hamilton (DD-141); Boggs (DD-136); Claxton (DD-140); Ward (DD-139); Hazelwood (DD-107) or Kilty (DD-137); Kennison (DD-138); Jacob Jones (DD-130); Aulick (DD-258); Babbitt (DD-128); Twiggs (DD-127); and Badger (DD-126). (left to right, in the left diagonal row): Shubrick (DD-268); Edwards (DD-265); Palmer (DD-161); Welles (DD-257); Mugford (DD-105); Upshur (DD-144); Greer (DD-145); Wasmuth (DD-338); Hogan (DD-178); O'Bannon (DD-177); and -- possibly -- Decatur (DD-341). (Nested alongside wharf in left center, left to right): Prairie (AD-5); Buffalo (AD-8); Trever (DD-339); and Perry (DD-340). Minesweepers just astern of this group are Partridge (AM-16) and Brant (AM-24). Nearest ship in the group of destroyers at far left is Dent (DD-116). The others with her are unidentified. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph. : NH 42539 Robert Hurst
Twiggs 178kAt anchor, circa the 1930s.Darryl Baker/Robert Hurst
Twiggs 89kUSS Twiggs (DD-127), USS Philip (DD-76), USS Evans (DD-78) and USS Yarnall (DD-143) nested together while awaiting transfer to the Royal Navy. Photo from the Conrad Waters Collection as seen in "Conway's The War at Sea in Photographs: 1939-1945" by Stuart Robertson & Stephen Dent, circa 1940.Robert Hurst
On British Service
HMS Leamington (ex-USS Twiggs, DD-127) transferred at Halifax on 23 October 1940, Leamington refitted at Devonport from 15 November 1940 to 29 11 1940, briefly escorted convoy SL56 and then worked up at Scapa Flow from 15 December 1940 to 5 January 1941 prior to joining 2nd escort Group for North Atlantic work. Leamington's extensive convoy escort duty was interrupted when she collided with, and sank the Norwegian tramp steamer Thyra (at 52 25N 19 22W, 4 dead, 20 surv.) on 27 May 1941 requiring repair at Liverpool to mid-July 1941. She rejoined her Group and was heavily involved in the fighting around convoy SC42, during which she shared in the sinking of U207 on 11 September 1941 with the destroyer HMS Veteran. In February 1942 Leamington commenced escorting troop convoys of the AT, TA and WS series in the UK approaches; whilst so covering WS17 she scored her second success by sinking U587 on 27 March 1942. Leamington continued with her special escort task until June 1942 when she formed part of the UK to Iceland escort for convoy PQ17, followed by covering a minelaying sortie by 1st Minelaying Squadron. She then went to long refit at Hartlepool from July to November 1942 followed by transfer to Halifax to serve with the RCN in the Western Local Escort Force, arriving at Halifax January 1943. Leamington suffered two collisions while operating from Halifax, with the auxiliary minesweeper USS Albatross(i) (AM-71) which put her under repair from 15 April to 3 June 1943 and a less serious brush with SS Mortimer, the repair for which did not commence until late June 1943 at Norfolk, VA, continuing to October 1943. Like a number of her sisters in the WLEF, Leamington returned to Britain in December 1943, and laid up in reserve in February 1944. Refitted and transferred to Russia as Zhguchi on 16 July 1944, she served with the Northern Fleet, and did not return to Rosyth until 15 November 1950. Laid up and transferred to BISCo for scrapping in July 1951, she was then hired as a 'film extra', finally arriving at Newport, Mon, on 3 December to be broken up by J Cashmore & Sons Ltd. (History thanks to Robert Hurst.)
Twiggs 60kThe 'Town' class destroyer HMS Leamington (ex-USS Twiggs, DD-127) showing RN seaman clearing snow from her decks while at St. John's, NF, date unknown (Admiralty Official).Robert Hurst
Twiggs 82kAs the HMS Leamington while the ship was taking delivery of mail. The men on the Bow are using a grappling hook to lift the Mail delivered from a cruiser circa 1941. Phil's dad was a member of the British crew.Phil Marley
Twiggs 123kIce-covered H.M.C.S. Leamington (G 19) moored at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on January 22, 1943. Source: Library and Archives Canada, Photo No. MIKAN no. 3566566.Mike Green
Twiggs 69kThe 'Town' class destroyer HMS Leamington (ex-Zhguchi, ex-USS Twiggs, DD-127) seen here in temporary guise, superficially altered so as to vaguely resemble HMS Campbeltown as a 'prop' for the film THE GIFTHORSE entering Portsmouth Harbour as the last 'Town' under her own steam.Robert Hurst
Twiggs 120kH.M.S Leamington in 1952, the picture was taken during the filming of the British war film "Gift Horse" staring the late Trevor Howard. It shows the old destroyer leaving Plymouth Ho sometime in late 1952. She is showing on her port side the fictional pennant number GH19 that she wore as the fictional destroyer of that film, namely H.M.S Ballantrea.Phil Marley
Twiggs 98kShip's badge.Tommy Trampp
On Soviet Service
Depending on the source her name is spelled Zhguchi or Zhguchiy.

USS TWIGGS DD-127 History
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Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

CDR Isaac Cureton Johnson Jr.    Jul 28 1919 - Aug 28 1920
LCDR Elmer Deloss Langworthy    Aug 28 1920 - Jun 4 1921
LCDR Thomas John Doyle Jr.    Jun 4 1921 - Aug 15 1921
LCDR Robert Grimes Coman    Aug 15 1921 - May 10 1922
CDR Nathan Woodworth Post    May 10 1922 - Jun 24 1922 
(Decommissioned Jun 24 1922 - Feb 20 1930)
LCDR Thomas Starr King    Feb 20 1930 - Mar 18 1931
LCDR Stanley Cook Norton    Mar 18 1931 - Jun 1 1932  
LCDR Laurence Wild    Jun 1 1932 -  Apr 25 1935
LCDR Francis Wyse Benson    Apr 25 1935 - Nov 27 1936 (Later RADM)
CDR Donald Wood Loomis    Nov 27 1936 - Apr 6 1937
(Decommissioned Apr 6 1937 - Sep 30 1939)
CDR Lyman Knute Swenson    Sep 30 1939 - Oct 23 1940

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