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Basic repeat Wickes Class, with 35% more fuel capacity to improve endurance problems,
designed radius was 4900 nautical miles, at 15 knots.
Displacement 1,215 Tons, Dimensions, 314' 5" (oa) x 31' 8" x 9' 10" (Max)
Armament 4 x 4"/50, 1 x 3"/23AA, 12 x 21" tt..
Machinery, 26,500 SHP; Parsons Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 35 Knots, Crew 114
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Cramp, Philadelphia on April 30 1919.
Launched October 4 1919 and Commissioned March 24 1920.
Fate Borie sank from damage received after ramming U-405 in the North Atlantic November 2 1943.
27 of her crew were lost and remain on duty.

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Borie 68kAdolph Edward Borie was born in Philadelphia, Pa., 25 November 1809. He was a successful merchant and served as Secretary of the Navy (5 March-22 June 1869) in the cabinet of President U. S. Grant. Mr. Borie died in Philadelphia 5 February 1890. Photo ID: cwpbh 00548, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.Bill Gonyo
USS Borie (DD-215)

The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the PRESIDENTIAL UNIT CITATION to

Consisting of the

for service as set forth in the following

"For extraordinary performance during anti-submarine operations in mid-Atlantic from July 27 to October 25, 1943. At a time when continual flow of supplies along the United States-North Africa convoy route was essential to the maintenance of our established military supremacy and to the accumulation of reserves, the CARD, her embarked aircraft and her escorts pressed home a vigorous offensive which was largely responsible for the complete withdrawal of hostile U-boats from this vital supply area. Later, when submarines returned with deadlier weapons and augmented anti-aircraft defenses, this heroic Task Unit, by striking damaging blows at the onset of renewed campaigns, wrested the initiative from the enemy before actual inception of projected large-scale attacks. Its distinctive fulfillment of difficult and hazardous missions contributed materially to victorious achievements by our land forces."
For the President,
/s/ Frank Knox Secretary of the Navy
Borie 110kUndated, location unknown. From the collection of GMGC Ralph E Turpin, USNRF, West Haven, CT. U.S. Navy Photograph.Pete Sundstrom
Borie 90kUndated, location unknown.Paul Rebold
Borie 213kUndated, in port in China. Photo from the collection of the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum.Darryl Baker
Borie 93kUndated, location unknown. Photo from the collection of the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum.Darryl Baker
Smith Thompson 105kUndated, USS Borie (DD-215), USS Barker (DD-213) and USS Smith Thompson (DD-212) in Shanghai. Notice windows broken on bridge from heavy seas on our way up from Manila. Photo taken by Tom McLaughlin.Wayne McLaughlin
Borie 86kUndated, location unknown.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Borie 113kUndated, USS Whipple (DD-217) and USS Borie (DD-215) in drydock in Olongapo, Philippines.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Borie 83kUSS Borie (DD-215) Underway, circa 1920-1922. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph. Photo #: NH 56518.Robert Hurst
Borie 132kUSS Hovey (DD-208) and USS Borie (DD-215) in Brest, France on Washington's birthday February 22 1920 from the Frederick Wood collection.Stanley Svec
Borie 130kDestroyers Hatfield (DD-231), John D. Edwards (DD-216) and Borie (DD-215) making a visit to Corpus Christi, Texas, to celebrate the opening of the port there. The destroyers arrived on 13 September 1926.Dave Wright
Borie 62kUSS Borie (DD-215) in Belfast Harbor, Northern Ireland on June 20, 1927. Source: Imperial War Museum by Belfast Telegraph Collection, Photo No. IWM (HU 111348).Mike Green
Borie 130kUSS Borie (DD-215) at a San Francisco pier in the 1930s.Darryl Baker
Borie 103kUSS Trever (DD-339) (at left) follows USS Zane (DD-337), in the center, and USS Borie (DD-215) as they make a high speed turn at Kelp Point, off Hecate Island, during their 1937 Alaska cruise. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Borie 120kUSS Patterson (DD-392) Moored at the outboard end of a nest of destroyers, 25 April 1938. Other identifiable ships in the group include USS Henley (DD-391) and USS Borie (DD-215). Note that main gun directors have been temporarily removed from atop Patterson's and Henley's pilothouses.U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Borie 51kAt Singapore in the late 1930's. U. S. Navy photoJoe Radigan
Borie 57kCirca 1939, location unknown. Image from the 1943-44 Edition of Jane's Fighting Ships.O.W. Waterman
Borie 61k1942 image showing her final appearance.-
Borie 123kNew York, July 9 1943.Ed Zajkowski
Borie 72kOn the Atlantic, smoking badly from internal fires, listing badly and down by the stern, the gallant old four-stacker destroyer, USS Borie, is shown just before she was sunk by torpedo bombers from the escort aircraft carrier USS Card. The Borie, the day before had blasted one Nazi sub to the bottom, while acting as an escort to the Card, and then rammed a second enemy U-Boat. The collision opened her seams and, the next day, her skipper, Lt. (now Lt. Comdr.) C.H. Hutchins gave the order to abandon ship. U.S. Navy official photo from ACME. Photo from the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military HistoryBill Gonyo
Borie 82kOn 1 November 1943 she rammed and sank the surfaced German submarine U-405 in 4900' N., 3114' W. With 27 men lost and too badly damaged by the collision to be towed to port, Borie sank 2 November 1943.Robert Hurst
Borie 74kUSS Barry (DD-248) and USS Borie (DD-215) as photographed from the USS Card (CVE-11) on 2 November 1943 in the Atlantic. The Borie (low in the water, right) sank shortly after being photographed due to severe bow damage sustained after ramming U-405 the night before (Treasure Island Museum-SFCB). Photo from Warship Boneyards, by Kit and Carolyn Bonner.Robert Hurst
Borie 136kUSS Borie (DD-215) being bombed by a plane from USS Card (CVE-11), 2 November 1943, after being mortally damaged in action with German submarine U-405. Source: United States National Archives, Photo No. 80-G-85281.Mike Green
173kCrew members of USS Borie (DD-215) being transferred to USS Card (CVE-11) from Goff (DD-247) on 05 November 1943. Goff rescued the majority of Borie's survivors from their sinking ship, 02 November 1943. National Archives photo 80-G-85281.Mike Green

USS BORIE DD-215 History
View This Vessels DANFS History entry at the Naval History & Heritage Command website

Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

LCDR Edgar Fitch Clement    Mar 24 1920 - Mar 1 1923

LCDR Louis Collin Scheibla    Mar 1 1923 - Jun 9 1924

LCDR Howard Cecil Train    Jun 9 1924 - Sep 15 1924

LCDR Alger Herman Dresel    Sep 15 1924 - Apr 21 1925

CDR Charles Stanley Keller    Apr 21 1925 - Oct 11 1925 

LCDR George Edgar Brandt    Oct 11 1925 - Apr 21 1928

LCDR Aylmer Lee Morgan Jr.    Apr 21 1928 - Nov 11 1928 

LCDR George Hudson Fort    Nov 11 1928 - Jul 21 1929

LCDR Paul Seymour Theiss    Jul 21 1929 - Jun 29 1931

LCDR Stanley Grey Womble    Jun 29 1931 - Jun 20 1932 

LT Harry Jay Lang    Jun 20 1932 - Jul 10 1932 

LCDR Charles Doyle Leffler Jr.    Jul 10 1932 - Jul 20 1933

LCDR Karl Rathburn Shears    Jul 20 1933 - Jul 10 1926

LCDR Joseph William McColl Jr.    Jul 10 1936 - Apr 21 1937

LCDR William Williams Juvenal    Apr 21 1937 - Apr 15 1938 

LCDR Frederick Leavenworth Riddle    Apr 15 1938 - Apr 10 1939

CDR Robert Melvin Morris    Apr 10 1939 - Sep 30 1940 (Later RADM)

LCDR Harry Fanker Miller    Sep 30 1940 - May 16 1942

LCDR Philip Ransom Osborn    May 16 1942 - Jun 6 1943

LT Charles Harris Hutchins    Jun 6 1943 - Nov 1 1943

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