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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NEFG

Displacement 2597 Tons (Full), Dimensions, 381' (oa) x 37' x 13' (Max)
Armament 8 x 5"/38AA (4x2), 8 x 1.1" AA (2x4), 8 x 21" tt.(2x4).
Machinery, 50,000 SHP; New York Shipbuilding Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 37 Knots, Range 6500 NM@ 12 Knots, Crew 194.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by New York Shipbuilding December 18 1933.
Launched April 18 1936 and commissioned November 25 1936.
Decommissioned October 15 1945.
Stricken November 1 1945.
Fate Sold December 20 1946 to George Nutman Inc., Brooklyn and broken up for scrap.

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[1] - MINSY 2854-44, Rear Admiral Thomas O. Selfridge. Born 24 April 1804 died 15 Oct 1902. Namesake of destroyers USS Selfridge (DD 320) and (DD 357). He served as Commandant of Mare Island Navy Yard from 28 May 1862 until 17 Oct 1864 as a Captain and again from 3 July 1872 until 3 July 1873 as a Read Admiral.
[2] - Thomas O. Selfridge, Jr., son of the above, was born in Charlestown, Mass., on 6 February 1836 and graduated from the Naval Academy in 1854. At the beginning of the Civil War, he helped with efforts to destroy the untenable Norfolk Navy Yard; and he then escaped from that burning and beleaguered base in Cumberland, helping to save the sloop of war for the Union Navy. He participated in the capture of the Hatteras forts and was on board Cumberland on 8 March 1862 when she was sunk by Confederate ironclad, Virginia. He then briefly commanded Monitor, after Lt. Worden was wounded; and commanded Alligator, an experimental submarine, in testing operations based at the Washington Navy Yard. In August, he joined the Mississippi Squadron, and subsequently commanded Cairo and Conestoga when those ships were sunk in action. Late in the war, he returned to the Atlantic where he commanded Huron in the attacks on Fort Fisher; and he participated in the ensuing bombardment of Fort Anderson and the capture of Wilmington. His postwar service included command of Nipsic, Enterprise, and Omaha, the last two on the Asiatic Station, and duty as Commander in Chief of the European Squadron from 1895 to 1898. He retired on 6 February 1898 and died on 4 February 1924.
Darryl Baker/Bill Gonyo
Selfridge 99kUndated, location unknown.-
Selfridge 100kUndated, location unknown.-
Selfridge 130kUndated, location unknown.-
Selfridge 111kUndated, location unknown.Jon Burdett
Selfridge 181kUndated, San Diego Bay, in the background is the County Admin Building and the Aerospace Museum in Balboa Park.Ed Zajkowski/Steven C. Iwig
Selfridge 17kUndated, location unknown. From the collection of William. J Heizman.Tommy Trampp
Selfridge 243kNewspaper clipping from the launching dated April 18 1936.Ron Reeves
Selfridge 95kUSS Winslow (DD-359), USS Balch (DD-363) and USS Selfridge (DD-357) (listed from left to right) Moored together in San Diego Harbor, California, during the later 1930s. Courtesy of BMGC Ralph E. Turpin, USNR, 1963. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Selfridge 106kUSS Selfridge (DD-357) Leading USS Clark (DD-361) during exercises at sea, circa the later 1930s. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.Fred Weiss
Selfridge 120kOctober 26 1937 at Philadelphia Navy Yard.Ed Zajkowski
Selfridge 94kTaken 4, 21, 1938 off Pearl Harbor, she was coming alongside the USS New Orleans on a 'mail run' and to refuel.James D. McGrew
Selfridge 80kSan Diego 1939.Arthur Foster
Selfridge 171kUSS Selfridge (DD-357) photograph taken off San Diego, California circa 1939. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph. Photo #: NH 50127.Robert Hurst
Selfridge 53kTwo Japanese torpedo bombers attacking Allied transports and landing craft fly past the USS Selfridge (DD-357) during the August, 1942 landings at Guadalcanal. Source: Australian War Memorial, Photo No. P02497.006.Mike Green
Selfridge 91kUSS Selfridge (DD-357), left, and USS O'Bannon (DD-450) damaged at Noumea, Espiritu Santo, after the naval Battle of Vella Lavella, on 7 October 1943. Selfridge´s bow was torn off by a Japanese torpedo (note sailors climbing in the wrecked gun turret). O'Bannon collided with USS Chevalier (DD-451) during the battle, after Chevalier had been hit by a torpedo (she had to be sunk later). U.S. Navy photo from Breaking the Bismarcks Barrier (History of US Naval Operations in WWII, Vol VI), by Samuel Eliot Morison, Castle Books, Edison (New Jersey, USA), 2001, p. 253 (reprint from 1950).Robert Hurst
Selfridge 60kA series of 5 photos of the battle damage sustained in the Battle of Vella Lavella on the night of October 6, 1943. Bow cut off.Arthur Foster
Selfridge 52kAs above, the day after at Noumea.Arthur Foster
Selfridge 60kAs above, the day after at Noumea.Arthur Foster/Tracey White
Selfridge 62kAs above, enroute to Purvis Bay.Arthur Foster
Selfridge 33kAs above, with false bow entering San Diego.Arthur Foster
Selfridge 72kAs above.Robert Hurst/Tracy White
Selfridge   Selfridge   Selfridge   Selfridge
Selfridge   Selfridge   Selfridge  
Selfridge   Selfridge   Selfridge
Selfridge   Selfridge   Selfridge   Selfridge  
Affects of being torpedoed off Vella La Vella, 6 October 1943
Ed Zajkowski
Selfridge 72kMare Island Photo Number 677-44, December 1943 completion of false bow.Tracy White
Selfridge 140kMare Island Photo Number 954-44, January 1944 installation of forward upper section 3.Tracy White
Selfridge 104kMare Island Photo Number 1706-44, stern view of the battle damage to the USS Claxton (DD 571) at Mare Island on 13 March 1944. She was in overhaul at Mare Island in 10 March to 18 May 1944. The USS Selfridge (DD 357) is to the left and note her new dual and single 5" gun mounts.Darryl Baker
Selfridge 153kMare Island Photo Number 2203-44, aft plan view of USS Selfridge (DD 357) at Mare Island on 8 April 1944. She was in overhaul at the yard 24 January to 21 April 1944.Darryl Baker
Selfridge 172kMare Island Photo Number 2206-44, amidships looking forward plan view of USS Selfridge (DD 357) at Mare Island on 8 April 1944. She was in overhaul at the yard 24 January to 21 April 1944.Darryl Baker
Selfridge 99kMare Island Photo Number 2240-44, broadside view of USS Selfridge (DD 357) off Mare Island on 10 April 1944. She was in overhaul at the yard 24 January to 21 April 1944. The ship is painted in camouflage Measure 32, Design 22d.Darryl Baker
Selfridge 47kMare Island 10th April, 1944 with single 5 in mount replacing No.3 turret, and No.2 turret removed.Robert Hurst
Selfridge 196kUSS Selfridge (DD 357) off San Francisco with Yerba Buena Island and the Oakland Bay Bridge in the background on April 10, 1944. Photo from the collection of the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum.Darryl Baker
Selfridge 83kMare Island Photo Number 2240-44, close-up broadside view of USS Selfridge (DD 357) off Mare Island on 10 April 1944. She was in overhaul at the yard 24 January to 21 April 1944.Darryl Baker
Selfridge 64kSelfridge off San Francisco with the Oakland Bay Bridge in the background.on 10 April 1944.Tracey White
Selfridge 81kUSS Selfridge (DD357) reconfigured and camouflaged on 21 July 1944 in amphibious assault support at Guam. Photo from Life Magazine collection, photographer J R Eyerman. For educational and non-commercial use.John Chiquoine
Selfridge 129kApril 19 1945, location unknown.Robert Hurst

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Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

CDR Horace Donald Clarke    Nov 26 1936 - Jun 15 1938 (Later RADM)
CDR Bertram Joseph Rodgers    Jun 15 1938 - May 17 1940 (Later VADM)
CDR Leland Pearson Lovette    May 17 1940 - Jul 19 1940 (Later VADM)
LCDR Wyatt Craig    Jul 19 1940 - Mar 21 1942
LCDR Carroll Dayne Reynolds    Mar 21 1942 - Oct 3 1943
LCDR George Edward Peckham    Oct 3 1943 - Feb 9 1944 (Later RADM)
LCDR Lewis Levi Snider    Feb 9 1944 - Oct 9 1944
LCDR James Abner Boyd    Oct 9 1944 - Oct 15 1945

Crew Contact And Reunion Information

Contact Name: Clifford E. Chambers
Address: 55l E. Jefferson Drive, Lake Charles. LA 70805
E-mail: None

Note About Contacts.

The contact listed, Was the contact at the time for this ship when located. If another person now is the contact, E-mail me and I will update this entry. These contacts are compiled from various sources over a long period of time and may or may not be correct. Every effort has been made to list the newest contact if more than one contact was found.

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