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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NHXO

Tactical Voice Radio Call Sign (circa 1968) - CABIN BOY

Displacement 3218 Tons (Full), Dimensions, 376' 6"(oa) x 40' 10" x 14' 2" (Max)
Armament 6 x 5"/38AA (3x2), 12 x 40mm AA, 11 x 20mm AA, 10 x 21" tt.(2x5).
Machinery, 60,000 SHP; General Electric Geared Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 36.5 Knots, Range 3300 NM@ 20 Knots, Crew 336.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Bethlehem Steel, San Francisco. July 11 1943.
Launched March 26 1944 and commissioned October 12 1944.
Deactivated January 6 1950 to September 1950.
Appears in the 1954 movie The Bridges at Toko-Ri starring william Holden and Mickey Rooney.
Completed FRAM upgrade March 1963.
Decommissioned and Stricken August 6 1973.
Fate Sold June 24 1974 to Union Minerals & Alloy, New York for $242,122 and broken up for scrap.

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Size Image Description Contributed
Putnam 63kCharles Flint Putnam was born in Freeport, Illinois 1 December 1854 and entered the Naval Academy at the age of 14. Upon his request at graduation in 1873, he was ordered to the Far East in Kearsarge, serving in that vessel with the Asiatic Squadron until 1875. Master Putnam was stationed at San Francisco in 1876 and was attached to schoolship Jamestown in 1877-78. In 1879 he joined the Coast Survey steamer Hassler in the North Pacific. Putnam volunteered in 1881 for service in Rodgers, fitted out to search for Jeanette, which had been lost in the Arctic on an expedition to reach the North Pole. When Rodgers burned at St. Lawrence Bay, Siberia, 30 November 1881, Putnam took supplies to the survivors on dog sledges. On his return to his depot at Cape Serdze, he missed his way in a blinding snow storm 10 January 1882, drifted out to sea on an ice-floe and was never heard from again.Daniel Dunham
Putnam 95kArtist's conception of the Putnam as she appeared after the early 1950's conversion by the renowned graphic illustrator John Barrett with the text written by naval author and historian Robert F. Sumrall. Their company Navy Yard Associates offers prints of most destroyers, destroyer escorts, submarines and aircraft carriers in various configurations during the ship's lifetime. The prints can be customized with ship's patches, your photograph, your bio, etc. If you decide to purchase artwork from them please indicate that you heard about their work from NavSource.Navy Yard Associates
Putnam 31kInvitation to the Putnam's commissioning.Robert Hall
Putnam 93kReverse side of the invitation to the Putnam's commissioning.Robert Hall
Putnam 16kUndated, location unknown.-
Putnam 50kThe Destroyer Squadron 66 Logo on the aft stack. The squadron at this time consisted of the Putnam, Strong (DD 758), Hugh W. Hadley (DD 774), Willard Keith (DD 775), James C. Owens (DD 776), in Division 131; and the Zellars (DD 777), Massey (DD 778), Douglas H. Fox (DD 779) and Stormes (DD 780), in Division 132.Bill Gonyo
Putnam   Putnam   Putnam
Undated, location unknown.
Tommy Trampp
Putnam   Putnam   Putnam
Undated, location unknown.
Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Putnam 218kDecember 17 1943 at Bethlehem Steel, Alameda, CA. Installing prefabricated stern.Ed Zajkowski
Putnam 73kUSS Putnam (DD 757), at San Francisco, on 29th December 1944. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval History and Heritage Command. Photo # 19-N-76730. This image is available in the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration, cataloged under the ARC Identifier (National Archives Identifier) missing. Robert Hurst
Putnam 152kUSS Putnam (DD-757) at New York City 24 March 1946, with USS Willard Keith (DD-775) in the background. Courtesy of The Mariners Museum, Newport News, Va. Ted Stone collection. Source: Naval History and Heritage Command, Photo No. NH 66346.Mike Green
Putnam 202kUnderway in 1952, courtesy of the USS Putnam Website and David Seay.Bill Gonyo
Putnam 59kCrewmembers of the USS Putman (DD-757) gather on the bow during the 1953/1954 World Cruise. Image courtesy of the USS Putman Website and David Seay.Bill Gonyo
Putnam 55kScreengrab from The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954) showing Putnam steaming close alongside Oriskany (CVA-34).Bryan Fisher
Putnam 144kCirca 1963, location unknown. Image courtesy of the USS Putman Website and David Seay.Bill Gonyo
Putnam 142kUSS Putnam (DD 757), coming alongside the aircraft carrier USS Lake Champlain (CVS-39) for refueling at sea on 12 October 1964. AN Darrell L. Johnson, U.S. Navy. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval History and Heritage Command. Photo # NH 107151.Robert Hurst
Putnam 22kPhotographed from the French frigate LeNormand, in the Med in April of '68.Oliva Georges
Putnam 92kEntering Monaco harbor in 1969Dave Seay
Putnam 74kThe USS Putnam (DD-757) sits inboard of the USS Ault (DD-698) circa 1970ís. Courtesy of the USS Putnam Website and David Seay.Bill Gonyo
Putnam 91kThe crew gather on the bow of the USS Putnam (DD-757) in 1973. Courtesy of the USS Putnam Website and David Seay.Bill Gonyo
Putnam 103kDecommissioning mesage from ComCruDesLant.Robert Hall
Putnam 111kDecommissioning plaque given to the final crew. Courtesy of the USS Putnam Website and David Seay.Bill Gonyo
Putnam 46kShip's patch.Mike Smolinski
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USS PUTNAM DD-757 History
View This Vessels DANFS History entry at the Naval History & Heritage Command website
(Located On The hazegray Web Site, This Is The Main Archive For The DANFS Online Project.)
Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

CDR Frederick Vantyne Holbrook Hilles    Oct 12 1944 - Aug 9 1945 (Later RADM)

CDR Louis Lefelar Jr.    Aug 9 1945 - Aug 25 1946

CDR George Dewey Hoffman    Aug 25 1946 - Jul 1947

CDR David McKean Swift    Jul 1947 - Jul 1949

CDR Walter Vincent Combs Jr.    Jul 1949 - Jan 6 1950 (Later RADM)

(Deactivated Jan 6 1950 - Sep 1950)

LT Harold Phillips    Sep 1950 - ? (Reactivation Officer)

CDR James McCrorey Hill     Jan 1950 - Dec 1951

CDR Robert Lievrance Mohle    Dec 1951 - May 1953

CDR David Lombard Harris    May 1953 - May 1955

CDR Benjamin Rudolph Eggeman Jr.    May 1955 - Jan 1957

CDR John William Sullivan    Jan 1957 - Aug 1958

CDR James William Emmons    Aug 1958 - Dec 31 1959

CDR Francis Andrew Butler    Dec 31 1959 - Dec 21 1961

CDR Robert William Childress    Dec 21 1961 - Nov 1962

LCDR Jack (Black Jack) Scoville    Nov 1962 - Sep 1963 (Acting)

CDR Joseph Thomas Neville    Sep 1963 - Feb 1964

CDR Thomas Brooks Vaught    Feb 1964 - Nov 1965

CDR Edward Charles Krebs Jr.    Nov 1965 - 1966

CDR Warren Curry Graham Jr.    1966 - Jul 1967

CDR William Louis Reger    Jul 1967 - Mar 1969

CDR Frederick Ernest Beck Jr.    Mar 1969 - Jan 1970

CDR Ben Taylor Sanders    Jan 1970 - Aug 1971

CDR Carl Clarence Clement Jr.    Aug 1971 - Dec 1972

CDR Rodney Claire (Rocky) Wing    Dec 1972 - Jul 1973

LCDR Ronald Karl Lehnus    Jul 1973 - Aug 6 1973

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