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Flag Hoist/Radio Call Sign - NBDP

Tactical Voice Radio Call Sign (circa 1968) - ESKIMO

Displacement 3460 Tons (Full), Dimensions, 390' 6"(oa) x 40' 10" x 14' 4" (Max)
Armament 6 x 5"/38AA (3x2), 12 x 40mm AA, 11 x 20mm AA, 10 x 21" tt.(2x5).
Machinery, 60,000 SHP; General Electric Geared Turbines, 2 screws
Speed, 36.8 Knots, Range 4500 NM@ 20 Knots, Crew 336.
Operational and Building Data
Laid down by Bethlehem Steel,Quincy. September 27 1945.
Launched March 15 1946 and commissioned September 12 1946.
Completed FRAM upgrade June 1962.
Decommissioned and Stricken September 21 1973.
To Turkey September 21 1973, renamed Maresal Fevzi Çakmak.
Fate Stricken and scrapped in April 1995.

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Size Image Description Contributed
Roan 73kCharles Howard Roan, born 16 August 1923 in Claude, Tex., enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve 12 December 1942. He was killed in action 18 September 1944 on Peleliu. For his selfless heroism in absorbing the impact of a hand grenade to save the lives of his four companions, Private First Class Roan was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Photo from the USMC History Division.
Bill Gonyo
Roan 138kUndated, location unknown.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Roan 150kUndated, location unknown.Richard Miller BMCS USNR RET.
Roan 150kMarch 15 1946 at Quincy, the christening of the Charles H. Roan DD 853 by Mrs. Lillabell Roan, mother of the ship's namesake.Dale Hargrave
Roan 57kCirca 1950's, location unknown.Robert Hurst
Roan 81kUnderway, circa 1954-1955.Jimmie E. Epling, Sr.
Roan 162kNS024238, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42) and USS Charles H. Roan (DD-853) being refueled by USS Caloosahatchee (AO-98) in the Med, 1960.Image courtesy of Larry Blumenthal, "US Navy Photos"
Roan 240kArriving in the harbor at Taranto, Italy on June 29, 1964.Richard E. Manson, DK1
Roan 84kCirca 1967, location unknown.Robert Hurst
Roan 63kShip's patch.Mike Smolinski
Roan 38kShip's patch.Mike Smolinski
Roan 100k-120kUniform Ship's name shoulder patch.Al Grazevich
Roan 89kShip's Zippo.Tommy Trampp
On Turkish Service
Roan 19kMustafa Fevzi was born on January 12, 1876 in Beykoz, Istanbul - part of the Ottoman Empire (modern-day Turkey). After graduating from Kuleli military high school, he entered Pangalti military school on June 29, 1893. He completed the military school as the most successful student on December 25, 1898 and joined the Ottoman military as a Lieutenant. In 1918, at the age of 42, he became Minister of War and Commander of the Ottoman Army. In 1920, he followed Mustafa Kemal to Samsun, and supported him throughout the Turkish War of Independence. His support provided Mustafa Kemal with the full support of the Armed Forces, which was reduced to two armies in the aftermath of the disarmament dictated by the Treaty of Sèvres. These two armies were under the command of Kazim Karabekir on the Eastern Front based in Erzurum and Ali Fuat Cebesoy on the Western Front based in Ankara. Fevzi Çakmak was one of the few significant generals of the Turkish War of Independence. Fevzi Çakmak took control of the Army after the Turkish loss in Kutahya-Altintas under Ismet Inönü and was able to stop the retreat of the Turkish Army afterwards and beat the invading Greek Armies at the Battle of Sakarya on the outskirts of Ankara. Fevzi Çakmak and Mustafa Kemal planned and commanded the Battle of Dumlupinar, and on August 31, 1922, he was promoted to rank of Field Marshal (Turkish: Maresal) along with Mustafa Kemal. They were and still are the only Field Marshals that the Turkish Republic has had up till now. So even today, an unspecified nickname Maresal (Field Marshal) means Fevzi Çakmak. Before the establishment of the republic, he was the prime minister of the government of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey from January 24, 1921 until July 9, 1922. Fevzi Çakmak served as the Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces from March 3, 1924 until his retirement on January 12, 1944. He died on April 12, 1950 and was laid to rest in Eyüp, Istanbul. He has a memorial burial place in the Turkish State Cemetery in Ankara.Cüneyt Demir
Roan 70kUndated, location unknown.Yucel M.Umar, CPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy
Roan 71kUndated, location unknown. TCG Istanbul D-340 (ex USS Clarence K. Bronson DD-668), TCG Izmir D-341 (ex USS Van Valkenburgh DD-656) and TCG M.F.Çakmak D-351 (ex USS Charles H. Roan DD-853).Yucel M.Umar, CPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy
Roan 108kUndated, location unknown. From the collection of Murat Esbahoglu, MCPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy.Yucel M.Umar, CPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy
Roan 98kUndated, location unknown.Cüneyt Demir
Roan 118kUndated, location unknown.Cüneyt Demir
Roan 43kUndated, location unknown.Cüneyt Demir
Roan   Roan   Roan  

Roan   Roan   Roan   Roan
Undated, loaction unknown.
Yucel M.Umar, CPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy
Roan 50kIn the Cyprus Sea July 21 1974.Cüneyt Demir/Yucel M.Umar, CPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy
Roan 141kArriving at Genoa, Italy on May 28 1981.Carlo Martinelli
Roan 133kArriving at Genoa, Italy on May 28 1981.Carlo Martinelli
Roan 102kDeparting Genoa, Italy on June 1 1981.Carlo Martinelli
Roan 56kDavut KARAKAYA, GMC (Ret.), Turkish Navy at the brow of the TCG M.F.Çakmak in Port Poyraz, Gölcük-Kocaeli, Turkey in 1986.Yucel M.Umar, CPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy
Roan 53kDisplay Determination Exercises in the Mediterranean Sea during 1986.Yucel M.Umar, CPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy
Roan 73kGoing under the Bogaziçi Bridge in Instanbul, circa 1990s.Yucel M.Umar, CPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy/Murat Kurtulmus
Roan 54k1994 postcard painting.Cüneyt Demir
Roan 74kShip's patch.Yucel M.Umar, CPO (Ret.) Turkish Navy

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Commanding Officers
Thanks to Wolfgang Hechler & Ron Reeves

CDR Richard Barnett Derickson Jr.    Sep 12 1946 - Jun 29 1948
CDR William Nolin Deragon    Jun 29 1948 - Nov 25 1949
CDR David Louis Martineau    Nov 25 1949 - Jan 4 1951 (Later RADM)
CDR Willis Henry Fisher    Jan 4 1951 - May 26 1952
CDR James Henry Curran Jr.    May 26 1952 - Jul 6 1954
CDR Charles Samuel Hart    Jul 6 1954 - Dec 28 1955
CDR David George Bryce    Dec 28 1955 - Aug 27 1957
CDR John Lawrence Nuttall Jr.    Aug 27 1957 - May 29 1959
CDR Thomas Patrick Connell    May 29 1959 - Aug 4 1961
LCDR Lawrence Penfield Treadwell Jr.    Aug 4 1961 - Mar 29 1962
CDR Charles Hilary Hayden    Mar 29 1962 - Oct 28 1963
LCDR William Richard Uhrig    Oct 28 1963 - Nov 29 1963 (Acting)
CDR Wallace Marshall Riggs    Nov 29 1963 - Dec 28 1965
CAPT Raymond Edward Ward    Dec 28 1965 - Aug 14 1967
CDR Max Leroy Slankard    Aug 14 1967 - Aug 29 1969
CDR Robert William Wilson Jr.    Aug 29 1969 - Sep 11 1971
CDR Charles Peter Poreda    Sep 11 1971 - Feb 12 1973
LCDR Glynn Murphy Thompson    Feb 12 1973 - Aug 27 1973
LCDR David Peter Micalchuck    Aug 27 1973 - Sep 21 1973

Crew Contact And Reunion Information

Contact Name: Tom Van Petten
Address: 805 Montebello Circle, Chesapeake, VA 23320
Phone: (757)436-3007
E-mail: None

Note About Contacts.

The contact listed, Was the contact at the time for this ship when located. If another person now is the contact, E-mail me and I will update this entry. These contacts are compiled from various sources over a long period of time and may or may not be correct. Every effort has been made to list the newest contact if more than one contact was found.

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