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A series of 28 images, primarily interior views, of the Manley taken at Philadelphia Navy Yard during May 1971. From the collection of Ed Zajkowski. Any description that includes a question mark (?) we are uncertain of the correct/exact description, your assistance is would be appreciated. Many thanks to LCDR Donald E. Garavito USN (Ret.) who provided many location updates for this page who was the Navigator/Communications Officer from Pre-Comm (Dec 1970) to departure in Feb 1974..

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Image Description
Manley The Bridge or Wheel House.
Manley The Commanding Officer's Stateroom ?
Manley The Commanding Officer's inport cabin, looking aft.
Manley View of the ASROC launcher with the USS Harlan R. Dickson (DD-708) in the background.
Manley A Boiler Room with Navy Yard workers doing maintenance.
Manley A Boiler Room view.
Manley The evaporators.
Manley The reduction gear.
Manley An unidentified pump ?
Manley The Freon compressors ?
Manley The SSTG ?
Manley The Combat Information Center looking forward/to starboard of AAW section with VP Boards.
Manley The Wardroom, TV and reading section Port side, picture is CNO Admiral Zumwalt.
Manley Crew Berthing.
Manley The Wardroom.
Manley Mount 51 with a Gering Class Can in drydock ahead.
Manley After Steering ?
Manley The Freon compressors ?
Manley Crew's Head.
Manley The Mess Decks.
Manley Emergency Diesel ?
Manley Sick Bay.
Manley Chief Petty Officer's (CPO) Quarters, amidships, 2nd deck.
Manley Probably the SQS-23 Sonar Motor Generator room.
Manley A pierside view.
Manley ASROC Magazine.
Manley ASROC Magazine.
Manley The Commanding Officer's inport cabin, looking towards the bow. Note round table is same as the third picture above.

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