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CLASS - AKIZUKI (1959) - Modified FLETCHER As Built.
Displacement 2890 Tons (Full)
Armament 3 × 5"/54, 4 × 3-in/50 guns, 1 × Mk.108 Weapon Alfa, 2 × Hedgehog ASW mortars,
2 × ASW torpedo, 4 × 21 in tt, 2 × Depth charge throwers, 2 × Depth charge racks.
Crew 330.
Operational and Building Data
Paid for with funds of the United States Military Aid Program (MDAP) and became units
of the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force.
Laid down by Mitsubishi at Nagasaki.
Akizuki - Launched, June 26 1959, Commissioned February 13 1960, Decommissioned December 7 1993 .
Teruzuki - Launched June 24 1959, Commissioned February 29 1960, Decommissioned September 27 1993 .
Fate Scrapped in 1993.

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DD-960 Akizuki
Akizuki 84kAkizuki (DD-161, ex-DD-960) underway circa 1961, location unknown. Photo Japanese Maritime Defence Force, Official. Akizuki means Autumn Moon. Photo from "Jane's Fighting Ships, 1961-62 edition".Robert Hurst
Akizuki 178kDestroyer Akizuki, (DD-161) entering port on 25 September 1963, location unknown. Photo courtesy CPL Collection. photo and text from "Conway's All The World's Fighting Ships 1947-1982 Part 1: Western Powers" Editor Robert Gardiner.Darryl Baker
Akizuki 159kAkizuki (DD-161) underway in 1969, location unknown. Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force, Official. Image from the 1969-70 edition of Jane's Fighting Ships.Robert Hurst
DD-961 Teruzuki
Akizuki 131kStarboard broadside view of the Japanese destroyer Teruzuki (DD-162; ex-DD-961) circa 1966 at sea, location unknown. She and her sister Akizuki (DD-161; ex-DD-960) were built in Japanese shipyards as part of the United States 1957 Military Aid Program. Both ships were designed with a long forecastle hull and served as flotilla leaders for senior officers. Teruzuki means ‘Shining Moon’. Skyfotos; 1967-68 Jane’s Fighting Ships.Mike Green/Robert Hurst
Akizuki 98kJNS Teruzuki (DD 162) in 1971, ,location unknown. Courtesy Mr. Michael D. J. Lennon.Mike Green/Robert Hurst

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