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Destroyer Special Features

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The Restorations over the Years
The Bridge before and after 1978
Aft Diesel Port Side primed for painting
Anchor painting
Forward Refueling Station before 1980
Forward Refueling Station restored
Radio Central
Messdecks Boat Winch
 Changing the AN/SPS-10 Radar Motor Proposed design for museum 1981
   Changing the AN/SPS-10 Radar Motor
The Mess Decks 1981
   The Galley 1981 The Stacks 1981
Painting the Stern
Lowering/raising the Anchor
    Air Compressor damaged from B-4  
The Chart House before 1981
The Chart House Restored The Ward Room and Chart Table
Up the Mast
Signs, Stencils & Color Codes
The Ward Room Repainted Focsle
     Ship's Bell  
After Berthing ripout crew
B-4 before restoration Starboard side painting
   Replacing Heating Boiler Stack
Volunteers helped list the Kennedy 10 degrees to bring the waterline out of water to repair holes.
Building the Visitor Steps to Mount 51
Replacing the rotted Propeller Guard
Main Deck to bare metal
Installing a real DASH hangar roll-up door after removing a wooden wall.
Volunteers replacing the aft expansion joint. The joint was leaking severly, flooding Aux Radio. Entire joint was stripped, prepped and a new rubber joint installed allowing the restoration of Aux Radio to begin.
General Field Day views
Volunteers cutting out and replacing the rotted bottom of a Stanchion
Moving ASROC into magazine Pelorus stand completely rotted out--we rebuilt it

Real dedicated volunteer crew. the 01 Deck above the laundry rotted thru flooding the laundry. In one weekend, the crew prepped the old deck, the new piece, welded it water tight and finished by priming and cleaning up.
  Installing a heavy duty cable in B-4
ASROC blast shield stripping
Galley Crew Painting the Wardroom Pantry
Painting the whole port side forward
 Replacing rotted Stanchions and Davit Sockets on the 01 Torpedo Deck
Decayed Davit Base repaired by volunteers Replacing the Anemometer or windbird at the very top of the mast
Using original coffee urn for volunteers Removed heating boiler stack permanently
Pumping out RAS pockets to clean drains
Kids cleaning B-3 bilges
Kids cleaning B-3 bilges Replacing ECM Antenna on aft mast      Removed heating boiler stack permanently
Recaulking Flight Deck Hatches    ASROC containers with missiles inside
   ASROC full containers on Flight Deck 
Moving ASROC to pier Moving ASROCfrom pier to barge Moving DASH consoles to Flight Deck Preping DASH for 1st lift to barge
DASH hookup DASH lift DASH on barge
New Torpedo delivered Stuff to sort in Radar Room DASH helo, last landing on Kennedy
First public display
Installing the rotor blades
22-23 April 2010
Loading new ASROC training missiles into the ASROC magazine cradles.
An all volunteer crew repaired the original handling tools to onload ASROC missiles, including the 2 container dollies and crane. The missiles were dollied from the flight deck to the magazine, lifted out of the containers, up, over and into their cradles. All cradles were then securely bolted and fin shields installed. The magazine should be opened to the public in mid 2011.
Restoration from various years
  ASROC crane
B-4 during restoration
Galley Painting

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