Experimental Torpedo Boat


(Torpedo Boat: dp. 800; 1. 158'6"; b. 28'0"; dr. 10'6"; s. 10 k.; a. 1 gun)

Alarmóan experimental torpedo boat constructed at the New York Navy Yardówas launched on 13 November 1873 and commissioned in 1874.

Designed and constructed specifically for the experimental work of the Bureau of Ordnance, Alarm served that purpose at Washington, D.C., until 1877 when she moved north to Newport, R.I., to conduct experiments at the torpedo station. She returned to Washington the following year and resumed special service. In 1880, she began a tour of experimental work at New York which she carried out until she was laid up at Norfolk, Va., in 1883. However, she resumed her research duties at New York in 1884 and served there until she was placed out of commission in 1885 and berthed at New York.

USS Alarm was built as a torpedo gunboat and was armed with a single fixed 15in SB gun positioned on the bow. She was also armed with three spar torpedoes, one bow and 1 on each beam. She was fitted with a Fowler screw, a feathering paddle wheel turning horizontally, used for both propulsion and steering; later replaced by steering propellor. Had no rudder. Had 32ft ram and no masts.

The records are unclear, but Alarm probably remained out of commission from that time forward. In 1890 and 1891, she was undergoing conversion to a gunnery training ship. From 1892 to 1894, she remained at the New York Navy Yard. In 1895, she was listed as "in ordinary;" and, in 1897, her name was struck from the Navy list. She was sold on 23 February 1898.