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Patch on right contributed by Mike Smolinski, on left by Don McGrogan, BMCS, USN (ret.)

Shad (SS-235)

Radio Call Sign: November - Whiskey - Delta - Victor

Gato Class Submarine: Laid down, 24 October 1941, at Portsmouth Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N.H.; Launched, 15 April 1942; Commissioned USS Shad (SS-235), 12 June 1942, at New London, CT.; Decommissioned 24 April 1946; Placed in service as a Naval Reserve training vessel in the First Naval District;Beverly, Mass. and in 1948 to Salem, Mass. Placed out of service, 1 April 1960 and simultaneously struck from the Naval Register; Final Disposition, 21 June 1960 sold to Luria Brothers, Inc., of Kearney, N.J. for $ 68.766.00. Removed on 11 July 1960. Shad received six battle stars for World War II service.
Partial data submitted by Yves Hubert.

Specifications: Displacement, Surfaced: 1,526 t., Submerged: 2,410 t.; Length 311' 10"; Beam 27' 3"; Draft 15' 2"; Speed, Surfaced 20.25 kts, Submerged 8.75 kts; Complement 6 officers, 54 enlished; Operating Depth, 300 ft; Submerged Endurance, 48 hrs at 2 kts; Patrol Endurance 75 days; Cruising Range, 11,000 miles surfaced at 10 kts; Armament, ten 21" torpedo tubes, six forward, four aft, 24 torpedoes, one 3"/50 deck gun, two .50 cal. machine guns, two .30 cal. machine guns; Propulsion, diesel electric reduction gear with four Fairbanks-Morse diesel engines, 5400 hp, Fuel Capacity, 94,400 gals., four Elliot Motor Co., electric motors, 2740 hp, two 126-cell main storage batteries, twin screws.
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Shad41kCommemorative postal cover issued on the occasion of the Shad's (SS-235) keel laying, 24 October 1941, at Portsmouth Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N.H. Courtesy of Jack Treutle (of blessed memory).
Runner1.30kBow view of Runner (SS-275) from the North catwalk, 3 January 1942, Portsmouth Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N.H. US National Archives photo # 19lcm 33 from NARA, College Park, Maryland, courtesy of Sean Hert.
Editors Note: None of the photos from NARA would have seen the light of day here if it were not for the effort of Sean Hert. to scan and send them to me. He and Tracy White have done this innumerable times and I owe them a heart felt debt of perpetual thanks for being my legs from over 6,000 miles away.
Runner864kStern view of Runner (SS-275) from the South catwalk, 3 January 1942.
When this photo was taken, Portsmouth had four building ways in place, but they were not arranged in sequence! If you were to look into the big building shed from the water the ways were numbered 2, 4, 3, and 1. Therefore, the boat seen in these photos under construction on Runner's (SS-275) port side on 3 January 1942 was the Kingfish (SS-234), on Way #3.
The Shad (SS-235) is on Way # 2.
Here is where it gets interesting. Sometime between the date of this photo and 20 March 1942 (about 3 1/2 months later) the workers at Portsmouth rearranged the scaffolding between these two ways and inserted a fifth way (#1A)! The keel of Scorpion (SS-278) was laid there on 20 March while Runner was still under construction. By that date the way that Kingfish vacated (#3) now had Scamp (SS-277) on it.
US National Archives photo # 19lcm 34 from NARA, College Park, Maryland, courtesy of Sean Hert.
Photo i.d. & text courtesy of David Johnston (USN, retired) & Darryl L. Baker.
Shad394kMiss Priscilla Dudley, sponsor, and Mrs. Owen Davis, Maid of Honor of U.S. Submarine Shad (SS-235), Navy Yard, Portsmouth, NH., 15 April 1942. National Archives Identifier: 7788877
Photo courtesy of
Shad1.13kSliding down the launching ways, Shad (SS-235) backs into the waters of the Portsmouth Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N.H., 15 April 1942.Official USN photograph # USN 710634 courtesy of the National Museum of the U.S. Navy, via
Rosneath, Scotland78kTwo of the 6 subs of from Sub Squadron 50:
Barb (SS-220),
Blackfish (SS-221),
Herring (SS-233),
Shad (SS-235),
Gunnel (SS-253), and
Gurnard (SS-254) tied up at Rosneath, Scotland, circa 7 December 1942. The sub tender Beaver (AS-5) is in the background.
USN photo courtesy of
Rosneath, Scotland
98k A 1943 Watercolor by the artist Dwight Clark Shepler entitled "Jerry Hunters, Rosneath, Scotland." portrays the stern view of the sub tender Beaver (AS-5) and 3 of the 6 subs of Sub Squadron 50:
Barb (SS-220),
Blackfish (SS-221),
Herring (SS-233),
Shad (SS-235),
Gunnel (SS-253), and
Gurnard (SS-254).
Painting #87 / 88-199-CK.
Courtesy of the USNHC.
SS 154 192k Aft plan view of the S-43 (SS-154) at Bethlehem Shipbuilding in San Francisco on 26 January 1944. The scaffolding belongs to the Sailfish (SS-192) to the right; Shad (SS-235) is forward of S-43 (SS-154), and unknown covered barge is berthed between Shad and Sailfish. USN photo # 642-44 courtesy of Darryl L. Baker.
Photo i.d. courtesy of David Johnston (USN, retired)
Shad196k Bow on view of the Shad (SS-235) on 2 March 1944 at San Francisco for overhaul at Bethlehem.USN photo MI-1417-44 courtesy of
1.22k Stern view of the Shad (SS-235) on 2 March 1944 at San Francisco for overhaul at Bethlehem.
Note floating drydock in the background with another submarine up on blocks.
USN photo MI-1413-44 courtesy of
Shad138k Broadside view of the Shad (SS-235), circa Spring 1944 at San Francisco for overhaul at Bethlehem.USN photo courtesy of
Shad43kShad (SS-235), circa Spring 1944 at Mare Island, CA.Photo courtesy of John Hummel, (USN) retired.
Kingfish 646k That style of bow limber hole pattern was only used on a number of Portsmouth/Mare Island-planned Gatos, SS-228-239 and SS-275-280. Since this appears to be a relatively late war photo, we can eliminate the war losses. We can eliminate Halibut (SS-232) due to her departure from combat due to damages, and the few photos of her show her in Measure 9 when retired. Flying Fish (SS-229) and Steelhead (SS-280) had the neo-Balao style fairwater installed, so we can eliminate them. That leaves us with Drum (SS-228), Finback (SS-230), Kingfish (SS-234), Haddock (SS-231), Shad (SS-235), Silversides (SS-236), Whale (SS-239), and Sawfish (SS-276). The mystery boat carries a five incher forward, a 20mm on her forward position, a softly curved or V-shaped venturi, what looks like an SJ support bracket on the front of her shears, and a square DF loop on her starboard sheers. We can therefore likely eliminate Drum, Finback, Silversides, Haddock,Whale, and Sawfish; the arenít many images of these boats apart from Drum, but what there is suggests it isnít one of them in 1945 (I wish there were more photos to say with 100% certainty, though). I eliminated Sawfish from the photo of the reserve fleet which seems to show a deck gun aft, but please feel to double check that I ID'd the correct boat from that reserve fleet aerial photo on her Navsource page. That leaves us with Kingfish and Shad as the likely candidates, neither of whom has a well-documented photographic record, lucky us!
The treaty cruiser in the background is either Chester (CA-27) or Louisville (CA-28). Both had nearly identical bridge structures once refitted, with Louisville receiving herís earlier than Chester, but neither carried it and painted out of dazzle until Bay Area yard time in March-April of 1945, so weíre likely looking at a date from March onwards when either Kingfish or Shad were in port with one or both of the cruisers, and probably later than that. Given the weatherbeaten look of the boat, this photo was likely not taken at Mare Island or Hunters Point, but somewhere nearer the combat zone. The censors were also hard at work eliminating the cruiserís radars so its still wartime and any little differences in the control tops that might tell the tale arenít there any longer, although the configuration of the bridge and how the tripod legs pass near the little tubs makes me think its more likely Chester, 60-40. Itís a shame the photo is so grainy.
USN photo courtesy of Larry Futrell via Gary Priolo.
Photo i.d. & text courtesy of Robert Morgan.
Shad146k Shad (SS-235) berthed at the Salem Naval Base Reserve Central Wharf, May 1950. Photo courtesy of
Shad107kStarboard quarter view of the Shad (SS-235), in Salem Mass. at derby wharf from 1948 until circa 1960, before being scrapped, you can see the Pequot Mills in the background.Photo i.d. & text courtesy of Dick Tobin.
USN photo courtesy of
1.07k Shad (SS-235) with Pequot Mills and the contributors mother in the background. 1957. Photo courtesy of Ed Wolbert.
Greenling/Shad76kGreenling (SS-213), and Shad (SS-235), at Boston in 1960 awaiting scrapping.Photo & copy by Richard Leonhardt. Photo I.d. courtesy of Ron Reeves (of blessed memory)
Shad42kShad (SS-235), at Boston in 1960 awaiting scrapping. In the background are Charles J. Badger (DD-657) and an unidentified CVE© Richard Leonhardt. Photo I.d. courtesy of Ron Reeves (of blessed memory)

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