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Alvin (DSV-2)

DSV (Deep Submergence Vehicle): Built by General Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.; Launched, 5 Jun 1964; Completed: 1965, Commissioned: Alvin (DSV-2)

Specifications: Construction: constructed of a fiberglass hull over the metal crew sphere, batteries and electric motors. Weight: 16 Tons Length: 22.5 feet (6.9m) overall Beam: 8 Feet (2.4m): 12 feet (3.7m) over propeller pods Propulsion: electric motor, 1 propeller ahead, 2 rotate for maneuvering Crew Sphere: HY-100 Steel Speed: 2 Knots Operating depth: 13,124 feet (4,000m) Manning: 1 + 2 scientists
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Alvin 771k This is the design of the new 10-ton, two-man undersea research vehicle to be constructed by General Mills, Inc., for Navy oceanographic research. The submersible, which can be carried aboard and operated from the Navy's existing oceanographic ships, will be operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as part of a research program supported by the Office of Naval Research. The 20-foot undersea craft, capable of depths of 6,000 feet which allows it to explore the Continental Shelf, will be completed in the summer of 1963 at a cost of $575,000. It will have a maximum speed of six knots, an endurance of 24 hours and a maximum range of 30 miles. The two-man crew and 1,200 pounds of scientific instrumentation will be contained in a spherical cabin or pressure hull similar to the steel sphere of the Navy's bathyscaph Trieste. Surrounded the sphere will be a free-flooding, cylindrical-shaped outside skin, including a five-foot conning tower, fabricated of reinforced fiberglass. The steel for the spherical pressure hull will be 1 inch thick high-strength HY 100 steel. USN photo # USN 711146, courtesy of the National Museum of the U.S. Navy, via
Alvin 29k US Navy Rearch Underwater Vessel Alvin (DSV-2) at Wood's Hole prior to being placed in service, 5 June 1964. USN photo & text courtesy of USNI.
Alvin 265k The Deep Submergence Research Vehicle Alvin (DSV-2) was commissioned on 5 June 1964. Attendants included Mr. George Scharffenberger left, senior vice president of Litton Industries which built Alvin, and the Honorable James H. Wakelin, Jr. right, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Research Development. Photo & text courtesy of
Alvin 1.07k The Navy research submarine, Alvin (DSV-2) was operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Research Institution for the Office of Naval Research. The craft is 29 feet long and weighs 11 tons. It has a molded fiber-glass hull, which houses 8,400 pound sphere, made of one-inch thick steel, in which the two men crew will ride. The sphere can be released in an emergency and will float to the surface. Alvin is expected to have continuous speed of four knots, six knots in short bursts and a maximum range of 25 miles. Alvin is named for Allyn C. Vine, a Woods Hole Oceanographic Research doctor, who was greatly responsible for the submarine's creation. Photograph released 24 June 1964. USN photo # USN 1097019, courtesy of the National Museum of the U.S. Navy, via
Alvin 63k US Navy Rearch Underwater Vessel Alvin (DSV-2) is lowered into the water off Palomares, Spain, during the search for a missing Air Force hydrogen bomb. Alvin, the two man research submarine, located the bomb five miles off-shore and it was pulled to the surface April 1965. USN photo & text courtesy of USNI.
Alvin 253k Missing H bomb recovered by Alvin (DSV-2) off Palomares, Spain AP Wire photo courtesy of Ron Reeves (of blessed memory) via Gary Priolo.
Alvin 49k Alvin (DSV-2) secured to the well deck of Fort Snelling (LSD-30) in March 1966. USN photo & text courtesy of USNI.
Aluminaut 697k Alvin (DSV-2) and Aluminaut in the well deck of either the Fort Snelling (LSD-30). The two submersibles were berthed together until Aluminaut's tender arrived. Photo courtesy of the Naval Historical Center & text via
Alvin 59k Alvin's (DSV-2) three view ports welded into the hemispheres. This photo was taken after the completion of welding the third view ports and prior to removing the hemisphere from the welding enclosure to the machine shop for machining in 1972 at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Photo & text courtesy of Jim Richardson.
Alvin 84k The hemisphere set-up on the BETTS vertical mill for machining the weld joint prep for welding Alvin's (DSV-2) two hemispheres together. Photo & text courtesy of Jim Richardson.
Alvin 62k Close-up of the weld joint during preheat and prior to welding. Photo & text courtesy of Jim Richardson.
Alvin 82k The two hemispheres being preheated for welding to become the personnel sphere for Alvin (DSV-2). Photo & text courtesy of Jim Richardson.
Alvin 607k Cover page of the 7 page PDF lab report on hot forming of the titanium plate to make the two hemispheres for the personnel sphere that is in Alvin (DSV-2). This is the same method used to form the titanium hemispheres used for Sea Cliff (DSV-4). Photo & text courtesy of Jim Richardson.
Alvin 102k Alvin (DSV-2) on August 1978, a year after first exploring hydrothermal vents. The rack hanging at the bow holds sample containers. Courtesy of OAR/National Undersea Research Program (NURP); Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst via Robert Hurst.
Alvin 53k Cut out of the Alvin (DSV-2). Photo courtesy of Jack Treutle (of blessed memory).
Alvin 19k Commemorative postal cover marking Alvin's (DSV-2) dive on the Titanic, 23 August 1995. Courtesy of Jack Treutle (of blessed memory).
Alvin 37k Alvin (DSV-2) aboard her support ship Atlantis. Courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Alvin 41k Alvin (DSV-2), with divers aboard as she approaches her support ship Atlantis from the stern. Courtesy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Alvin 699k Alvin (DSV-2) gets refitted with new personnel sphere, June 2008. Photo courtesy of Office of Naval Research via Robert Hurst.
Alvin 608k Panorama of Alvin (DSV-2) on the fantail of the aboard her support ship Atlantis following a dive, 19 July 2008. On the right side of the photograph the A-frame crane can be seen that lowers Alvin into the water and on the left, Alvin's hangar. Photo courtesy Kirt L. Onthank (Taollan82)via Robert Hurst.

There is no DANFS History currently available for Alvin (DSV-2) at the Haze Gray & Underway Web Site, the main archive for the DANFS Online Project.
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