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Class: Type UB III. Built by Vulcan, Hamburg Germany. Keel Launched: 11 December, 1917. Commissioned UB-88, 26 January, 1918;
Fate: Soon after the 11 November armistice ended hostilities, UB-88 surrendered along with the other warships of the High Seas Fleet. They were interned-probably at Harwich, England-on 26 November 1918. Used for exhibitions along the Atlantic coast, Gulf of Mexico, coast of Panama and the West Coast. Used for tests and scuttled at San Pedro, California on 3 January, 1921 after being used as gunnery target by the US destroyer Wickes (DD-75).

Specifications: Displacement. 510 (surf.), 640 (subm.); l. 182'; b. 19'; dr. 12'; s. 13.6 k. (surf.), 8 k. (subm.); cpl. 34; a. 5 20" tt., 1 4.1"; cl. UB-88)
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A German mine laying submarine that was captured by the British while laying deadly mines off the coast of England. It was brought to the United States for the purpose or speeding up the second Liberty Loan. This shows a section of the U-boat being raised from the water. It is a heavy piece of work and huge derricks are required.
Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH.
Newspaper text courtesy of Perrysburg Journal. (Perrysburg, Wood Co., O. [Ohio]) 186?-1965, 01 November 1917, Image 9, via
U-boats 127k HUN U-BOATS COMING TO U.S.. Image and text provided by University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.
Newspaper text courtesy of The Citizen. (Berea, Ky.) 1899-1958, 17 April 1919, Image 6, via
U-boats 619k Four German submarines convoyed by US submarine tender Bushnell, left Harwick, England for the United States piloted by American officers. Shows American officers onboard German submarine just prior to their sailing for America.National Archives Identifier: 45513771
Local Identifier: 165-WW-338B-39
Photo courtesy of
U-boats616k(Original Caption) 4/28/1919-New York, NY: Captured German submarines in Brooklyn Harbor.Collection: Bettmann/Getty Images, courtesy of
U-boats685kFour U-boats turned over to the U. S. at anchor in Brooklyn Navy Yard. They have been cruising the harbor for the Victory Loan.
The U-117 & UC-5 appear on the left. The other 2 boats are UB-88 & UC-97.
To the right Lieut. Vincent Astor, who returned home on the U-117, fulfilling his promise to bring back a German sub.
Image and text provided by Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
Photo from New-York Tribune. (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, 04 May 1919, Image 53, via
NR Memphian Member of Crew Of Sub Coming Up River
The United States submarine K-5 (SS-36) and the German submarine UB-88, have left the submarine base at Key West, Pla., and are reported to have started up the Mississippi.
Image and text provided by University of Tennessee.
Photo & text by The News Scimitar.(Memphis, Tenn.) 1907-1926, 06 May 1919, 4th Edition, Image 11 courtesy of
U-boats 634k The UB-88, first German submarine to enter the Mississippi, in dry dock at New Orleans for minor repairs. Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library.
Newspaper text courtesy of American Fork Citizen. (American Fork, Utah) 1912-1979, 16 August 1919, Image 9, via
U-boats92k A promotional poster for the Victory Liberty Loan. UB-88 and other former German submarines visited numerous U.S. ports during 1919 to help stimulate interest in the postwar Victory Bond Drive. NARA Photo.
Text courtesy of Warship Int. Edition # 3, 1986.
U-boats147kInterior view of the forward torpedo room of UB-88, looking forward. Note the four tubes door with the motto "Gott mit uns" (God with us). The officer pictured here presumably is LT. George B. Evans USN, who was the vessel's executive officer from 3 May 1919 onward. Photo taken 24 September 1919 in San Francisco. Official USN photo # NH 42487.
Text courtesy of Warship Int. Edition # 3, 1986.
Torpedo tubes 511k Torpedo tubes onboard the UB-88. 16 Allied ships were sunk by these tubes. Back of picture says: "For'd Torpedo Tubes The little ink mark is on the For'd control Kingston, used in flooding tanks for diving. There are (16) of these." Text courtesy of Ric Hedman.
USN photo courtesy of Angie Mattke. Photo i.d. courtesy of Ric Hedman.
U-boats160kFive members of UB-88's, U.S. Navy engineering force. The boat's two 6 cylinder, four-cycle diesel main engines are seen here. Official USN photo # NH 42488.
Text courtesy of Warship Int. Edition # 3, 1986.
U-boats52k The former German submarines UB-88, and UB-148 moored outboard of the cruiser Chester (CA-27) at Harwich, U.K. This photo was taken while the U.S crews were preparing the boats for their transatlantic crossing: The boats were known to have been alongside Chester during 19 - 21 March & 24-26 March 1919, during which time this photo was taken. Official USN photo # NR &L (M) 36868.
Text courtesy of Warship Int. Edition # 3, 1986.
U-boats424k The former German submarines UB-88, and UB-148 tied up outboard of their tender Bushnell at New York Navy Yard during UB-88's 27 April to 5 May stay there. Visitors came aboard UB-88 during much of her time at New York, but the crew was given a "holiday" on May 4th.Official USN photo # NR &L (M) 3290.
Text courtesy of Warship Int. Edition # 3, 1986.
U-boats775kDate Taken: 4/29/1919. Original Caption: GERMAN SUBMARINES ENTER NEW YORK HARBOR. Four gray monsters glided past Miss Liberty into New York Harbor today. At each mast they flew the American Flag. They are here to boost the Liberty Loan
The UB-88 appears above entering New York harbor, probably on 27 April 1919. UB-88 spent the night of 26-27 April at dockside at Fort Hamilton, sandy Hook; she proceeded to Tompkinsville (Staten Is.) the morning of the 27th and from there went up to the N.Y. Navy Yard, tying up at the Yard at 1345 alongside ex-U-117
Text courtesy of Warship Int. Edition # 3, 1986.
Photographer: Western Newspaper Union
National Archives Identifier: 45491136
Local Identifier: 165-WW-233A-9
Photo courtesy of
U-boats131k The extreme bows of UB-88, and UB-148 outboard of Bushnell at New York Navy Yard during 27 April to 5 May 1919. Note the net cutters fitted on the sub's bows and the damage to the UB-88's bow. Official USN photo # NR &L (M) 3293.
Text courtesy of Warship Int. Edition # 3, 1986.
U-boats161k Conning towers of the former UB-88, UC-97, U-117, in line at New York Navy Yard during 27 April to 5 May 1919. The steel gantries at left background are part of the shipyard's building ways.Official USN photo # NR &L (M) 3294.
Text courtesy of Warship Int. Edition # 3, 1986.
U-boats120k Another view of the "sails" of the three ex-German submarines UB-88, UB-148 & UC-97, taken at New York Navy Yard prior to UB-88's departure on 5 May 1919. Note the fresh paint for the Bond Drive, including in particular the serpent on UB-148's conning tower. NARA Photo. Text courtesy of Warship Int. Edition # 3, 1986.
U-boats 442k Four of a kind.
From left ot right: U-117, UC-97, UB-88 & UB-148.
USN photo courtesy of Scott Koen &
UB-8871k UB-88 at Key West sometime in late July, early August 1919.Photo courtesy of Jim Brooks, NAS Key West Public Affairs Officer.
U-boats80k UB-88 receives Southern hospitality. I believe it to have been taken on the war bond tour while in either Houston or Galveston.Photo courtesy of Larry Reese.
1.23kBittern (AM-36) & UB-88 at Pedro Miguel Locks, 12 August 1919.National Archives Identifier: 100995812
Agency-Assigned Identifier: 185-G-617
Photo courtesy of
U-boats75k UB-88, at the Submarine Base, Coco Solo, Canal Zone, during 7 to 12 August 1919. The sub arrived at midnight the night of 6/7 August & departed at 09:15 the morning of the 12th to transit the Canal. Visitors were aboard from 09:00 to 20:00 on the 10th. The sub spent 08:20, 9th August to 08:00 of 10 August at the charging dock to replenish her batteries at the rate of 400 amperes per hour (avarage). Photo from the C. Wright Collection.
Text courtesy of Warship Int. Edition # 3, 1986.
UB-88160k UB-88, moored alongside the float at Pier 18, Balboa, Canal Zone, on 13 August 1919. UB-88 arrived here at 17:50 on the 12th following her Canal transit and was open to visitors from 09"00 - 20:00 on the 13th. She departed at 10:25 the next morning for Corinto, Nicaragua.NARA Photo.
Text courtesy of Warship Int. Edition # 3, 1986.
BB-40 New Mexico 119k Photograph taken by George R. Watson, L.A. Times staff photographer on 4 January 1921, from the forward turret of the New Mexico (BB-40) just as the former Hun sea scourge, UB-88 indicated by arrow, sank by the bow in her last dive. At the extreme right is the destroyer Wickes (DD-75), which acted as executioner and which had already passed it's target and the New Mexico as the UB-88 sank, though it began firing two miles to the left. In the inset are Admiral Rodman and Fred L. Baker. Photo & text courtesy of
UB-8850kOne of the original castings made to commemorate the UB-88. My hand gives a good scale for size.Photo courtesy of Ric Hedman.

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