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Patch at left contributed by Mike Smolinski, patch at right by Tommy Trampp

Contributed by Al Grazevich

USS Chemung (AO-30)

International Radio Call Sign:
November - Foxtrot - Alpha - Quebec
JANAP Tactical Voice Radio Call Sign - Imperial (G)olf - Section 6A of JANAP 119(F) 1968
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - American Defense Service Medal (with Fleet clasp)
Second Row - American Campaign Medal - Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign Medal (2) - Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
Third Row - World War II Victory Medal - Navy Occupation Medal (with Asia clasp) - National Defense Service Medal
Fourth Row - Korean Service Medal (4) - Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (9-Vietnam, 1-Taiwan Straits, 2-Quemoy-Matsu, 7-Korea) - Vietnam Service Medal (8) Fifth Row - United Nations Service Medal - Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal - Republic of Korea War Service Medal (retroactive)

Cimarron Class Fleet Oiler:
  • Laid down (date unknown) as SS Esso Annapolis, a Maritime Commission type (T3-S2-A1) tanker hull, under Maritime Commission contract (MC hull 9) at Bethlehem-Sparrows Point Shipyard, Inc., Sparrows Point, MD.
  • Launched, 9 September 1939
  • Acquired by the Maritime Commission, 5 June 1941 from Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey
  • Commissioned USS Chemung (AO-30), 3 July 1941, CDR. E. T. Spellman in command
  • During World War II USS Chemung participated in the following campaigns

    Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaigns
    Campaign and Dates Campaign and Dates
    North African occupation
    Algeria-Morocco landings, 8 to 11 November 1942
    Invasion of Southern France
    15 August to 25 September 1944

  • Following World War II USS Chemung was assigned to Occupation duty and China service for the following periods:

    Navy Occupation Service Medal

    China Service Medal (extended)
    Asia - 15 September to 16 October 194523 November to 27 December 1951
    Europe - 30 April to 18 June 194821 to 28 October 1952
    Europe - 24 November 1948 to 23 March 194931 October to 23 November 1952
     13 February to 11 March 1954
     14 November to 3 December 1954
     20 January to 10 February 1944

  • Decommissioned, 3 July 1950, at San Diego, CA.
  • Laid up in the Pacific Reserve Fleet, San Diego Group
  • Recommissioned, 1 December 1950
  • During the Korean War USS Chemung participated in the following campaigns

    Korean War Campaigns
    Campaign and Dates Campaign and Dates
    UN Summer-Fall Offensive
    23 August to 1 September 1951
    12 to 21 September 1951
    27 September to 7 October 1951
    17 to 28 October 1951
    2 to 11 November 1951
    Korean Defense Summer-Fall 1952
    15 to 27 July 1952
    8 and 10 to 25 August 1952
    31 August to 12 September 1952
    20 September to 3 October 1952
    Second Korean Winter
    30 to 31 December 1951
    3 to 12 January 1952
    Third Korean Winter
    8 to 15 December 1952
    27 December 1952 to 6 January 1953
    16 to 28 January 1953

  • During the Vietnam War USS Chemung participated in the following campaigns

    Vietnam War Campaigns
    Campaign and Dates Campaign and Dates
    Vietnam Defense
    24 December 1965
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive - Phase V
    28 July to 3 August 1968
    14 to 21 August 1968
    26 August to 2 September 1968
    27 September to 5 October 1968
    10 to 17 October 1968
    24 October to 1 November 1968
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive
    25 December 1965 to 2 January 1966
    29 January to 2 February 1966
    22 to 27 February 1966
    9 to 15 and 20 to 24 March1966
    17 to 18 May 1966
    10 to 12, 18 to 21 and 29 to 30 June 1966
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive - Phase VI
    20 to 27 November 1968
    1 to 12 December 1968
    4 to 11 January 1969
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive - Phase II
    1 to 5 and 9 to 15 July 1966
    Vietnam Summer-Fall 1969
    12 to 20 and 27 to 31 October 1969
    Vietnamese Counteroffensive - Phase III
    15 to 23 June 1967
    27 June to 24 July 1967
    11 to 22 July 1967
    27 July to 4 August 1967
    10 to 18 August 1967
    23 August to 1 September 1967
    7 to 15 and 22 to 28-September 1967
    30 October to 7 November 1967
    13 to 24 November 1967
    7 to 17 December 1967
    26 December to 3 January 1968
    Vietnam Winter-Spring 1970
    1 to 7 November 1969
    16 to 24 November 1969
    8 to 16 and 20 to 27 December 1969
    1 to 4 and 19 to 29 January 1970

  • Decommissioned, 18 September 1970, at San Diego, CA.
  • Struck from the Naval Register in May 1971
  • USS Chemung earned two battle stars for World War II service, four battle stars for Korean War service and six campaign stars for Vietnam War service
  • Transferred to the Maritime Administration,31 March 1971, for lay up in the National Defense Reserve Fleet
  • Final Disposition, sold for scrapping, 14 May 1971, to Levin Metals Corp. (PD-X-905 dated 20 April 1971) for $103,372.00, delivered 16 June 1971
    Displacement 7,470 t.(lt) 25,440 t.(fl)
    Length 553'
    Beam 68'
    Draft 32' 4"
    Speed 15.1 kts (trial)
    Officers 20
    Enlisted 255
    one single 5"/38 cal dual purpose gun mounts
    four single 3'/50 cal dual purpose gun mounts
    four twin 40mm AA gun mounts
    four twin 20mm AA gun mounts
    Cargo Capacity 16,500DWT
    Oil 123,700 Bbls
    Gasoline 788,000 Gals
    Fuel Capacity NSFO 15,000 Bbls
    two Bethlehem-Curtiss geared turbines
    four Foster and Wheeler K-type boilers, 450psi 750°
    double De Laval Main Reduction Gears
    Ship's Service Generators
    two turbo-drive 400Kw, 230V A.C.
    one Diesel-drive 150Kw 230V A.C.
    twin propellers, 13,500shp

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    For Full Size Image
    Size Image Description Source
    Chemung 58k USS Chemung (AO-30), date and location unknown. Auke Visserīs ESSO Tanker web site
    Chemung 122k USS Chemung (AO-30) refueling USS Alaska (CB-1), date and location unknown. courtesy Auke Visserīs T2 Tanker web site
    Chemung 118k USS Chemung (AO-30) near Norfolk Navy Yard, 30 April 1943. This ship and one sister USS Sabine (AO-25) received what became the standard wartime armament for large auxiliaries, one 5" gun aft and 4-3"/50 guns, two forward and two aft. This view was taken after Chemung had exchanged her initial 5"/51 gun aft for a 5"/38.
    US National Archives, RG-19-LCM. Photo # 19-N-47642, courtesy
    Robert Hurst
    Chemung/Steinaker 58k USS Chemung (AO-30) refueling USS Steinaker (DD-863) and USS Princeton (CV-37), April 1946 .
    Chemung 88k Broadside view of USS Chemung (AO-30) off Mare Island, 26 July 1957. Chemung undergoing repairs at Mare Island from 30 April until 31 July 1957.
    Mare Island Naval Shipyard photo # 35825-7-57, 7/26/57.
    Darryl Baker
    Chemung 105k USS Chemung (AO-30) underway refueling a carrier and destroyer.
    US Navy photo from "All Hands" magazine, August 1946
    Joe Radigan MACM USN Ret.
    Chemung 72k CDR George G. Molumphy speaking, during ceremonies recommissioning USS Chemung (AO-30) for Korean War service, 1 December 1950, at San Diego, CA. Standing behind the speaker are (from left to right): Unidentified CDR, RADM Francis X McInerney, CAPT Frank T Sloat, CAPT Elmer P Abernethy, and RADM Wilder D Baker.
    US National Archives photo # 80-G-427320, a US Navy photo now in the collections of the US National Archives.
    US Naval Historical Center
    Chemung 139k USS Chemung (AO-30) aground near Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, 3 July 1958. Ron Reeves
    Chemung 56k USS Chemung (AO-30) underway off the entrance to Long Beach Naval Shipyard, 1959-60 Photo by Capt. Don Bodron, USCG, Ret.
    Chemung 75k USS Chemung (AO-30) underway off Vietnam, mid-1960. Robert Hurst
    Chemung 104k USS Chemung (AO-30) refuels USS Boyd (DD-544) in the Pacific Ocean, 11 April 1962.
    US Navy photo # USN 1060497, by Ph1 Bundy, USN.
    David Buell
    Chemung 625k USS Chemung (AO-30) Change of Command. Capt. Frank B. Stone relieving Capt. Walter M. Ousey, at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, 26 June 1963.
    File name: AO 30 17908-6-53.
    Darryl Baker
    Chemung 154k USS Chemung (AO-30) refueling USS Bennington (CVS-20), WestPac, mid-July 1964. Joseph Pires, USS Bennington Association & Web Site Historian).
    Chemung 75k USS Chemung (AO-30) underway during replenishment of an aircraft carrier, 1966 © Richard Leonhardt
    Chemung 17k USS Chemung (AO-30), off Danang, Vietnam, date unknown. Lynn Pickeral
    Brown Water LST
    USS Washtenaw County (LST-1166) web site
    Chemung 110k USS Chemung (AO-30) refueling USS Hooper (DE-1026) in rough seas, date unknown Don Scott, YNCS(SS), USN, Ret
    Chemung 62k USS Chemung (AO-30) underway, date and location unknown. Tommy Trampp
    Chemung 250k USS Chemung (AO-30) refueling USS Hancock (CVA-19), 2 July 1969, off the coast of California.
    Courtesy US Navy and Marine Corps Museum/Naval Aviation Museum, photo # 1996.488.05.
    Mike Green
    Chemung 83k USS Chemung (AO-30) decommissioning ceremony, San Diego, CA., 18 September 1970. The man at the far right in civilian clothing, wearing sunglasses was Mr. Butler's father, and a plank owner of the Chemung US Navy photo. Jack Butler

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