A.    From period of 1 Apr thru 3 April 1945 Units I and II underwent logistics and repair in the transport area directly off the Hagushi Landing Beaches.

        On 3 April 1945 LSM(R) 196 was on patrol off Point Bolo, destroyed one enemy fighter plane (probable VAL) with 20 mm fire.

        At 1715, 5 April 1945, LSM(R) 194 received 20 mm shell holes from. enemy suicide plane as it passed forward of the conning tower. One officer was wounded slightly by a small piece of shrapnel. While on screening patrol off Hagushi Landing Beaches, LSM(R) 197 destroyed OSCAR by 40 mm gunfire.

        On 7 April 1945, the following ships reported to radar picket stations as assigned by Commander Task Unit 52.9.1. Th LSM(R)'s under the direction an accompanying destroyer. maintained their radar picket station to screen the entire Okinawa Area against approach of enemy surface craft and to provide close fire support for the destroyer against air or surface attack. Radar picket stations are shown graphically by enclosure (D):
        LSM(R) 190 to Radar Picket Station 14
        LSM(R) 191 to Radar Picket Station 14
        LSM(R) 194 to Radar Picket Station 10
        LSM(R) 195 to Radar Picket Station 10
        LSM(R) 192 to Radar Picket Station 1

        At 0950, 10 April 1945, the LSM(R) 193 picked up body of Japanese pilot in the water. Body was stripped a.nd material was sent to Naval Intelligence.

        The LSM(R) 189 relieved LSM(R) 191 of radar picket station 14 left.
        LSM(R) 197 on Radar Picket Station 2
        LSM(R) 198 on Radar Picket Station 2
        LSM(R) 199 on Radar Picket Station 3

        LSM(R) 192, while on radar picket station 1 right, recovered from body of Jap pilot, a secret code book and forwarded it to Naval intelligence.

        At 1328, 12 April 1945, the LSM(R) 189 was attacked by enemy planes. This ship destroyed by gunfire one VAL, two KATES and assisted the LSM(R) 190 in destroying another VAL. One of the KATES shot down hit the conning tower of the LSM(R) 189, knocking two men overboard and injuring two more slightly. The destroyer DD 773 was hit by a suicide plane LSM(R) 189 picked up 150 survivors. The LSM(R) 190 destroyed two VALS and assisted LSM(R) 189 in destroying another, also picking up 108 survivors from DD 773. The LSM(R) 191 relieved the LSM(R) 192 at dawn on Radar Picket station 1 right. During an afternoon air attack, this ship succeeded in shooting down one VAL end rescuing 35 survivors from DD 477.

13 April 1945, LSM(R)'s 192, 193, 196, 197, 198, 199 and LC(FF) 535 were assigned to night harassment patrols and destructive bombardment of Ie Shima from period beginning 13 April through 16 April 1945. The LSM(R)'s utilized irregular rocket fire for destructive harassment, 5" star shell for illumination and harassment, and 40 mm to prevent any reinforcement of the beach defenses.

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