The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in commending

Inshore Fire Support Division NINETY-THREE consisting of USS CARRONADE (IFS 1), USS CLARION RIVER (LSMR 409), USS

For service as set forth in the following CITATION:

For exceptionally meritorious service in support of friendly forces in the Republic of Vietnam, and during combat operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force from 19 April 1966 to 31 May 1967. During this period, Inshore Fire Support Division NINETY-THREE operated in Task Unit Seventy Point EIGHT Point NINE, in support of forces ashore in the Republic of Vietnam. The praise earned by these Rocket Rainmakers, both from forces ashore and Task Unit Commander, has been consistently high. While supporting the in-country forces in all four corps areas, and participation in operations Beacon Hill, Benh Phu 12, Binh Tuy 14, Black Jack, Crescent, Deckhouse I, III, V, and VI, Den Ten Van II, Duble Eagle, Desoto, Emerson, Farragut I and II, Franklin, Fresno, Golden Six, Obile, Oakland, Phi Long II, Pershing, Vinh Thru 7, Wallaby I, and Yonder Cajun 6, this unit fired in excess of 107,000 Spin Stabilized Rockets, 9,000 rounds of five-inch ammunition, and 38,000 round of forty-millimeter ammunition. The destruction and devastation brought upon the enemy, and the support provided the ground forces during this period, by the officers and men of this small unit has been unsurpassed. Inshore Fire Support Division NINETY-THREE has an outstanding record of striving for operational readiness, and of meeting their missions, tasks, and commitments in a manner reflecting their team effort and leadership so manifested by their exemplary performance. Their determined and inspiring efforts were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

Authority is hereby granted for eligible personnel to wear the NUC Ribbon and Units to display insignia pending formal promulgation of NUC by Chief of Naval Personnel.

P. J. Piper
Command Duty Officer

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