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Left patch contributed by Mike Smolinski, right patch by Walt Kuecks

USS Lindenwald (LSD-6)
USNS Lindenwald (T-LSD-6) (1956 - 1960)
USS Lindenwald (LSD-6) (1943 - 1956)

Notes from U.S.S. Lindenwald Deck Logs 1951 - 1953 Contributed by James (Jim) Lawrence USS Lindenwald

6 June - The main Fleet consisting of 82 ships in all left Norfolk on “Operation Blue Jay”
16 June - The U.S.S. Lindenwald set sail from Norfolk joining “Operation Blue Jay” which was enroute to Thule, Greenland.
24 June - Crossed the Arctic Circle becoming members of the Order of the Blue Nose.
10 July - Arrived at Thule and began off loading
16 July - Headed back toward Norfolk, arriving 29 July

16 June - Departed Norfolk on “Sunac” cruise enroute to Thule, Greenland.
24 June - Crossed the Arctic Circle a second time.
30 June - Arrived at Thule, offloaded
8 August - Departed Thule for Norfolk.

21 March - Underway for Newfoundland then on to Resolution Island
6 April - Lying to, waiting on ice pack to break up some.
11 April - Fired 660 rounds 20mm and 101 rounds of 40 mm at iceberg.
21 April - After attempting to plow our way through the ice field we developed a vibration on the Port Engine, which was later confirmed to be one broken blade from Port Propeller.
23 April - Still 11 miles from Resolution Island with ice field between ship and destination.
4 May - Arrived at St. George Bay, Newfoundland.
6 May - Unloaded 185 Army personnel and 21 Officers and equipment at St. George Bay, Newfoundland.
16 May - Arrived Norfolk

"It was during this time in the ice that our Captain, Commander Ramirez de Arellano shot a Polar Bear. Something that is not allowed now . I am attaching a picture of him and the polar bear and one of me with bear lying on the deck. I am also attaching a picture of the Lindenwald dwarfed along side of a large iceberg. I was a Boilertender and sometimes we could hear them scraping the side of the ship. I am attaching some miscellaneous pictures, which I know you can’t use some or any, but I do thank you for your consideration."
James (Jim) Lawrence

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