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International Radio Call Sign:
November - Victor - Charlie - Romeo

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - American Campaign Medal
Second Row - Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal - World War II Victory Medal - Navy Occupation Service Medal (with Asia clasp)
Third Row - Korean Service Medal (2) - United Nations Service Medal - Republic of Korea War Service Medal

USS LSM-226 was loaned France, designated L9019 and later transferred to South Vietnam and redesignated RVNS Lam Giang (HQ-402)
LSM-1 Class Landing Ship Medium:
  • Laid down, 12 July 1944, at Dravo Corporation, Wilmington, DE.
  • Launched, 4 September 1944
  • Commissioned USS LSM-226, 30 September 1944, LT. Harry W. Mikesell, USNR, in command
  • During World War II USS LSM-226 was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater:
    LSM Flotilla Eight, CDR. H. Doe USN (23);
    LSM Group Twenty-Four, LCDR. B. H. Lindman USNR;
    LSM Division Forty-Seven
  • Following World War II USS LSM-226 was assigned to Occupation service in the Far East from 4 September to 25 November 1945
  • Decommissioned, 3 July 1946
  • Laid up in the Reserve Fleet
  • Recommissioned, 6 September 1950
  • During the Korean War USS LSM-226 participated in the following campaigns:

    Korean War Campaigns
    Campaigns and Dates Campaigns and Dates
    Second Korean Winter, 16 to 30 April 1952 Korean Defense, Summer-Fall, 1 May and 13 June to 4 September 1952

  • Decommissioned, 6 April 1954
  • USS LSM-226 earned two battle stars for Korean War service
  • Transferred, on loan, to France, 7 April 1954, redesignated L9019
  • Transferred in October 1956, to South Vietnam, commissioned RVNS Lam Giang (HQ-402)
  • Final Disposition, RVNS Lam Giang (HQ-402) scuttled, 2 May 1975, off Con Son Island, South Vietnam to prevent capture by North Vietnam forces
    Displacement 520 t.(light), 743 t. (landing) 1,095 t.(fully loaded)
    Length 203' 6" (ovl)
    Beam 34' 6"
    light, 3' 6" forward, 7' 8" aft
    fully loaded, 6' 4" forward, 8' 3" aft
    Speed 13.2 kts. (max.), (928 tons displacement)
    5 officers
    54 enlisted
    one twin bow mounted 40mm gun
    four single 20mm gun mounts
    Vehicle/Boat Capacity 5 medium or 3 heavy tanks, or 6 LVT's, or 9 DUKW's
    Fuel Capacity
    Diesel 1,225 Bbls
    Troop Accommodations
    2 officers
    46 enlisted
    Armor 10-lb. STS splinter shield to gun mounts, pilot house and conning station
    Endurance 4,900 miles @ 12kts.(928 tons displacement)
    two Fairbanks Morse (model 38D81/8X10, reversible with hydraulic clutch) Diesel engines, direct drive with 1,440 BHP each @ 720rpm
    Ship's Service Generators
    two Diesel-drive 100Kw 450V A.C.
    one Diesel-drive 20Kw 120V D.C.
    twin propellers, 2,800shp

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    Size Image Description Contributed
    USS LSM-226
    LSM-226 49k LSM-226 launching at Dravo Corporation, Wilmington, DE. USS LSM / LSMR Association
    LSM-226 73k Marines build ramp for USS LSM-226 to land and load equipment from the beach, San Clemente Island during a training exercise, circa 1950-51. Photo taken from LSM-226 Donald Cutts, USS LSM-226 1950-51
    LSM-226/161 57k USS LSM-226 and USS LSM-161 beached at San Clemente Island, circa 1950-51. Note the earthen ramp from the previous photo. Donald Cutts, USS LSM-226 1950-51
    LSM-226/236/161 53k USS LSM-236, USS LSM-226 and USS LSM-161, (first reported as Okinawa, circa 1945) Possibly at San Clemente Island, circa 1950-51, during an amphibious training exercise with US Marines. Max Clayton, USS LSM-226, 1954-55
    LSM-226 96k USS LSM-226 crew photo 1950-51 from back to front.
    Back Row (6th row) - Annis, Lafeuers, Vogel, Magistrali, Dell, Shaw, Boukal, Parlette, R.L. Smith
    5th Row - Simmons, Rowlett, Avina, Pascoe, Reynolds, Bellanger, P.Henderson, Chapman, Lancaster
    4th Row - Nunn, Herrington, Kesner, Stark, Keeton, Van hise, Davis, Hoskins, Beasley
    3rd Row - Howell, Harper, Thomas, Johnson, Fletcher, Henderson, Loeser, Hanson, Kaiser
    2nd Row - Ethington, Heye, Tauasci, Nauer, Mumford, Gregg, Brackett, Hopper, Wisely
    Front Row (1st row) - Doc Juergens, Ltjg. Porcari, Lt. Croskey, Lt. Mikesell (Ships Capt.) , Ltjg. Mohr, Ltjg. Duvall, Ens. Gilmartin
    Robert Avina, for his father Joe Avina QM2 (USS LSM-226, USS LST-461 WW2 and Korea)
    LSM-226 120k USS LSM-226 personnel inspection, circa 1950-51. Robert Avina, for his father Joe Avina QM2 (USS LSM-226, USS LST-461 WW2 and Korea)
    LSM-226 38k USS LSM-226 moored pierside, circa 1950-51, probably at San Diego. Robert Avina, for his father Joe Avina QM2 (USS LSM-226, USS LST-461 WW2 and Korea)
    LSM-226 51k USS LSM-236 and USS LSM-226 moored pierside, probably at San Diego, circa 1950-51. Donald Cutts USS LSM-226
    LSM-226 69k USS LSM-226 under way, during the Korean War era. Melvin J. Craig EN3 USS LSM-226 to the USS LSM / LSMR Association
    LSM-226 103k USS LSM-226 under way, date and location unknown.US Navy photo # USN 1045394 USS LSM / LSMR Association
    LSM-226 71k USS LSM-226 under way, date and location unknown.US Navy photo # USN 1046306 USS LSM / LSMR Association
    LSM-226 67k USS LSM-226 under way, date and location unknown.
    LSM-226 76k Ex-LSM-226 under way in French naval service off San Diego, CA. in April 1954.
    Photo by Oather Morper.
    Bill Brinkley and the USS LSM / LSMR Association
    RFS L9019
    LSM-226 197k Ex-LSM-226 in French naval service as RFS L9019 beached at Dili, Portuguese Timor (now East Timor) circa 1954 to 1956. Gordon Ramsay
    RVNS Lam Giang (HQ-402)
    LSM-226 54k Ex-LSM-226 under way in South Vietnamese naval service as RVNS Lam Giang (HQ-402), date and location unknown. USS LSM / LSMR Association

    The history extract for USS LSM-226 is from LSM-LSMR Amphibious Forces, Vol. II. Paducah, Kentucky: Turner Publishing Company, © 1997. (ISBN 1-56311-389-9).
    Commanding Officers
    01LT. Mikesell, Harry W. USNR30 September 1944 - ?
    02LT. Marland, W. C. USNRMay 1945

    Crew Contact And Reunion Information
    U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation - Navy Log

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