(Landing Ships, Medium)

Specs. From: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships, Vol. I, 1964, Navy Department, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Naval History Division, Washington, D.C. Text Compiled From: Official Ship Movement Cards and Deck Logs.

Displacement. 500 t. (light), 743 t. (landing), 1,095 t. (loaded);

Length. 203 6" o a;

Beam. 34' 6";

Draft. 3 6" forward, 7' 8" aft (light); 6' 4" forward, 8' 3" aft (full load);

Speed. 13.2 kts. (max., 928 t. displacement);

Complement. 4 officers, 54 enlisted;

Armament. one twin 40 mm gun mount, 4 single 20 mm gun mounts;

Vehicle/Boat Capacity. 5 medium or 3 heavy tanks, or 6 LVT's or 9 DUKW's;

Troop Capacity. 2 officers, 46 enlisted;

Armor. 10-lb. STS splinter shield to gun mounts, pilot house and conning station;

Propulsion. 2 General Motors (non-reversible w/airflex clutch) diesels. Direct drive w/1,440 BHP each @ 720 rpm, twin screws;

Endurance. 4,900 miles @12 kts. (928 t. displacement).

Class. LSM-1

LSM-457 was laid down by Western Pipe and Steel Company, Wilmington, California, Her keel was laid 4 December, 1944; launched 17 March, 1945; accepted and placed in full commission 28 March, 1945 in San Pedro, California. After fitting out and shakedown from 28 March to 4 April, LSM-457 joined Tra. Command Phib. Forces at San Diego, California where she remained until 16 May. On that date, and with T. P. Nelson, Lt.(jg), USNR, commanding, she set sail for Cincpac at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, arriving on 26 May, 1945. She remained in Hawaiian waters, undergoing training exercises, until 27 June, 1945. On 25 June, three 18-ton picket boats were loaded, destined for Samar, Philippine Islands.

Formed with Task Unit 13.11.50 consisting of nine LST's and five other LSMs, arranged in three columns of five ships. LSM-457, et. al. Departed Pearl Harbor on 27 June and sailed for Eniwetok, Marshall Islands, where she arrived on 9 July. Along the way, the International Date Line was crossed on 3 July. She left Eniwetok with Task Organization 13.11.50, seven LSTs and three other LSMs, on the 12th and sailed to Saipan, Marianas Islands, where she arrived four days later.

LSM-457 was part of the 83rd Division, 42nd Squadron, 14th Flotilla, 7th Pacific Fleet. She sailed 20 July with T. O. 13.11.50 enroute to Leyte Gulf, Philippine Islands, arriving in San Pedro Bay on 26 July, 1945. 28 July ordered to Guiuan, Samar Island, to unload cargo, arrived same day. 1 August unloaded cargo of three picket boats and returned to San Pedro Bay, Leyte Gulf. 10 August word was received of Japan's surrender offer. The pyrotechnic display which followed was tremendous. Loaded 25 tons of general cargo and waited on orders during the month of August. 28 August sailed to Calicoan, Samar Island.

9 September loaded two LCMs and joined with C.T.U. 93.4.30, 36 ships in four columns with three escorts, steaming to Okinawa. Arrived Buckner Bay, Okinawa on 14 September, 1945. 20 September, beached at Guerin Point loading cargo, men and equipment of the First Division Engineers, USMC.

LSM-457 departed Okinawa on 25 September with Task Unit 78.1.90, destination Taku, China, in support of American efforts to stabilize the China situation. They arrived 30 September at the Hai River near Taku (Tanggu), North China Coast. 3 October unloaded Marines and their equipment at Taku, China. Transported passengers and shuttled supplies and equipment around Tientsin (Tianjin) on the Hai River and the Gulf of Bo Hai area.

On 14 October, departed with LSM Group 42 (12 LSMs) for destination unknown. After five days of avoiding floating mines, arrived in Okinawa to transport military personnel and equipment. 23 October, LSM-457 left Okinawa in column with eight other LSMs, proceeding back to the mouth of the Hai River and Tientsin (Tianjin), China. Arrived 27 October, after having to tow LSM-174 part of the way. Transported passengers and shuttled supplies and equipment around Tientsin (Tianjin) on the Hai River and the Gulf of Bo Hai area until 11 December, 1945. 6 December, 1645 received aboard the following named men for further transfer:....; Lemmerman, K. E., RT2c;.....

Departed the Gulf of Bo Hai on 11 December with Task Group 78.19.10, 14 LSMs in two columns, destination Korea. Arrived in Jinsen Ko on the west coast of Korea two days later. 13 December at 1122, Lemmerman, K. E., RT2c, 949-87-41, USN-I(SA), reported aboard for duty. Transported personnel and supplies around Jinsen Ko and Jinsen Harbor until 8 January, 1946.

LSM-457 returned to Taku (Tanggu), China with Task Unit 78.16.11 (5 LSMs), arriving at anchorage in Gulf of Bo Hai on 10 January, 1946. Transported passengers and shuttled supplies and equipment around

Tientsin (Tianjin) on the Hai River and the Gulf of Bo Hai area until 13 March, 1946.

Departed the transport area at the mouth of the Hai River in the Gulf of Bo Hai on 13 March with CTU 78.19.24 (4 LSMs), destination Shanghai, China. Arrived at the Yangtze River anchorage on 16 March. The next day proceeded up the Whang Poo River to Shanghai, China. LSM-457 rusted in the Whang Poo River, Shanghai, China awaiting orders until 6 April when they entered Shanghai Drydocks. 13 April they left drydock and returned to rusting in the Whang Poo River at Shanghai, China. Departed the Whang Poo via the Yangtze on 25 April in formation with LSM-157, destination Tsingtao (Qingtao), China.

LSM-457 arrived at Tsingtao (Qingtao), China on 26 April, 1946. 29 April a Chinese crew reported aboard to start training. Made daily (except Sunday) training cruises or moored training with Chinese who left the ship before sunset. 6 June, 1946 at 0825 the following named men were transferred bag and baggage to the U.S.S. General Butner (AP-113) for transportation to the United States for discharge:......;Lemmerman, K. E., ETM2c (949-87-41) USNR.;.......

LSM-457 was decommissioned at Tsingtao, China on 12 June, 1946 and turned over to the Chinese Navy on Lend-Lease. Escaped to Taiwan, October 1949, with the fall of the Republic of China; Rebuilt, reconfigured and renamed LSM-347, 1969/73; Renamed LSM-694, 1978/79; As of 2001, LSM-457 is still active in the Taiwanese (Republic of China) Navy as Mei Sung-694 along with three other ex-LSMs (155, 362, & 471) in the Mei Lo (LSM-1) class utility landing craft. All have undergone extensive overhaul and modification.

Submitted by Karl E. Lemmerman, RTM2c, USN June 1944 - June 1946
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