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USS LCI(R)-337
USS LCI(L)-337 (1942 - 1945)

International Radio Call Sign:
November - Juliet - Sierra - Quebec
Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons

Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - Combat Action Ribbon (retroactive) - China Service Medal (extended)
Second Row - American Campaign Medal - Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal (8) - World War II Victory Medal
Third Row - Navy Occupation Service Medal (with Asia clasp) - Philippines Presidential Unit Citation - Philippines Liberation Medal (2)

LCI-1 Class Landing Craft Infantry (Large):
  • Laid down, 22 September 1942, at Brown Shipbuilding Co., Houston, TX.
  • Launched, 21 October 1942
  • Commissioned USS LCI(L)-337, 21 December 1942
  • During World War II USS LCI(L)-337 was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater:
    LCI Flotilla Seven;
    LCI Group Nineteen and participated in the following campaigns:

    Asiatic-Pacific Campaigns
    Campaigns and Dates Campaigns and Dates
    Eastern New Guinea operations
    Lae occupation, 4 to 6 and 9 to 13 September 1943
    Luzon operation
    Mindoro landings, 12 to 18 December 1944
    Lingayen Gulf landings, 4 to 18 January 1945
    Bismarck Archipelago operation
    Cape Gloucester, New Britain, 26 to 27 December 1943
    Manila Bay - Bicol operations
    Zambales-Subic Bay, 29 to 31 January 1945
    Mariveles-Corregidor, 14 to 28 February 1945
    Hollandia operation, 21 to 25 April 1944 Consolidation and occupation of the Southern Philippines
    Mindanao Island landings, 10 and 16 March, and 17 to 23 April 1945
    Leyte operation
    Leyte landings, 12 October to 29 November 1944
    Ormoc Bay landings, 7 to 8 December 1944
    Borneo operation
    Balikpapan operation, 26 June to 7 July 1945

  • USS LCI(L)-337 was redesignated Landing Ship Infantry (Rocket) LCI(R)-337, 10 July 1945
  • Following World War II USS LCI(R)-337 was assigned to Occupation and China service in the Far East for the following period:

    Navy Occupation Service Medal

    China Service Medal (extended)
    29 September to 14 December 194529 September to 14 December 1945

  • Decommissioned, date unknown
  • Struck from the Naval Register in January 1946
  • USS LCI(L)-337 / USS LCI(R)-337 earned eight battle stars for World War II service
  • Final Disposition, sold in November 1947, probably as part of the purchase by the Oklahoma-Philippines Co. in what was referred to as the "Berry sale"
    Displacement 216 t.(light), 234 t.(landing); 389 t.(loaded)
    Length 158' 5 1/2"
    Beam 23' 3"
    Draft Light 3'1½" mean, Landing, 2' 8" forward, 4' 10"aft, Loaded, 5' 4" forward 5' 11" aft
    16 kts (max.)
    14 kts maximum continuous
    LCI(L) Complement
    3 Officers
    21 Enlisted
    LCI(R) Complement
    3 Officers
    31 Enlisted
    LCI(L) Troop Capacity
    6 Officers
    182 Enlisted
    LCI(L) Cargo Capacity 75 tons
    Armor 2" plastic splinter protection on gun turrets, conning tower and pilot house
    Endurance 4,000 miles at 12 kts, loaded, 500 miles at 15 kts; and 110 tons of fuel
    LCI(L) Armament
    four single 20mm guns one forward, one amidship, two aft
    two .50 cal machine guns
    LCI(R) Armament
    one 40mm bow mounted gun mount
    four 20mm guns
    two .50 cal machine guns
    six 5" rocket launchers
    Fuel Capacity
    Diesel 935 Bbls
    lube oil 200 gal
    two sets of 4 General Motors 6051 series 71 Diesel engines, 4 per shaft
    single General Motors Main reduction gears
    two Diesel-drive 30Kw 120V D.C. Ship's Service Generators
    twin variable pitch propellers, 2,320shp

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    Size Image Description Source
    LCI(L)-337 161k USS LCI-337 offloading Marines, 26 December 1943, at Yellow Beach Two during the Cape Gloucester invasion. The morning began with pre-invasion shelling by the heavy cruisers HMAS Australia and HMAS Shropshire, light cruisers USS Phoenix (CL-46) and USS Nashville (CL-43), and accompanying DDs. Officially part of task unit 76.1.32, LCI 337 and her five company ships delivered elements of Marine combat teams B and C. Offload began around 0740 the day after Christmas. The LCIs were complete with their mission about an hour later and departed the invasion beaches to make room for the LSTs. Brian Miller
    137k USS LCI(L)-337 beached while troops disembark, date and location unknown. Shawn Callaghan in honor of his father PFC Charles H Callaghan, H&S 1st Eng Bn. 1st Marine Division
    LCI(L)-341 763k From left to right:
    USS LCI(L)-340
    USS LCI(L)-338
    USS LCI(L)-341
    USS LCI(L)-71
    USS LCI(L)-337
    beached in the Philippine Islands after a day of invasion practice, date and location unknown.
    Harry W. Ritzel CMOMM USS LCI(L)-341
    Sonoma 142k USS Sonoma (ATO-12) on fire after being hit by a Japanese kamikaze bomber, 24 October 1944, at San Pedro Bay, Leyte Gulf. USS Chickasaw (ATF-83) and USS LCI(L)-72 are assisting in the fire fighting futile effort while USS LCI(L)-337 is coming alongside to help evacuate casualties.
    US National Archives, Photo No. 80-G-325818, a US Navy photo now in the collections of the US National Archives.
    Mike Green
    LCI(L)-337 137k USS LCI(R)-337 moored in New Guinea in August 1945. MoMM L. Simimox and PhM Leonard George on ramp.
    Photo by Arthur Levine, GM2/c.
    Donated by Marc S. Levine
    in honor of his father Arthur Levine, GM2/c USS LCI(R)-337
    LCI(G)-64 142k USS LCI(R)-337 and USS LCI(G)-64 in dry dock at Subic Bay in August 1945 for repairs
    Frank M. LeTarte S1/c USNR USS LCI(G)-64
    LCI(L)-337 39k USS LCI(R)-337 firing her rockets, date and location unknown Jill Will for her father LTjg. Clarke Brooke LCI(L)-337
    LCI(L)-337 125k USS LCI(R)-337, grounded at Okinawa as result of Typhoon Louise on 9 October 1945. Note the hole in her port side. In the background is APL-14 non-self propelled barracks craft.
    Photo by Arthur Levine, GM2/c
    Donated by Marc S. Levine
    in honor of his father Arthur Levine, GM2 USS LCI(R)-337
    LCI-463/337 1106k USS LCI(G)-463 and USS LCI(R)-337 high and dry at Buckner Bay, Okinawa, after Typhoon Louise blew thorough the port on 9 October 1945. Donn Cuson
    LCI-337 84k USS LCI(R)-337 beached and grounded in Buckner Bay, Okinawa, after Typhoon Louise ravaged that port in October 1945. Photographed in November 1945. Beyond USS LCI(R)-337 is USS Ocelot (IX-110), whose stern was severed by USS Nestor (ARB-6), visible above the stern of LCI(R)-337. Beyond Nestor is the wreck of YF-1079, ex LST-39, and beyond the bow of LCI(R)-337 is YF-993 high and dry.
    US Naval History and Heritage Command photo # 105654, from the collection of Dr. Richard Raymond Gratton (1915-1990), donated by his daughter, Barbara Gratton Stillwater, 2008
    Donated by Marc S. Levine
    in honor of his father Arthur Levine, GM2 USS LCI(R)-337
    Nestor 441k USS LCI(R)-337 (center) with the stern of USS LCI(G)-463 visible at right. In the background is USS Nestor (ARB-6) with USS APL-14 astern of her. All were ravaged and run aground by Typhoon Louise at Buckner Bay, Okinawa, in October 1945.
    US Navy photo
    Donn Cuson
    Nestor 481k In the foreground is a section of YF-776, and far right USS LCI(R)-337. In the background, USS Ocelot (IX-110) and USS Nestor (ARB-6) with unidentified sunken tug alongside, all either destroyed or run aground by Typhoon Louise at Buckner Bay, Okinawa, in October 1945.
    US Navy photo
    Donn Cuson
    Donald Wilt
    Ocelot 206k
    104k GM2/c Arthur Levine loading USS LCI(R)-337 40mm bow gun with ammunition, date and location unknown. Donated by Marc S. Levine
    in honor of his father Arthur Levine, GM2 USS LCI(R)-337
    373k Undated USS LCI(R)-337 crew photo, Arthur Levine BM2 is standing on the left next to the two 55 gal. drums. Donated by Marc S. Levine
    in honor of his father Arthur Levine, GM2 USS LCI(R)-337
    212k Undated USS LCI(R)-337 shipmates photo. Photo by Arthur Levine, GM2 USS LCI(R)-337, donated by Marc S. Levine

    The history for USS LCI(L)-337 / LCI(R)-337 is from USS LCI "Landing Craft Infantry", Vol. II. Paducah, Kentucky: Turner Publishing Company, © 1995. (ISBN 1-56311-262-0)
    Crew Contact And Reunion Information
    U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation - Navy Log

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