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USS LC(FF)-618
USS LCI(L)-618 (1944)

Excerpts From the Log of USS LCI(L) 618

2 June           Left Little Creek for Solomons Maryland

3 June           F2c Clarance Millsap moved to C.O. quarters with 104 temperature, PhM2c W.R. Daugherty attending.

4 June           Ens N.P. Beane on board, arrived Solomons.

20 June         Shore Patrol brought in J. H. LeGrand STM1c and Harris STM2c (Staff Stewards) on charges of failure to obey orders.

13 July         STM2c James Howard left ship under guard for small stores in Coco Solo, Panama, he eluded Guard and deserted ship.

2 August      Arrived in Bora Bora

3 August      Departed Bora Bora for Noumea with Mr. Clark ARC (?) as passenger with five LCI(L)s.
17 August    Arrived Noumea, painted camouflage until 1550, liberty at 1630.

20 August    Departed Noumea for Manus Islands with three LCI(L)s, followed by another group of four LCI(L)s, arrived 26 August at Lumbrum Point.

31 August    SM1c J. Derbyshire transferred to Hospital ship Bountiful with malaria. (During early September, ship did beaching exercises near Lumbrum Bright and Los Negros Island.)

14 Sept.       Left Manus Island for Lae, New Guinea with eleven other LCI(L)s. Arrived Lae on 15 September, departed same day with twelve other LCI(L)s and PF48.

17 Sept.      Arrived Humbolt harbor, New Guinea.

18 Sept.      Arrived Jautefu Bay, New Guinea.

23 Sept.      Flotilla 22 Staff moved aboard (18 enlisted, including RM2c Lionel W. Dildy.)

24 Sept.      SC1c Thomas Bost transferred to LCI(L) 433. CCS Everett Stewart arrived from LCI(L) 433.

26 Sept.      BM2c James Eastman transferred to LCI(L) 63.

27 Sept.      Ens Scheer transferred to LST Flotilla 8.

23 Oct.        S1c E. H. McNabb reported aboard.

27 Oct.        BM2c C. L. Brown transferred to Flotilla 22 Staff.

17 Dec.       Went to drydock for scraping in Hollandia.

18 Dec.       Returned to Jautefa Bay

25 Dec.       Left for Aitape, New Guinea,

28 Dec.       Left Aitape for Letye (sic) in convoy.

7 Jan.         After several general quarters, surface action reported seven miles out.

9 Jan.         Left station in order to avoid floating object believed to be a mine.

10 Jan.       Anchored in Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, near San Fabian. (Stayed several days, often going to general quarters and making smoke.)

12 Feb.      Went to Darigayos, returned to Lingayen Gulf next day.

18 Feb.      Left for Darigayos inlet, arrived and beached at 1142. At 1146 LSM 51 struck us at frame 81 starboard causing 618 to list heavily to port. 1147 sounded fire amidships because of heavy black smoke issuing from ship near galley. 1149 secured from fire station since no fire existed and 618 settled back on even keel. Damage: number five gun shield badly damaged where LSM 51 bow struck. At 1800, Japanese prisoners Kudoki Masami, Yasunta Yushitata, and Jo Dujits brought aboard. Returned to Lingayen Gulf.

19 Feb.      Japanese prisoners sent ashore.

21 Feb.      Left for Subic Bay in convoy, two army officers and two enlisted come aboard. Arrived at Subic 23 February.

26 Feb.      Departed Subic in convoy for Manila Bay, arrived same day and returned to Subic.

1 March    Another trip to Manila in convoy, returning the same day to Subic.

28 March  Departed Subic in accord with Commander LCI Flotilla 7 Operations Plan 3-45 in convoy to Lemery, Luzon. Arrived 29 March.

30 March  Departed Lemery in convoy for Legaspi, Luzon.

1 April       Arrived Legaspi, hit beach and departed for Subic, arriving on 3 April.

5 April       Departed in convoy from Subic for Mongarin Bay, Mindoro, beaching on 6 April.

14 April     Departed in convoy from Mindoro to Polloc Harbor, Mindinao. Arrived Illana Bay for landings on 17 April.

10 May     Departed Polloc Harbor for Zamboango Mindinao in convoy, arriving 11 May.

13 May     Departed Zamboango, arrived at Basilan Island for eight hours, then departed for Subic. (A storm was logged on 15 May, water spout spotted.) Arrived Subic on 16 May.

3 June        Received typhoon warning (no mention of it hitting).

7 June        Moored in Subic for repairs. Radio and signal watch on USS Maui until 8 June.

15 June      BM2c Andre Lazare transferred to LCI(L) 519, CM2c Walter Spruell arrived from LCI(L) 519.

18 June      Following LCI(L) Flotilla 22 staff arrived: RdM2c Harold Dennis, RdM2c Carlos Lester, RdM2c Peter Matuseski, RT3c Howard Varner.

19 June      Moved from Subic to Manila.

22 June      Departed Manila, returned to Subic.

24 June      S2c James Donoho transferred to LCI(L) 357 and S2c Karlyn Friedt arrived from LCI(L) 357.

30 June      MoMM D. B. Schooley arrived from LST 464.

8 July        Colors half staff in tribute to Prime Minister Curtin of Australia. LCI(L) 446 moored to port for radio installation.

12 July      Signalman 3c Gerald Leddin arrived from LST 464.

23 July      STM2c J. H. LeGrand and STM2c W. McAllister AWOL for 16 hours 5 minutes, return to ship.

24 July      LeGrand guilty in Captains Mast, sentenced to 16 days restriction. (Interesting, no mention of McAllister.)

27 July      Radio and signal watches maintained on LCI(L) 360, moored to starboard.

1 August   Recovered white corpse in water off Subic dock. No identification. Transferred corpse to CNB Subic.

6 August   SC1c Karlyn Friedt broke collarbone while on liberty and sent to USS Maui for treatment. His records sent to LST 464 (Special Medical Unit).

12 August GM3c Hubert Guyton left on authorized leave, boarding LCI(L) 435 for Mindoro.

27 August S2c Virgil Green and SM William Gilbert reported for duty. MoMM3 Carl Hartman transferred to Flotilla 22 staff.

30 August PhM1c W. R. Daugherty is 4 hours 20 Minutes AWOL from a working party, S1c K. A. Mowbray still AWOL from same party.

31 August Mowbray returned under custody after being AWOL 24 hours and 30 minutes.

2 Sept.      Departed Subic for Leyte in accordance with COMPHILSEAFRON secret dispatch of 29 August 45.

4 Sept.      Arrived in San Pedro Bay, Leyte.

7 Sept.      Departed Leyte and arrived in Lauan Bay, Samar. 8 Sept.      Returned to San Pedro Bay, Leyte.

9 Sept.      Departed Leyte for Okinawa in convoy.

13 Sept.    Arrived Hagushi, Okinawa. (Did not detect when left Okinawa.)

16 Sept.    Underway out of Hagushi. Typhoon reported. At 1615 heavy squalls, winds force 9, waves 30-40 feet, storm center is 300 miles dead astern. Ship 90% ballasted, condition zebra in effect. All personnel manned with life belts. 2000 wind and sea increasing in intensity.

17 Sept.    Still underway, enroute to Jinsen Korea. Heavy seas and wind all day but easing by 2300. Wind force up to 9.

18 Sept.    Bad weather continues to abate. At 2120 discovered saltwater in diesel oil and fell eleven miles behind convoy. By 2345 problem fixed and increased speed to rejoin convoy.

//Note: starting 3 September, noticed log entries signed by Ens. R.O. Johns and Ens. M.A. Bayak among the regular assigned officers; however, no note of their assignment is noted.//

20 Sept.    Executed 20 degree turn to right to avoid mine spotted by APD 87. APD 87 sunk mine.

21 Sept.    Arrived Jinsen Korea.

23 Sept.   SM3c Jack Templeton transferred to USS Mercy for medical treatment.

26 Sept.   Departed Jinsen for Taku China in convoy. Enroute at channel entrance where anchored outside of Jinsen and awaiting rest of convoy, LCI(L) 690 in weighing anchor drifted into our starboard side forward of deck house. Ramp stanchions sheared at base. Half round flattened against skin of ship. Believe damage was accidental but avoidable.

29 Sept.    Arrived Tientsin China.

30 Sept.    At 0820 LCI(L) 617 alongside to pickup radio technicians for calibration of LCI(L) Group 66 SCR radios. 1345 press correspondents with liaison officer Lt. Heir aboard for transport to Taku. 1512 proceeded up Peking River, arriving at Taku at 1630 and put correspondents ashore.

4 Oct.       Following transferred to APA 204 (Sarasota) for the U.S.: Rdm2 H. Dennis, CmoMM D.B. Schooley, and Momm2c J. Mayer.

7 Oct.       STM1c McAllister transferred to LCI(L) 615. F1c J. F. Crocker injured left leg in rudder and transferred to USS Relief AH1. Crocker returned, no break, but given three days rest.

8 Oct.       Departed Taku for Jinsen. Arrived 10 October.

11 Oct.     LCI(L) 986, dragging anchor, hit our bow. Damage sustained. SM3c Templeton received from USS Mercy.

16 Oct.     S2c John Heimerle received aboard. 20 Oct.     GM3c Hurbert Guyton transferred to APA 20.

28 Oct.     Following men left for USA: RdM2c Carlos Lester, BM2c W. Spruill, MoMM1c Marcellus Frommelt, and S1c G.Paczkowski.

2 Nov.      MoMM3c Frank Hall returned after medical treatment on USS Guam.

12 Nov.     Following transferred to AK 117 for USA: GM2c Louis Benevides, SCB3c Calvin Evans, RM3c Peter Matuseski, and SM3c Jack Templeton.

17 Nov.     Missing from liberty: S1c E. J. Moe and S2c K.A. Mowbray.

18 Nov.     Moe and Mowbray returned, AWOL 16 hours 15 minutes. Captains Mast, both given 10 hours extra duty.

30 Nov.     Going back to USA via USS John Steele, S1c C. Dunmeyer.

9 Dec.       Following reported for duty from LCT Group 116: Qm2c Robert St.Clair, S1c James Bryant, S1c Carl Driver, EM2c Frank Henderson, MoMM3c Earl Hummel, S1c Richard Stevens, S1c Mathew Sutter. Following were transferred from 618 to Group 116: F2c Rafus Whaley, S2c J.D. Uhte, S2c Gerald Hill, F1c William Gilbert, S1c Richard Foster, S1c Bernard Dauenhauer, and S2c John Heimerle.

10 Dec.     Depart Jinsen for Guam in convoy of LCI(L) Group 66 (11 LCI(L)s).

13 Dec.     LCI(L) 617 reports they struck an object and are unable to proceed under their own power. 618 begins to tow 617.

15 Dec.     Towing of 617 continues. Meanwhile, 777 starts towing 619, the cable breaks but is repaired and now the convoy is towing 619 and 617.

18 Dec.     LCI(L) 435 takes up the 619 tow.

20 Dec.     Arrived in Saipan, 618 releases the 617 tow. Apparently ship fitter Pournelle went aboard the 617 when all this started and was helping with repairs. He is now back on 618.

28 Dec.     Depart Saipan in convoy. Total of 9 LCI(L)s plus LCS 44. Note 617 is back in the fold along with 619. On the way to Eniwetok.

30 Dec.     LCI(L) 435 falls back with failure of "post quad", 618 takes her in tow.


3 Jan.        Anchored at Bikini Atoll. Departed 7 January.

15 Jan.      Arrived Johnston Island.

17 Jan.      Departed Johnston Island for Hawaii.

21 Jan.      Arrived Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

24 Jan.      Ens. Fiebiger left ship for further orders. Lt. Mildenberger, LCI Flotilla 22 Staff Secretary, ordered from ship for discharge. Lt. (jg) R.E. Walters, LCI Flotilla 22 Radio-Radar Officer transferred with balance of Flotilla 22 enlisted personnel to LST 833 for transport to USA.

29 Jan.      Departed Pearl harbor for San Diego. Seven LCI(L)s plus LCI(FF) 531 in convoy.

4 Feb.        Left convoy to take LCI(L) 690 in tow.

6 Feb.        Tow cable broke, then reattached. Caught up with convoy.

8 Feb.        LCI(L) 705 having problems, now LCI(L) 647 towing her.

11 Feb.      Arrived San Diego.

13 Feb.      Following are sent to Separation Centers for discharge: S1c Sutter (Great Lakes), MoMM2c Hummel (Bainbridge), EM2c Henderson (Sampson New York), S1c Bryant (Bainbridge), S1c Driver (Memphis), S1c Barber (Memphis), PhM1c Daughtery (Jacksonville) STM1c LeGrande (Great lakes), RT2c Varner (Great Lakes. S1c Green sent shore for seven days leave (family sickness).

14 Feb.      QM2c Robert St. Clair sent to Norfolk.

17 Feb.      S1c Howell granted 14 days emergency leave.

21 Feb.      SM2c G. Leddin returned AWOL.

22 Feb.SM2c Leddin charged in Captains Mast with 20 hours AWOL. Restricted duty for 20 days.

26 Feb.      EM2c C. Shade sent to hospital for rheumatic fever. 28 Feb.      S2c Richard Waldron reported aboard.

1 March    Put into drydock in San Diego.

2 March    Following left for discharge: S1c Robert Stevens (Great Lakes), S1c Thomas Boyd (Memphis), SC2c Everett Hancock (Charleston), Lt (jg) Lauterstein (Texas).

4 March    SC2c Lynn Yoakum and EM3c H. Harrel reported for duty.

9 March    Lt (jg) Ralph Rotthaus reported for duty.

11 March  Clements, T.J. RM2c V-6 USNR left on leave at 1000.

13 March  Lt. (jg) Marden assumed command. SF2c Pournelle returned from leave.

14 March  Pournelle transferred to San Diego, MoMM2c Frank Hall left for Texas and discharge.

15 March  Reporting for duty: MoMM3c James Trent, PhM3c Robert Daffron, F1c Calvin Williams.

16 March  Out of drydock, depart in convoy to Balboa, Canal Zone.

Officer's on Duty from the log book of the LCI (L) 618

3 June 44  Lt. (jg) Robert Ahern C.O. (home 399 Fullerton Pkwy, Chicago)
                  Ens. Alan Scheer X.O.
                  Ens.Normal Prescott Bean Jr. Communications Officer
                  Ens. Gregory Gould Eng Officer(Same for July through August 44.)

(No Officer listing for September 44.)

October 44    Lt. Donohue C.O.(departed 15 October)
                      Ens. Heys McMath C.O. (arrived 10 October
                      Ens. Normal Prescott Bean Jr. X.O.
                      Ens. Gregory Gould Eng Officer

November 44  Ens. Heys McMath C.O.
                         Ens. Normal Prescott Bean Jr. X.O.
                         Ens. Gregory Gould Eng Officer
                         Ens. Paul Snavely (reported 25 November)

(Same for December 44 through March 45.)

April 45    Ens. Kenneth Bevan relieved Heys McMath as C.O. on 18 April
                 Ens. Normal Prescott Bean Jr. X.O.
                 Ens. Gregory Gould Eng Officer
                 Ens. Paul Snavely (transferred to LCI(L)689 on 28 April)

May 45  Ens. Kenneth Bevan C.O.
               Ens. Normal Prescott Bean Jr. X.O.
               Ens. Gregory Gould Eng Officer (transferred to LCI(L) 360 on 27 May)
               Ens. Harold Hanon Eng. Officer (arrived 21 May)
               Ens. Lyon Tyler TDY (arrived 21 May)

June 45    Ens. Kenneth Bevan C.O.
                 Ens. Normal Prescott Bean Jr. X.O.
                 Ens. Harold Hanon Eng. Officer

(Same for July 45.)

August 45    Lt (jg). Kenneth Bevan C.O.
                     Ens. Normal Prescott Bean Jr. X.O.
                     Ens. Harold Hanon Eng. Officer (transferred to LST 464 for medical treatment)
                     Ens. Malcolm Lauterstein Eng. Officer (arrived 1 September)

September 45    Lt (jg) Kenneth Bevan C.O.
                           Ens. Normal Prescott Bean Jr. X.O.
                           Ens. Malcolm Lauterstein Eng. Officer

October 45    Lt (jg) Kenneth Bevan C.O.
                      Ens. Normal Prescott Bean Jr. X.O.(departed 1 November)
                      Lt. (jg) Richard Marden X.O. (arrived 31 October)
                      Ens. Malcolm Lauterstein Eng. Officer

(No report found for November 45 through January 46.)

February 46    Lt (jg) Kenneth Bevan C.O.
                        Lt. (jg) Richard Marden X.O.
                        Lt. (jg) Malcolm Lauterstein Eng. Officer
                        Lt. (jg) Paul Roth Eng. Officer (joined 20 February)

March 46    Lt (jg) Kenneth Bevan C.O.
                    Lt. (jg) Richard Marden X.O.
                    Lt. (jg) Paul Roth Eng. Officer

(Note: Ship's log reported on 9 March 46 a Lt (jg) Ralph Rotthaus reported for duty, but he was not included in the March Officer's Report. Also, no further reports were noted.)
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