From: The Executive Officer

To: The Commanding Officer

Subject: Action Report - 17 June 1944

1. When general quarters was sounded, I reported to my battle station as Gunnery Ccontrol Officer of the Midships Group, consisting of #24 40MM, #16 and 17 20MM, and two (2) .50cal. machine guns. Two planes were approaching from the starboard, and the bridge identified them as "enemy." When the planes were within range, #17 20 MM opened fire on the plane bearing about 080 Degrees Rel. The .50 cal fired at the same time and the 40MM joined in the fire as soon as it could bear about 070 Degrees Rel. This plane went right across the bow of the formation and must have been hit, as she burst into flames at about 300 Degrees Rel.

2. The second plane mentioned went off our starboard quarter and was seen to let go a torpedo. As this plane got clear on our port quarter, #16 20MM opened fire on it. The plane was traveling away from the stern and was not hit by our fire. This plane, I think, got away. I actually saw one plane go down. The others in my group saw this one and one other fall. I did not see this because I was concentrating on the target off our stern.

3. I did not see the LCI get hit, probably because my guns were covering a different sector.


C. S. V. Moore

Lietentant (jg) USNR