25 JUNE 1944

Subject: Action Report - 17 June 1944

From: The First Lieutenant

To: The Commanding Officer


1. Upon arriving at Gun #4, two (2) enemy torpedo planes were making a run on the task group, coming in from starboard to port, at right angles to this ship, at a low altitude and about 2500 to 3000 yards ahead of us. Said planes seemed to turn into task group and reduced their altitude to approximately 300 feet. The speed of planes appeared to be between 135 to 150 knots per hour. After making what appeared to be a turn toward our formation, said planes seemed to bear 350 Degrees R and 325 Degrees R. respectively. Gun #4 trained on plane bearing 325 Degrees R. and opened fire on it as it turned into task group. At this moment a most effective barrage was being brought to bear on the enemy by all units of the task group. After expending 20 rounds of 40mm ammunition at said plane, it appeared to be hit, trailing smoke. Said plane then turned away from task group and headed off in a direction bearing 270 Degrees R. It is believed fire from gun #4 sided materially in d!amaging said plane, or in its destruction, if such were the case. This plane was not seen to crash.

2. Immediately upon the plane above described turning from our formation, we trained on enemy plane bearing 350 Degrees R., opened fire and expended 12 rounds of 40mm ammunition when said plane, burst into flames, turned from our formation and was seen to crash into the sea and explode approximately 5000 yards in distance, bearing 270 Degrees R.

3. Simultaneous with the above plane bursting into flames an explosion was noted directly beneath it. This explosion was believed to have been caused by the LCI 468 being hit. Was unable to observe whether a torpedo or bomb was employed by the enemy on said ship. Ship turned and headed for the rear of formation under own power.

4. One enemy plane was seen to be near the USS STEMBLE, drawing fire from that ship. No hits were observed when plane retired.


R. K. Yunes

Ensign, USNR