25 JUNE 1944

From: Damage Control Officer

To: The Commanding Officer

Subject: Action Report, 17 June 1944

1. The reporting officer had the conn as J.O.O.D. when at 1750 SCR Radio reported bogies 25 miles distant. General Quarters was sounded instantly by Ensign R. K. Yunes, O.O.D. On being relieved of the conn by the Commanding Officer, the reporting officer proceeded as quickly as possible to #5 40MM gun on the starboard side of the bow.

2. On arrival to the gun, three members of crew (Urbach, Ford and Walsh) were present and already firing at plane approaching 115 Degrees Rel. and firing as fast as one man could load it. The reporting officer acted as second leader until remainder of crew arrived, and before putting on head phones. This target was followed until patrol craft in area made safe firing no longer possible. #5 gun then shifted to second target, bearing about 065 Degrees Rel. and fired at it until patrol craft interfered at 025 Degrees Rel. #5 gun then swung back to 080 Degrees Rel. and crew searched area for any other planes that might be approaching.

3. Conclusions of the actions are as follows:

(a) #5 gun began firing very early in the action, possibly the first, and fired at two targets.

(b) Reporting officer saw two planes destroyed. He heard a shout from Marine passengers on both occasions and a

quick glance showed enemy planes in flames.

(c) The reporting officer saw no torpedos drop, saw no other planes and did not see LCI 468 get hit.


W. E. Wright,

LT (jg) USNR