The First Cruse of USS LST 205
Contributed by Harold Hansen
Arrived   Place   Departed
05-May-43   Seneca, Ill   07-May-43
15-May-43   New Orleans, La   29-May-43
30-May-43   Pamama City, Fl   03-Jun-43
05-Jun-43   New Orleans, La   07-Jun-43
01-Jul-43   Colon Canal Zone   19-Jun-43
01-Jul-43   San Diego, Ca   03-Jul-43
05-Jul-43   San Francisco, Ca   17-Jul-43
25-Jul-43   Kodiak, Alaska   27-Jul-43
01-Aug-43   Adak, Alaska   14-Aug-43
16-Aug-43   Kiska Aleutian Is.   23-Aug-43
24-Aug-43   Adak, Alaska   31-Aug-43
11-Sep-43   San Francisco, Ca   19-Sep-43
21-Sep-43   Port Hueneme, Ca   24-Sep-43
05-Oct-43   Pearl Harbor, Hi   16-Oct-43
27-Oct-43   Nuku Fetau, Ellice Is.   02-Nov-43
    X'ed Equator & Date Line    
02-Nov-43   Funa Futa, Ellice Is   16-Nov-43
21-Nov-43   Tarawa Gilbert Is   11-Dec-43
    X'ed Equator & bombed    
15-Dec-43   Funa Futa, Ellice Is   28-Dec-43
    X'ed Equator    
29-Dec-43   Nanumea Ellice Is   02-Jan-44
04-Jan-44   Apamama, Gilbert Is   20-Jan-44
    X'ed Equator & bombed 3 times    
23-Jan-44   Funa Futa, Ellice Is   01-Feb-44
    X'ed Equator    
04-Feb-44   Apamama, Gilbert Is   12-Feb-44
    X'ed Equator    
13-Feb-44   Makin, Gilbert Is   23-Feb-44
    X'ed Date Line    
05-Mar-44   Pearl Harbor, Hi   09-Mar-44
21-Mar-44   San Pedro, Ca   26-Apr-44
28-Apr-44   San Francisco, Ca   03-May-44
12-May-44   Pearl Harbor, Hi   28-May-44
    Abandon Ship May 21    
08-Jun-44   Kwajalein, Marshal Is   10-Jun-44
    X'ed Date Line    
17-Jun-44   Saipan, Marianas Is   17-Jun-44
    Attached by Jap planes at sea    
17-Jun-44    Attacked by planes, 1 Jap plane downed   20-Jun-44
20-Jun-44   Saipan, Marianas Is   03-Jul-44
     Bombed, Jun 23,24,26,27,28,30    
09-Jul-44   Anwecton, Marshall Is   10-Jul-44
    X'ed Date line    
22-Jul-44   Pearl Harbor, Hi   27-Aug-44
27-Aug-44   On Manevers   28-Aug-44
28-Aug-44   Maui TH   02-Sep-44
03-Sep-44   Pearl Harbor   10-Sep-44
18-Sep-44   X'ed date line    
25-Sep-44   Anewetox, Marshall Is   26-Sep-44
01-Oct-44   X'ed Equator    
04-Oct-44   Manus, Admarilty Is.   11-Oct-44
13-Oct-44   X'ed Equator    
20-Oct-44   Leyte, Philipines   26-Oct-44
    20,21,22,24,25,26 Bombed    
26-Oct-44   LST 205 Downed 4 planes    
30-Oct-44   X'ed Equator    
01-Nov-44   Hollandia (New Guinea   06-Nov-44
08-Nov-44   Siedor, New Guinea   12-Nov-44
14-Nov-44   Humbolt Bay, New Guinea   17-Nov-44
22-Nov-44   Bombed    
23-Nov-44   Leyte, Philipines   19-Dec-44
     23 ,24,25,26,27,28  Bombed    
06-Dec-44   Bombed    
21-Dec-44   Attacted (6 Planes) lost 2 LST's, 1 Liberty    
21-Dec-44   LST 205 Downed 1 plane    
22-Dec-44   Mendoro, Philipines   22-Dec-44
22-Dec-44   Bombed    
24-Dec-44   Burial at Sea    
24-Dec-44   Mindanao, Philipines   27-Dec-44
25-Dec-44   Bombed    
26-Dec-44   Bombed    
28-Dec-44   Attacked by planes    
    1 Liberty & 1 LCI sunk, 1 liberty damaged    
28-Dec-44   LST 769 sunk    
29-Dec-44   attacked by planes    
    LST 205 downed 4 planes    
29-Dec-44   attacked by 24 planes    
30-Dec-44   Mendoro, Philipines   30-Dec-44
30-Dec-44   Bombed, 1 liberty sunk    
    Jap plane crashed on deck  of LST 205    
01-Jan-45   attacked    
01-Jan-45   Mindanao, Philipines   05-Jan-45
02-Jan-45   bombed, LST 611 damaged    
05-Jan-44   Samar, Philipines   06-Jan-45
06-Jan-45   Leyte, Philipines   09-Jan-45
09-Jan-45   Samar, Philipines   12-Jan-45
12-Jan-45   Leyte, Philipines   14-Jan-45
14-Jan-45   Samar, Philipines   16-Jan-45
16-Jan-45   Leyte, Philipines   30-Jan-45
09-Feb-45   Manus, Admarilty Is.   21-Feb-45
25-Feb-45   Parvis Bay, Florida Is.   05-Mar-45
05-Mar-45   Guada Canal   30-Mar-45
05-Mar-45   I left LST 205.    
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