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By Lloyd M. Patterson LT(jg) USNR USS LST-568

LST-568 was laid down 21 March 1944 at Evansville Ind., by the Missouri Valley Bridge and Iron Co.; launched 15 May 1944; sponsored by Mrs Arthur E. Owen; and commissioned in 3 June 1944; LT. Henry G. Hanna in command.
During World War II, LST-568 was assigned to the Asiatic Pacific theater and participated in the following operations:
Leyte Landing - 20 October 1944
Lingayen Gulf landing - 9 January 1945
Assault and occupation of Okinawa Gunto 1 April 1945
Following the war LST-568 performed occupation duty in the Far East until mid-October 1945. While performing occupation duty, she was severely damaged by two Typhoons.
The first storm was off Ulithi on 15 September 1945. Winds reached a velocity of 120 knots and the falling barometer was off the scale. At 0530 it reached it's lowest point, the "N" in U.S. NAVY. This was later figured to be 26.35. A pumping barometer indicated that we were near the eye of the storm. Damage to the ship was recorded in the Deck Log for 16 September 1945 and reads as follows:
0730 Boatswain's Mate reports loss of Bow Doors. First complete thorough inspection of the ship made at this time with the following damages noted: Both Bow Doors lost; Void tanks A-401-V, A-402-V, A-301-V, A-302-V were, punctured and flooded. The following compartments were noted to be flooded as indicated: Compartment A-1 four feet of water forward, dry aft, A-303-M four inches of water, A-304-E three and half feet of water. A-305-A and A-308-A each have five inches of water. A-407-ET four feet of water. A-307-A four inches of water. A-202-E and A-201-E five feet of water. A-204-EE one foot of water. A-203½-M three and a half feet of water. A-206-L two feet of water. A-203½-M four inches of water. All other compartments of the [ship] comparatively dry. All force draft ventilator motors covered with spray. All Bow Door hydraulic machinery and panel, submerged in oil and water, one motor generator for Mark 14 sights completely submerged in oil and water. Bow Anchor winch and panels completely submerged in oil and water. All electrical circuits forward of the Superstructure are secure.
Typhoon number two caught the LST-568 moored to a buoy at Buckner Bay, Okinawa, 9 October 1945. The speed was approximately 109 knots and the barometer read 28.53. This was a milder storm than the one at sea. However, it was enough to part mooring cables, loose both Bow and Stern Anchors, and put [the ship] on the reef 3 times. LST-568 was then battered by the Liberty ship Richard S. Oglesby. The crew abandoned the ship and boarded the Oglesby. Shortly after that a shift in the wind freed the 568 and she headed across the bay unmanned. She was located the next day, on the reef near, China Saki Point. Entries in the Deck Log for 10 October 1945, listed the following damage: Starboard Frames from 12 to 35 sprung and bent. Plating bent and pierced at various places. Splits being from 1 to 2 inches long, 18 inches above the water line. Starboard Messing compartment B-201-L and B-203-L have a 3 foot opening at the top seam. Starboard Small Boat and Davit completely demolished and unsalvageable. Gun Tubs 29, 45, and 47 was completely demolished. Apparent puncture of Fuel Tank A-420-F. All ground tackle lost. Rudders believed inoperable. Port Screw appears to [be] workable. Minor flooding in various compartments from 2 to 6 inches believed to have come in the vent system.
LST-568 was pulled from the reef, by LST-693, on 13 October 1945, She departed for the Philippines 18 October, being towed by the 693 and arrived there 23 October, to a await orders. Orders were received 22 January 1946 to strip, decommission, and sink the ship. The following entries from the Ship's Log for 4 March 1946:
1400 Commission Pendant hauled down
1430 Watch secured. Transferred first draft of personnel
1900 Transferred second draft of personnel
1930 Detached officers
1935 James L. La Fon, former Commanding officer, left the ship.
LST-568 was decommissioned 4 March 1946. On 7 March she was towed to sea east of Samar, and sunk by internal explosive devices and sank in 4,000 fathoms of water. She was struck from the Navy list on 20 March that same year.
LST-568 earned 3 Battle Stars for WW II service.

Submitted by
Lloyd M. Patterson LT(jg)
First Lieutenant
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