Journey of LST 891

1944 1946



Account given by Robert Marklein, Seaman 1st Class in US Navy from 1944 1946.

Boarded LST 891 in Pittsburg, PA, then traveled down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers where it had to dry dock in New Orleans, LA for approximately 1- 2 weeks to replace screws that were damaged by rocks in the rivers. From New Orleans it traveled through the Panama Canal on its way to San Diego, CA to pick up supplies. The ship went on Honolulu, HI, then to Guam. The ship then sailed to Manila Bay in the Philippines to pick up troops to take to Okinawa, Japan. LST 891 landed in Okinawa on Easter, 1 April 1945 for the invasion. At night the ship would to turn off all lights to protect it from the kamikaze attacks. When the war ended the ship then went to New Guinea, then back to Hawaii and finally Puget Sound, in Seattle. The seamen then took a train back to the Great Lakes Naval Base.