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NavSource Online: Amphibious Photo Archive

Landing Craft Tank
LCT-8 / LCT-2008 / LCT(A)-2008

Excerpt taking from the rough deck log of LCT 2008 - June 6, 1944

0230 Assumed beaching stations.

0340 Arrived point king. Proceeded to load personnel and equipment from LCT(A) 2008 to LCM 16. Dropped Ramp. Extended mulock ramp extensions and raised ramp to pre-determined height.

0415 Completed loading LCM16 and cast off

0416 Turned on course 120degT and preceded along line of transports

0450 Overtaken by LCT 210 – Wave leader. Fell in behind LCT 210

0520 Turned on course towards beach

0550 Ramp chains brake, ramp fell to length of emergency chains. Stopped all engines and began emergency repairs

0610 Emergency repairs completed. Got underway. Between 0610 and 0800 ramp gave way twice more and emergency repairs were effected each time

0800 Arrived off beech area

0810 beached at Fox-Green beach. Dropped ramp on mine, which prevented tanks beaching ship. (illegible) …retracted…hit the beach again, dropped ramp. Two tanks beached. Third tank beached ten minutes later.

0845 Began to retract. Picked up wounded soldier and naval officer and crew man – survivor of LCVP

0915 Ramp was lost (illegible) …hanging up against beach obstacles

Journal Entry from Lt. H.R. Cluster USNR


This beaching was made through numerous beach obstacles and under constant shell fire and machine gun fire. The machine gun fire was point blank and there were numerous hits on tanks, forward bulk head, illegible and pilot house and conning tower. There were ( one or none ?) direct hit by shells. …illegible. During the beaching operation the entire ships company conducted themselves in an efficient, brave and gallant manner, caring out their jobs without thought of danger to self. They are to be commended

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