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Landing Craft Repair Ship (ARL)

What is an ARL
Courtesy USS Askari (ARL-30) Association

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ARL-1 Achelous ex LST-10
ARL-2 Amycus ex LST-489
ARL-3 Agenor ex LST-490
ARL-4 Adonis ex LST-83
ARL-5 ex LST-81
ARL-6 ex LST-82
ARL-7 Atlas ex LST-231
ARL-8 Egeria ex LST-136
ARL-9 Endymion ex LST-513
ARL-10 Coronis ex LST-1003
ARL-11 Creon ex LST-1036
ARL-12 Poseidon ex LST-1037
ARL-13 Menelaus ex LST-971
ARL-14 Minos ex LST-644
ARL-15 Minotaur ex LST-645
ARL-16 Myrmidon ex LST-948
ARL-17 Numitor ex LST-954
ARL-18 Pandemus ex LST-650
ARL-19 Patroclus ex LST-955
ARL-20 Pentheus ex LST-1115
ARL-21 Proserpine ex LST-1116
ARL-22 Romulus ex LST-962
ARL-23 Satyr ex LST-852
ARL-24 Sphinx ex LST-963
ARL-26 Stentor ex LST-858
ARL-27 Tantalus ex LST-1117
ARL-28 Typhon ex LST-1118
ARL-29 Amphitrite ex LST-1124
ARL-30 Askari ex LST-1131
ARL-31 Bellerophon ex LST-1132
ARL-32 Bellona ex LST-1136
ARL-33 Chimaera ex LST-1137
ARL-35 Daedalus ex LST-1143
ARL-36 Gordius ex LST-1145
ARL-37 Indra LST-1147
ARL-38 Krishna LST-1149
ARL-39 Quirinus ex LST-1151
ARL-40 Remus ex LST-453
ARL-41 Achilles ex LST-455
ARL-42 Aeolus ex LST-310 Canceled, 12 September 1945
ARL-43 Cerberus ex LST-316 Canceled, 12 September 1945
ARL-44 Conus ex LST-317 Canceled, 12 September 1945
ARL-45 Feronia ex LST-332 Canceled, 12 September 1945
ARL-46 Chandra ex LST-350 Canceled, 12 September 1945
ARL-47 Minerva ex LST-374 Canceled, 11 September 1945

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