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Coastal Minelayer (CMc / MMC)

Coastal Minelayers were designed to lay mines long the shore of a country as a defensive or offensive move. Built with shallow drafts, all five ships of this class were conversions. Two were former yachts and the remaining three were former coastal passenger ships. The conversions of these ships proved to be inadequate as all, except Wassuc (CMc 3), were reconverted to other uses before the war was over. A primary reason for the lack of a Coastal Minelaying Force in World War II, was that the Army had primary responsibility for defensive coastal minelaying and enemy shores were more accessible by submarine or aircraft for minelaying purposes. Keokuk (CMc 6) was to be acquired for conversion into coastal minelayer No. 6, but this conversion was never actually undertaken, nor was she ever "officially" designated CMc-6. On 7 February 1955, the classification CMc was deleted from the list and replaced by the classification MMC. In 1958, two Fleet Minesweepers (MSF) were designated MMC. Of the 16 ships that ultimately made up this type, nine were converted from Landing Ship Medium (LSM), four were converted from Fleet Minesweepers, and three were built in foreign lands under the International Logistics Program. None saw service in the U. S. Navy and all were built for, or transferred to, Allied Navies.
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Coastal Minelayers (CMc / MMC)
Siren Class Coastal Minelayer
CMc-1 Siren Reclassified PY-13
Niagara Class Coastal Minelayer
CMc-2 Niagara Reclassified PG-52
Wassuc Class Coastal Minelayer
CMc-3 Wassuc
Monadnock Class Coastal Minelayer
(CMc-4 & CMc-5)
CMc-4 Monadnock Reclassified CM-9
CMc-5 Miantonomah Reclassified CM-10
Keokuk Class Coastal Minelayer
CMc-6 Keokuk Reclassified AN-5
Strive Class Coastal Minelayer
(MMC-1 to MMC-3)
MMC-1 Strive ex-MSF-117
MMC-2 Sustain ex-MSF-119
MMC-3 Triumph ex-MSF-323
MMC-4 Class Coastal Minelayer
MMC-4 Built in Denmark as Falster (N 80)
Strive Class Continued
MMC-5 Seer ex-MSF-112
MMC-6 Class Coastal Minelayer
(MMC-6 to MMC-14)
MMC-6 ex-LSM-301
MMC-7 ex-LSM-303
MMC-8 ex-LSM-390
MMC-9 ex-LSM-392
MMC-10 ex-LSM-481
MMC-11 ex-LSM-484
MMC-12 ex-LSM-490
MMC-13 ex-LSM-492
MMC-14 ex-LSM-493
MMC-4 Class Continued
MMC-15 Built in Denmark as Moen (N 82)
MMC-16 Class Coastal Minelayer
MMC-16 Built for Turkey as Nusret (N 108)

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