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Light Minelayer (DM)
Fast Minelayer (MMD)

Designed as fast offensive minelayers, 34 were converted from fleet destroyers. The first 22 were converted from flush deck destroyers, after they had commissioned. The Stribling class DMs were converted from Wickes class fleet destroyers after commissioning and the Tracy class DMs were converted from Clemson class fleet destroyers after commissioning. The torpedo tubes and most all anti-submarine warfare equipment, was removed and mine launch rails were added. The remainder were converted from Allen M. Sumner class destroyers during construction. Originally, they were intended to be used to lay mines in enemy areas, usually at night, or to lay mines in enemy shipping lanes; some of those pressed into service as pickets at Okinawa suffered severe damage from the "Divine Wind." After the war, After the war, only the Allen M. Sumner class conversions were retained. Redesignated Destroyer Minelayers (DM) on 7 February 1955, the surviving DMs were redesignated as Fast Minelayers (MMD) on 1 January 1969.
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Light Minelayers (DM) & Fast Minelayers (MMD)
Stribling Class
(DM-1 to DM-18)
DM-1 Stribling ex-DD-96
DM-2 Murray ex DD-97
DM-3 Israel ex DD-98
DM-4 Luce ex DD-99
DM-5 Maury ex DD-100
DM-6 Lansdale ex DD-101
DM-7 Mahan ex DD-102
DM-8 Hart ex DD-110
DM-9 Ingraham ex DD-111
DM-10 Ludlow ex DD-112
DM-11 Burns ex DD-171
DM-12 Anthony ex DD-172
DM-13 Sproston ex DD-173
DM-14 Rizal ex DD-174
DM-15 Gamble ex DD-123
DM-16 Ramsay ex DD-124, Reclassified AG-98
DM-17 Montgomery ex DD-121
DM-18 Breese ex-DD-122
Tracy Class
(DM-19 to DM-22)
DM-19 Tracy ex-DD-214
DM-20 Preble ex DD-345, Reclassified AG-99
DM-21 Sicard ex DD-346, Reclassified AG-100
DM-22 Pruitt ex-DD-347, Reclassified AG-101
Robert H. Smith Class
(DM-23 to DM-34)
DM-23 Robert H. Smith ex-DD-735 Reclassified
DM-24 Thomas E. Fraser ex-DD-736 Reclassified
DM-25 Shannon ex-DD-737 Reclassified MMD-25
DM-26 Harry F. Bauer ex-DD-738 Reclassified MMD-26
DM-27 Adams ex-DD-739 Reclassified MMD-27
DM-28 Tolman ex-DD-740 Reclassified MMD-28
DM-29 Henry A. Wiley ex-DD-749 Reclassified MMD-29
DM-30 Shea ex-DD-750 Reclassified MMD-30
DM-31 J. William Ditter ex-William Ditter (DD-751)
DM-32 Lindsey ex-DD-771 Reclassified MMD-32
DM-33 Gwin ex-DD-772 Reclassified MMD-33
DM-34 Aaron Ward ex-DD-773

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