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Mine Countermeasures Ship (MCM)

The MCMs hull is constructed of a laminated wood structure with composite glass exterior sheeting to prevent the ship from setting off anti-magnetic mines. The primary mission of a Mine Countermeasures Ship is to locate and neutralize underwater mines. These mines range from the classic moored mines of World War II, to the ultra sophisticated bottom influence mines of today. (MCM)s are able to locate these threats using the AN/SQQ-30 mine-hunting sonar built by General Electric of Syracuse, New York. Once the target has been classified as "mine-like" the AN/SLQ-48 Mine Neutralization System (MNS) Vehicle is deployed to identify and destroy bottom mines, or cut the cable of a moored mine. The MNS Vehicle is remotely piloted and is controlled by an operator located in the ship's Combat Information Center (CIC). The ship is also capable of sweeping mines using a variety of acoustic, magnetic, or mechanical sweep configurations. This equipment is towed behind the ship and destroys mines by simulating the noise and magnetic signatures of steel hulled ships.

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MCM-1 Avenger
MCM-2 Defender
MCM-3 Sentry
MCM-4 Champion
MCM-5 Guardian
MCM-6 Devastator
MCM-7 Patriot
MCM-8 Scout
MCM-9 Pioneer
MCM-10 Warrior
MCM-11 Gladiator
MCM-12 Ardent
MCM-13 Dextrous
MCM-14 Chief

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