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NavSource Online: Mine Warfare Vessel Photo Archive

ex-HMS J-811

BYMS-11 served the Navies of Great Britain and Belgium

BYMS-1 Class Auxiliary Motor Minesweeper:

  • Laid down 25 February 1942 as BYMS-11 by Associated Shipbuilders, Seattle, WA
  • Launched 30 April 1942
  • Completed 20 September 1942
  • Transferred to Great Britain 21 September 1942
  • Commissioned HMS J-811, 24 September 1942
  • Reclassified HMS BYMS-2011
  • Struck from the Naval Register 10 June 1947
  • Returned to U.S. custody 7 July 1947
    Naval Vessel Register of 1 January 1949 lists transfer to the State Department, Foreign Liquidation Commission as June 1947
  • Sold 7 July 1947 to J. Bartolo of Malta and named Young Joe
  • Sold in 1949 to S. L. Mizzi of Malta
  • Sold in 1951 to Brufina of Brussels, Belgium and renamed Eureka
  • Sold in 1956 to the Belgium Navy as Eureka (QM 900)
  • Renamed/reclassified Eupen (A 955) in 1961
  • Sold for scrap 12 August 1966 to Van Heyghen of Ghent, Belgium.


  • Displacement 270 t.
  • Length 136'
  • Beam 24' 6"
  • Draft 8'
  • Speed 15 kts.
  • Complement 32
  • Armament: One 3"/50 dual purpose gun mount, two 20mm mounts and two depth charge projectiles
  • Propulsion: Two 880bhp General Motors 8-268A diesel engines, Snow and Knobstedt single reduction gear, two shafts.
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    Size Image Description Source
    HMS J-811
    BYMS-11 21k Jim Thornton
    BYMS-11 26k
    BYMS-11 87k As completed
    Imperial War Museum photo IWM (FL 7311)
    Mike Green
    HMS BYMS-2011
    BYMS-11 21k c. 1944
    Ancona, Italy
    From the collection of William Harvie
    Joe Harvie
    BYMS-11 26k
    BYMS-11 45k
    BYMS-11 24k
    BYMS-11 22k
    BYMS-11 17k
    BYMS-11 142k
    Eureka (QM 900)
    BYMS-11 70k c. 1959
    Belgium Navy photo from the 1959/1960 edition of Jane's Fighting Ships
    Robert Hurst
    Eupen (A 955)
    BYMS-11 78k Photos courtesy Raphodon Robert Hurst
    Photo added 6 August 2019
    BYMS-11 88k
    The most advanced naval ship of NATO's naval fleet is the Eupen 955. He has just made a stop in Brussels on the Wilbrouck Canal. Since 1961 it has been the most powerful floating acoustic laboratory in Europe. As part of the NATO program, this ship's mission is to detect mines in the event of conflict. His technicians have on several occasions participated in research work with the Calypso of the French Navy, and Cousteau, his commander on board the same ship, has made frequent use of Eupen in his latest works.
    Photo courtesy Raphodon

    Crew Photos

    Photos from the collection of William Harvie. Contributed by Joe Harvie

    1. William Harvie


    3. William Harvie on the left

    4. William Harvie


    6. Ancona, Italy
    c. 1944

    7. Ancona, Italy
    c. 1944

    8. Ancona, Italy
    c. 1944

    9. Ancona, Italy
    c. 1944

    10. Ancona, Italy
    c. 1944

    11. Ancona, Italy
    c. 1944

    12. Brendisi, Italy
    c. 1945

    13. Brendisi, Italy
    c. 1945

    14. Brendisi, Italy
    c. 1945

    15. Brendisi, Italy
    c. 1945


    16. Florence, Italy
    c. 1945

    17. Florence, Italy
    c. 1945

    18. Florence, Italy
    c. 1945

    There is no DANFS history available for BYMS-11
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