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HM MGB-182

Call sign:
Nan - Charlie - Charlie - Item

PT-204 served the Navies of the United States, Great Britain and Yugoslavia

78' Higgins Motor Torpedo Boat:

  • Laid down 8 July 1942 by Higgins Industries, New Orleans, LA
  • Launched 8 October 1942
  • Completed 23 January 1943, placed in service and assigned to Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron FIFTEEN (MTBRon 15) under the command of Comdr. Stanley M. Barnes
  • MTBRon 15 was the first PT squadron sent to the Mediterranean Theater, where it operated as a unit of the British Coastal Forces. It had action throughout the western Mediterranean, basing at Bizerte
    and Bone, Africa; Palermo, Sicily; Salerno, Capri, and Leghorn, Italy; Maddalena, Sardinia; Bastia and Calvi, Corsica, and St. Tropez, France
  • The "Aggie Maru" was transferred to Great Britain 17 October 1944 and reclassified HM MGB-182
  • Transferred by the British to Yugoslavia later in October 1944 and reclassified MT-2
  • Fate unknown.


  • Displacement 56 t.
  • Length 78'
  • Beam 20' 8"
  • Draft 5' 3"
  • Speed 41 kts.
  • Complement 17
  • Armament: One 40mm mount, four 21" torpedoes, two twin .50 cal. machine guns, one .30 cal. machine gun and one 20mm mount
  • Propulsion: Three 1,500shp Packard W-14 M2500 gasoline engines, three shafts.
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    Size Image Description Source
    PT-204 68k c. April 1943
    Boats of MTBRon 15 as deck cargo of Enoree (AO 69) en route to Gibraltar
    From the collection of MoMM1c Dave Prentice
    Jerry Gilmartin, MMC(SW), USN, Ret.
    PT-204 111k The Aggie Maru in dry dock
    From the collection of MoMM1c Dave Prentice
    PT-204 71k In dry dock, showing her checkerboard stern
    From the collection of MoMM1c Dave Prentice
    PT-204 132k British Dockyard, MTB Base at Comorant Camber, Gibraltar
    (Location provided by Andrew Schembri)
    From the collection of MoMM1c Dave Prentice
    PT-204 113k Looking forward from aft 20mm mount
    From the collection of MoMM1c Dave Prentice
    PT-204 110k Crew quarters
    From the collection of MoMM1c Dave Prentice
    PT-204 67k Idling into Bastia, Corsica
    From the collection of MoMM1c Dave Prentice
    PT-201 217k c. 1944
    PT-201 (with her ĎAce of Spadesí insignia), with PT-204 moored outboard at the PT Boat Base at Bastia, Corsica in the Mediterranean
    Photo from Life Magazine Archives - Carl Mydans Photographer, Shared by Peter DeForest
    Mike Green
    PT-204 191k 19 May 1944
    Torpedo fired from PT-304 lodged in lazarette
    Jerry Gilmartin, MMC(SW), USN, Ret.
    PT-204 364k 19 May 1944
    PT-304 deck log entry on erratic torpedo run
    PT-204 128k c. November 1944
    Damage to bow from collision with enemy Motor Minesweeper
    From the collection of MoMM1c Dave Prentice
    PT-204 151k

    Crew Photos

    Photos from the collection of Dave Prentice, MoMM1c
    Contributed by Jerry Gilmartin, MMC(SW), USN, Ret.

    1. Conducting radio check


    3. LTJG E. William (Bill) Olson, USNR
    Executive Officer

    4. Underway off Bastia, Corsica




    8. c. October 1944
    SC2c Mike Reeves

    9. 20mm gun training


    11. Bastia, Corsica

    12. Bizerte, Tunisia

    13. Bastia, Corsica
    Painting Nazi kill on windscreen

    14. Bizerte, Tunisia
    PT-207 "Zebra" on the left

    15. Crews berthing

    16. Crews berthing

    17. MoMM1c Dave Prentice on a 20mm mount

    18. MoMM1c Dave Prentice on the starboard .50
    cal. mount

    19. Starboard .50 cal. mount

    20. Starboard .50 cal. mount

    21. MoMM in enginerooom hatch

    22. MoMM refueling the boat


    24. Target practice with an Italian .30 cal. Breda machine gun

    25. Target practice with the 20mm mount

    26. TM's check air flask pressure on a
    Mk8 torpedo


    28. c. April 1943
    LTJG Bill Olson on board Enoree (AO 69) en route
    to Gibraltar

    29. Crew berthing

    30 & 31. Bizerte, Tunisia
    MoMM1c Dave Prentice goofing on the
    40mm mount
    Astern is PT-214


    32. Undergoing hull repairs

    33. Bastia, Corsica
    1st row, second from right, kneeling is MoMM1/c Dave Prentice

    Boat Captain
    01LTJG Eugene S. A. Clifford, USNR - Awarded the Silver StarFebruary 1943
    Courtesy Joe Radigan

    There is no DANFS history available for PT-204
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