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Yard Motor Tug (YMT)

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Yard Motor Tug (YMT)

Motor Tugs were designated YMT in 1929; surviving units were reclassified YTL with their old hull numbers on 15 May 1944
YMT-1 ex YT-86 Reclassified YTL-86
YMT-2 ex YT-87 Reclassified YTL-87
YMT-3 ex YT-88 Reclassified YTL-88
YMT-4 ex YT-89 Reclassified YTL-89
YMT-5 ex YT-90 Reclassified YTL-90
YMT-6 ex YT-92
YMT-7 ex YT-93
YMT-8 ex YT-94 Reclassified YTL-94
YMT-9 ex YT-95 Reclassified YTL-95
YMT-10 ex YT-96 Reclassified YTL-96
YMT-11 ex YT-98 Reclassified YTL-98
YMT-12 ex YT-99 Reclassified YTL-99
YMT-13 ex YT-117 Reclassified YTL-117
YMT-14 ex YT-118 Reclassified YTL-118
YMT-15 Reclassified YTL-479
YMT-16 Reclassified YT/YTM-239
YMT-17 ex YT-480 Reclassified YTL-480
YMT-18 Acquistion cancelled April 1942
YMT-19 ex YT-481 Reclassified YTL-481
YMT-20 ex YT-482 Reclassified YTL-482
YMT-21 ex YT-483 Reclassified YTL-483
YMT-22 ex YT-484 Reclassified YTL-484
YMT-23 ex YT-485 Reclassified YTL-485
YMT-24 Acquistion cancelled
YMT-25 ex YT-486 Reclassified YTL-486
YMT-26 ex YT-487 Reclassified YTL-487
YMT-27 ex YT-488 Reclassified YTL-488
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